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Surrounding the cave Risovace


National museum in Aranđelovac was built in 1982 near to church and memorial fountain. The building shows how the old houses in Šumadija used to be built, with chimney hole in the middle and with a four sided roofs. The museum has a paleontological, archeological, historical ethnographical and art collection, as well as the constant setting that belong to Risovačka pećina (Risovačka cave).


There are two temples of St. Gabriel the Archangel on the territory of Aranđelovac. The first one was built in 1835, and the second one was built by Prince Miloš, and the town was named after it.


Cave Risovača - Foto: D.Bosnić

At the entrance of Aranđelovac there is pećina Risovača (Risovača cave). It is one of the most famous Paleolithic sites in Europe, as a habitat of man from the ice age. In this cave the fossil bones of cave bear, mammoth, rhinoceros, cave lion, leopard and deer were discovered, as well as interesting artifacts that represent elements of culture of early and late Paleolithic. The central place is given to sculptures made of polyethylene resins, which represent a Paleolithic family: father makes the fire, mother carries wood, one son makes tools, and the other one is ready to go hunting. Because of its archeological and paleontological importance, and because of its natural value, this cave vas declared for cultural heritage and it is protected as a natural monument of the first category.


Near to Aranđelovac there are several monasteries:


Manastir Svetog Arhanđela Mihajla (Monastery of St. Michael, the Archangel) is in the village Brezovac. It was built in the Middle Ages, and now it is a parish church. It is believed to be built by Đurađ Branković, in 1444, but later it was destroyed and it was neglected for almost two centuries. At the end of 18th century the monastery was restored and turned into the parish church. The church is rectangular in shape, and it consists of the sanctuary, the nave and the nartex. Inside walls are not wall painted, they are completely white.


Monastery Voljavča - Foto: D.Bosnić

















Monastery Voljavča, with the church devoted to the St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel, is endowment of Despot Stafan Lazarevićs landlord Mihailo Končinović, built in 15th century. The monastery church is Moravian school in style, and it has the form of trefoil, with the dome above central space and semicircular apses at the north, east and south side. Because of numerous damages, inside of the church is not painted.



Monastery Nikolje Rudničko - Foto: D.Bosnić


















Monastery Nikolje Rudničko was built in 1425, it was damaged by, Turks, and renewed in 17th century. Monastery church is rather small, it has a base of a single-aisled building, with nartex and nave divided in three bays, and the dome rises above the middle one. In the inside of church there are three layers of wall paintings.


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Facilities near by:


  • Izvor 0.1km
  • Izvor

    Luxurious hotel “Izvor” is a congress, SPA & wellness resort with an area of more than 32000 m2. It is located in Aranđelovac, under Bukulja mountain, 75km away from Belgrade.

  • Kruna 0.1km
  • Kruna

    Situated in a suburb of the city Arandjelovac, hotel Kruna is located on the north road: Belgrade - Mladnovac - Topola - Arandjelovac. Only 70 km far from Belgrade.

  • Oplenac 10.6km
  • Oplenac

    It was built within The Endowment of King Petar I and was first named The Home of the Endowment. King Aleksandar finished the construction of the hotel.


  • Villa Mila 11.4km
  • Villa Mila

    ila Mila is located near to the wellness center. Rooms are big and cousy, and they give deserved rest while your kinds are playing in the garden.


  • Risovača Cave 1.3km
  • Risovača Cave

    Pećina Risovača (Risovača Cave) is situated in the vicinity of Aranđelovac. As an important archaeological site, as well as because of its rich paleontology resources and great natural value, it was arranged as an underground Paleolithic museum of its kind.


  • Garaško jezero (Garaš Lake) 7.2km
  • Garaško jezero (Garaš Lake)

    This lake is only 6 km away from town. By the lake there are terrains for beach volleyball and footsal, and a restaurant.


  • The Karađorđe’s Church 10.7km
  • The Karađorđe’s Church

    The Karađorđe’s Church is a single-nave building with ground plan of an inscribed cross. It was built with broken stone, and its double-pitched roof is covered with tiles.

  • The Church of St George 11.5km
  • The Church of St George

    The church situated on Oplenac is a building of authentic beauty and elegant appearance. It was constructed as a church and mausoleum of the royal family Karađorđević.

  • The Church of St George 19.2km
  • The Church of St George

    On a beautiful hilltop on the Rudnik mountain is situated the Church of St George. No matter from which side you are approaching Rudnik, the church can be seen from afar.


  • The Monastery Nikolje 11.4km
  • The Monastery Nikolje

    The monastery Nikolje was built in a vivid gorge of Nikolje stream on the eastern slopes of Rudnik Mountain, the village Šatornja.

  • The Monastery Pavlovac 16.4km
  • The Monastery Pavlovac

    The Monastery Pavlovac is situated in village Koraćica on the Kosmaj mountain near Pavlovački steram. It is dedicated to St Nicholas.

  • The Monastery Petkovica 17.6km
  • The Monastery Petkovica

    You can reach the monastery through the village Sragari situated on the road Kragujevac - Topola over Donja Šatornja. It is assumed that it dates from 13th century.

