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Short info - Prizren

Prizren is located in southern part of Metohija, along the base of Šar Mountains and is a center of the municipality of the same name and of the Prizren District. The Prizren Bistrica river runs through Prizren and it separate this town in two parts.


Prizren was mentioned as Prizdrijana in 1019 for the first time in the charter of the Emperor Vasilije II. During classical period the city was known by the name of Teranda. During Byzantine era there was the center of Byzantine episcopium, and from 1275 this town belongs to Serbian Medieval State. It is believed that Prizren was conquered by the Turks in 1459, but after Balkan Wars it became part of Serbia again. Until 1918 it was under Bulgarian occupation, and after 1944 it became the center of Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija. After the Second World War Prizren develops rapidly.


Vaši utisci - Prizren

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Facilities near by:


  • Centrum 1.8km
  • Centrum

    Hotel Centrum Prizren is located in the center of Prizren. Hotel Centrum Prizren is a mix of tradition and new styles - timelessly classic.

  • Molika 18.8km
  • Molika

    Hotel "Molika" has the very good location, is situated at an altitude of 1.740m, right next to the ski lifts. The 300-capacity restaurant serves up traditional fare.

National parks

  • The National park Šar Planina (Šar Mountain) 14.9km
  • The National park Šar Planina (Šar Mountain)

    The National park Šar Planina (Šar Mountain) is situated near the Macedonian border and extends over a length of 85 km. When it comes to wildlife, it is considered one of the richest regions of Europe.


  • The Church of St Saviour 0.7km
  • The Church of St Saviour

    The Church of St Saviour in Prizren was dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord. It was built about 1330. It is located in the southeast part of the town, and is situated on a small plateau below the town fortress Kaljaja, which dominates over the town, in part of the town where use to live Serbian residents and where nowadays remained only sad residues of the destroyed houses.


  • The Monastery of Holy Archangels 2.5km
  • The Monastery of Holy Archangels

    The monastery is situated in the gorge of Bistrica river, 3 km far from Priizren on Šara mountain, near the road leading to Štrpce, Uroševac and Skoplje.

  • The Hermitage of Peter Of Koriša 6.1km
  • The Hermitage of Peter Of Koriša

    The Hermitage of Peter of Koriša is situated 20 km away from. The village in which are located both Hermitage and Monastery was called Saint Peter during Middle Ages, and that name was preserved in Turkish documents until 1876, when upon Serbian migrations in 18th and 19th century prevailed name Kabaš.

  • The Monastery of St Marko Koriški 6.9km
  • The Monastery of St Marko Koriški

    The monastery of St Marko Koriški is situated on the right side of the Koriška river, three km upstream from the village Koriša, in vicinity of Prizren.

  • The Monastery Mušutište 13.9km
  • The Monastery Mušutište

    The monastery Mušutište is situated on the hill above Mušutište village, some 2 km on the south from the village, however it is known that it had already existed in 1433.

  • The Zočište Monastery 18.4km
  • The Zočište Monastery

    The monastery of St Healers Cosma and Damian is situated in the village Zočište, some 5 km to the east from Orahovac. Its founder is unknown.

  • The Monastery of St John 19.9km
  • The Monastery of St John

    The monastery of St John is situated in Velika Hoča, 4 km on the southeast from Orahovac. It is architecturally interesting building, located on the hill above the village.


  • The Kaljaja Fortress 0.7km
  • The Kaljaja Fortress

    The Prizren town or Kaljaja, the Byzantium fortress, is situated above the town and was constructed in 11th century. It was reinforced and built up during emperor Dušan reign.


  • The Sinan Pasha Mosque 0.7km
  • The Sinan Pasha Mosque

    The Sinan Pasha Mosque is situated in the centre of Prizren and it was built in 1615. The material used for its construction originates from the ruined monastery of Holy Archangels, a foundation of Emperor Dušan.


  • Church of the Virgin of Ljeviške 0.6km
  • Church of the Virgin of Ljeviške

    The earliest frescoes in this church date from the 13th century: they are: Prikaz svadbe u Kani, Izlecenje slepca and Bogorodica sa Hristom cuvarem.


  • Brezovica 18.7km
  • Brezovica

    Brezovica is a famous touristic center, located on the northwest side of the mountain Šara. It is a unique sport-recreation complex, located at an altitude of 900 to 2500m, about 60km away from Priština and at the same distance from the airport in Skopje. It is 303 km away from Thessaloniki, about 335 km away from Sofia and 400 km from Belgrade.

Ski center

  • Ski center Brezovica 18.8km
  • Ski center Brezovica

    Brezovica is located in the Serbian enclave, in municipality Strpce, in the south part of Serbia. It is also located about 20 km east from Prizren and five kilometers southeast from the center of Strpce.