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Short info - Ada

Ada is an urban settlement and seat of the municipality with the same name. It covers an area of 88 sq km and has around 10,000 inhabitants. Although, in geographical terms, it is situated in Bačka, Ada does not belong to this district, but to the North Banat District.


Ada has a very faborable geographic position, thanks to which it developed hunting, fishing, sports and rural tourism.

This settlement is mostly inhabited by Hungarians, who make 83% of the population, while there are about 10% Serbs.

Vaši utisci - Ada

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Facilities near by:


  • Park 0.4km
  • Park

    Following the privatisation, the hotel was completely renovated in 2003 resulting in an elegant and trendy interior.

  • Bela ladja 21.8km
  • Bela ladja

    The hotel ,,Bela ladja'', building of an unusual beauty and even more of an unusual form a combination of a medieval Panonian castle and an Osrich boat made of brick and glass was build in 1996 at the bank of the Tisa river.

  • Tiski cvet 22.2km
  • Tiski cvet

    Hotel „Tiski cvet“ is situated in the city centar of Novi Becej along the left bank of the Tisa River in a peaceful and quiet city park. The hotel has two stars, with 80 beds in single, double and triple rooms and apartments.


  • Tisa 9.1km
  • Tisa

    The Tisa is the longest tributary of the Danube. The total length of the river is around 966 km. It flows through Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Serbia. It flows into the Danube at Stari Slankamen.

Natural reserves

  • Nature Reserve Slano kopovo 21km
  • Nature Reserve Slano kopovo

    Slano Kopovo is one of the last surviving swamps on salt marshes of Vojvodina. It is one of the most important and most unique bird habitats in Serbia, and in the middle part of Europe.


  • The Church of Holy Ascension 0km
  • The Church of Holy Ascension

    It was built in Morava-Byzantine style and it represents true copy of the Church of St George on Oplenac. The temple is 45 meters long and 25 meters wide.

  • The Church of the Holy Archangel Michael 15km
  • The Church of the Holy Archangel Michael

    It is the oldest building in the town built before 1762 in baroque style (although it is estimated that the construction started in 1751).

  • The church Arača 19.7km
  • The church Arača

    The church Arača is situated in the neighborhood of the town Novo Miloševo, north-east of Novi Bečej. The ruins of this church on the Tisa river represent cultural and historical monument of the greatest importance...

  • The Catholic Church 21.5km
  • The Catholic Church

    Besides Orhodox curch in the town centre is also situated Catholic church. The present appearance of the church dates from 1887. It is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin.

  • The Church of Saint George 21.5km
  • The Church of Saint George

    In the town centre is situated Orthodox church built in 1858 and dedicated to Saint Martyr George.


  • The Old Castle 15.7km
  • The Old Castle

    The construction of the castle commenced in 19th century. At first, this building was designed as classicistic formation, of strict symmetrical lines in the foundation and façade.

  • The Dunđerski Castle 24km
  • The Dunđerski Castle

    Near Bečej, on the road toward Bačka Topola, there is the Dunđerski Castle, also known as Fantast. This castle had been built by a large owner Bogdan Dunđerski from 1862 to 1943.


  • The Museum of Glavaš’s house 21.8km
  • The Museum of Glavaš’s house

    After the works and restoration, on the 100th anniversary of death of Dr Vladimir Glavaš (2009), the first museum at Novi Bečej was opened here.


  • Papuli 14.8km
  • Papuli

    Restaurant Papuli has an over 36 year old tradition. In restaurant you can try speciality of house: fish and fish soup.

Ethno village

  • Kraljica voća 17.7km
  • Kraljica voća

    Ethno village Kraljica voca has 6 two-bed rooms with large bathroom and furniture that will evoke your fantasy.


  • Horse Farm Fantast 23km
  • Horse Farm Fantast

    On the beautiful caste Dunjerski there is a horse farm, the best known in this part of Europe. It is located northwest of Becej.

Picnic places

  • Swimming pool complex Adice 1.3km
  • Swimming pool complex Adice

    Swimming pool complex "Adica" extends on 4 ha, it’s located along the river Tisa, and is only a kilometer away from the center of the town.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting and fishing in Ada 1.3km
  • Hunting and fishing in Ada

    Municipality of Ada has very beautiful and rich hunting grounds, in which invests heavily each year. With the construction of the reservoir Budžak fishing tourism is gaining importance.

  • Hunting and fishing in Čoka 16.6km
  • Hunting and fishing in Čoka

    There is a beautiful tradition of domestic and foreign hunting tourism in Čoka. Here can be hunted hare, pheasant, wild ducks, partridges, quails, and there is a plenty of big game, roe deer and wild boar especially.

  • Hunting and fishing in Becej 21.7km
  • Hunting and fishing in Becej

    In the plain of Becej hunting ground extends over 30.000 ha. Apart from the hunting areas, municipality of Becej is extremely rich with fishing areas as well.


  • The festival of Assumption days 23km
  • The festival of Assumption days

    The festival Assumption days is held from 25th to 28th of August. It is known as authentic brand from Vojvodina.