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Short info - Aleksinac

Aleksinac is situated in the Nišava District, in the southeastern part of Serbia. It covers an area of 707 sq km and has around 57,000 inhabitants. The lowland area lies in the valley of the river Južna Morava and in the lower reaches of the river Moravica, in the Aleksinac Valley.


The territory of the city is inhabited since neolith, so the most of the settlements in this area belong to the Vinča culture and they are situated on the west bank of the river Južna Morava. Aleksinac played an important role in the First Serbian-Turkish war 1876, as the seat of the prince Miloš Obrenović and as the place where the famous Battle of Šumatovac took place.


As far as the origin of the city is concerned, it is assumed that the name Aleksinac came from the man's name Aleksandar.

Vaši utisci - Aleksinac

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Facilities near by:


  • Zdravljak 17.5km
  • Zdravljak

    The traditional hospitality of hotel staff, ambience and service make Hotel Zdravljak “ the central object of Sokobanja tourism”.


  • Cerjan Cave 22.9km
  • Cerjan Cave

    Cerjanska pećina (Cerjan Cave) is located 14 km away from Niš. These cave formations change their axes from the vertical at one or more stages during their growth. They have a curving or angular form that looks as if they were grown in zero gravity.


  • The South Morava 13.9km
  • The South Morava

    The Južna Morava (South Morava) is 295 km long. It flows south to north course, from the Macedonian border to Central Serbia.


  • Bovansko Jezero (Bovan Lake) 11.6km
  • Bovansko Jezero (Bovan Lake)

    About 10km from Sokobanja, in the gorge of the River Morava, there is Bovansko Jezero (Bovan Lake). The lake is about 8km long, and its maximum depth is 50 m.

  • Krajkovačko Jezero (Krajkovac Lake) 23.2km
  • Krajkovačko Jezero (Krajkovac Lake)

    Krajkovačko Jezero (Krajkovac Lake) is situated 27km away from Niš. The lake is an artificial reservoir, created by construction of the dam.


  • The Church of the Holy Trinity 8.2km
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity

    On the hill above Gornji Androvac, surrounded by oak forests and numerous clearings, is located an unusual church.

  • The Church of Holy Archangel Michael 11.7km
  • The Church of Holy Archangel Michael

    The bone church in Deligrad was dedicated to Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. On the Holy Cross Day in 1930 the church foundations were sanctified.

  • The church of Saint Nestor 13.7km
  • The church of Saint Nestor

    On the left bank of Morava river, on the way to Aleksinac, near Vitkovac village, holy Nestor built a church dedicated to Saint Nestor.


  • The Đunis Monastery 16.1km
  • The Đunis Monastery

    It is situated to the east from Kruševac. The monastery was revealed in a miraculous manner in 1898. Namely, on that day, a girl from a village Milojka Jocić from Đunis, going to a spring to get some water, met the Virgin, who told her that a church should be built on this spot.

  • The Monastery of St Roman 16.7km
  • The Monastery of St Roman

    This monastery is situated on a nice and peaceful spot, on the right bank of Morava River, near Đunis, in vicinity of village Praskovče, 20 km far away from Kruševac


  • Soko grad (Soko-town) 18.2km
  • Soko grad (Soko-town)

    Soko grad (Soko-town) is a medieval town also called Sokolac. It is situated 2 km east from Sokobanja.

Archaelogical sites

  • Archeolocical Site Bare 15.3km
  • Archeolocical Site Bare

    In 1973, in area of the village Rujište was found rich pantry with 49 bronze and iron objects.


  • Oaza 0.6km
  • Oaza

    This family restaurant, with a two decade long tradition, is located between Alaksinac and mine of Aleksinac.

Picnic places

  • Očno 16.1km
  • Očno

    Ocno is located within the Special Hospital "Ozren", which is used to treat eye diseases. It includes a meadow that is surrounded by beech and coniferous forest.

  • Lepterija 17.8km
  • Lepterija

    Lepterija is located on the left bank Moravice, half way to the medieval fortress Sokograd and is one of most attractive destination for a holiday in area of Sokobanja.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting and fishing in Sokobanji 11.4km
  • Hunting and fishing in Sokobanji

    Sokobanja has ideal conditions for hunting the noble game. In the hunting grounds in area of Sokobanja the most often hunted games are: quail, pheasant, turtle dove, woodcock, wild duck, wolf, fox, hare, roe deer, roebuck, wild boar and deer.


  • Sokobanja 17.1km
  • Sokobanja

    Soko banja is situated in the south –eastern Serbia, in the eponymous mountain-basin region, on the banks of the river Moravica, in teh valley between mountains Rtanj and Ozren.

  • Banja Topilo 17.7km
  • Banja Topilo

    Banja Topilo is a spa located 25km away from Niš, in the picturesque valley of the river Toponička reka. The spa can be reached by car, over the asphalted road which leads to villages Gornja Toponica and Vele Polje.

  • Banja Jošanica 19.4km
  • Banja Jošanica

    Jošanica spa is situated on the slopes of mountain Bukovik , in the northeast part of Sokobanja valley, in the village Jošanica, 16km away from Sokobanja.

  • Ribarska spa 21.3km
  • Ribarska spa

    Ribarska Banja is a spa 34km away from Kruševac. Themal and mineral waters of this spa have been used for healing since the 4th century.


  • Gathering of pepper manufacturers 7.4km
  • Gathering of pepper manufacturers

    In Rutevac near Aleksinac is organized event Gathering of pepper manufacturers. The manifestation enjoys a great respect of residents and local producers, and it has been held since 2003.