  • The Monastery of the Annunciation 17.9km
  • The Monastery of the Annunciation

    The monastery was founded by the end of the 14th century during the reign of Prince Lazar. It is situated beneath Rudnik mountain, on the south from town Topola.

  • The Monastery Tresije 18.5km
  • The Monastery Tresije

    On the northwest of Kosmaj mountain tops, above steep bed of the stream Mala Tresija, on the northwest from Mladenovac, is situated monastery Tresije. It was dedicated to the Gathering of Holy Archangels.

  • The Monastery Voljevča 19km
  • The Monastery Voljevča

    It is consisted of the church dedicated to Holy Archangel Michael, residential building of the Supreme Council, southern residential building with cellars and several other small buildings.


  • Memorial Fountain “Crkvenac” 17.5km
  • Memorial Fountain “Crkvenac”

    It was built soon after the end of the First World War by the grateful residents of Mladenovac and soldiers of the Morava Division 1st call.

  • The Kosmaj Monument 17.9km
  • The Kosmaj Monument

    The Monument on Kosmaj was dedicated to soldiers killed in the Second World War. It is a symbol of this region and it is visible from afar.

  • The monument to Serbian Soldier 18km
  • The monument to Serbian Soldier

    The monument is a artwork of Mihajlo Milovanović, academic painter and sculptor, dedicated to dead residents of Mladenovac during the Liberation Wars, 1912 – 1918.

  • Vrače Hill 22.6km
  • Vrače Hill

    Vrače hill in village Ćelije, above Ibarska highway, is a hill dominating area towards Kolubara and Lajkovac. It became famous during Kolubara battle – the greatest battle during the First World War.


  • The Petar’s House Museum 10.7km
  • The Petar’s House Museum

    It was built in 1919. The king’s daily notes may be found in this house, which are very important and valuable document that evidence the progress of works and provide information on everyday life in Topola.


  • Vožd 10.7km
  • Vožd

    The Vožd Restaurant is located in the heart of Topola and can offer you 60 seats in a lovely atmosphere and 30 seats in summer garden.


  • Slon-plus 0.3km
  • Slon-plus

    Slon plus, with its beautiful garden area of ​​over 100m2 occupied a central place among cafes in Aranđelovac.

Ethno village

  • Ethno Village Brestovi i vizija (Elms and Visions) 1.8km
  • Ethno Village Brestovi i vizija (Elms and Visions)

    This ethno village was named after pub “Brestovi” (Elms). The owner is Milivoje Tomic - Tondja. Brestovi i vizija are about 350 meters above sea level on mount Bukulja, from where you can view half of Sumadija, from Vencac, trough Topola and Oplenac, Kosmaj, Homolje mountain...

  • Etno selo Divljakovac 1.9km
  • Etno selo Divljakovac

    At an altitude of 380 meters, overlooking the city, on the mountain slopes Bukulja, the ethno village Divljakovac was bultied.

Rural households

  • The village Čumić 24.5km
  • The village Čumić

    To village Čumić is easy to attain highway Belgrade-Kragujevac. From Kragujevac is located 23 kilometers.


  • Horse Club Aranđelovac 2.3km
  • Horse Club Aranđelovac

    Horse Club "Aranđelovac" is a sports organization - Citizens' Association, founded in 2008. year, with the center in Arandjelovac

Picnic places

  • Aqua park Izvor 1.3km
  • Aqua park Izvor

    Aqua park Izvor is located in Aranđelovac, in Bukovička Spa, only an hour drive from Belgrade.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting ground Kamenica 7.6km
  • Hunting ground Kamenica

    In the municipality of Topola are excellent conditions for development of hunting tourism. Ministry for Protection of Natural Resources and Environment sets hunt calendar.

  • Hunting and fishing in Arandjelovac 7.7km
  • Hunting and fishing in Arandjelovac

    On the lake can be fished: carp, grass carp, catfish, pike, pikeperch, chub and several types of white fish. Hunting ground has the following game species: Quail, wood pigeons, collared dove, ducks, turtle doves, wild ducks, woodcocks…


  • Bukovička banja 1.2km
  • Bukovička banja

    Its mineral water is widely known and ranked among the best known European and world carbon-alcaline mineral waters, with invigorating and refreshing effects on human organism.


  • Bukulja 3.8km
  • Bukulja

    Bukulja is a mountain above Aranđelovac and Bukovička Banja spa. At the highest point of the mountain was built a tourist lookout.

  • Kosmaj 18.2km
  • Kosmaj

    Kosmaj is the second-lowest mountain in Serbia, after Avala, only 60km from the central Belgrade in the direction of Mladenovac.

  • Rudnik 18.7km
  • Rudnik

    Rudnik is a mountain that dominates over the region Šumadija. It is located about 100km south of Belgrade and 15km from Gornji Milanovac.


  • Oplenac Vintage 11.1km
  • Oplenac Vintage

    Since 1958, dating from the period of Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević reign, has been organized the event Oplenac vintage, dedicated to wine and grapes, or as people from Šumadija call it – Topola folk festival.

  • Lamb meat festival 14.8km
  • Lamb meat festival

    By the end of May in village Jagnjilo near Mladenovac is held cultural, commercial and sport event known as Lamb meat festival or „Jagnjijada“. The manifestation was held for the first time in 2008.