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Short info - Arilje

Arilje is a town in western Serbia, in the Zlatibor District. The town is situated between the basins of rivers Morava, Veliki Rzav and Mali Rzav, on the surface of 349 km2. The town itself has the population of about 7,000, and the whole municipality, with 22 communities, of more than 19,000. Arilje is the administrative centre of its municipality.


First material evidence of life in this region is from the prehistoric time, but the most historic monuments are from the medieval Serbian state. Arilje was the place where Serbian Orthodox bishop, and later metropolitan, used to live. In 17th and early 18th century Arilje and the area around it were deserted, because of the big migration, and they were re-inhabited in the mid-18th century. 1880. Arilje was proclaimed a small town, by the prince Milan Obrenović.


The town is well known for its large plantations of raspberries, where many of its inhabitants work.

Vaši utisci - Arilje

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Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Facilities near by:


  • Jele-Ježevica 11.4km
  • Jele-Ježevica

    In the middle of the village, on the foundations of the old family restaurant, a fashionable and unique three stars hotel has been built "Jele-Jezevica".

  • Logos 19.5km
  • Logos

    Logos Hotel is surrounded by conifers in an oasis of peace, completely renovated and has 70 beds in double, triple rooms and apartments.

  • Park 22km
  • Park

    Hotel is surrounded with nature, on the bank of Moravica river, in beautiful park, suitable for family vacation, organisation of seminars, sport activities...

  • Zlatibor 23km
  • Zlatibor

    Hotel Zlatibor is in downtown of Uzice on Partizan's square. It is in administration and cultural center of the city.

  • Zlatiborska noć 23km
  • Zlatiborska noć

    A new-built hotel complex „Zlatiborska Noć“ is located in a settlement Bela Zemlja, 8km on the outskirts of the town of Užice; right beside the main road to mountain Zlatibor.


  • Carski apartman 23km
  • Carski apartman

    The apartment is located in Kremna, a village in the municipality Uzice in Zlatibor District. Like the cosmos, this gentle mystique surrounds the village between Zlatibor, Tara, and Sargan.


  • Potpeć Cave 13.7km
  • Potpeć Cave

    Potpećka pećina (Potpeć Cave) is situated in the village of Potpeć, at the foot of the mountain Drežnička Gradina, 14 km from Užice.

  • Hadzi-Prodanova Cave 18.5km
  • Hadzi-Prodanova Cave

    Hadži-Prodanova pećina (Hadži-Prodanova Cave) is 7 km away from Ivanjica, and as it lies in the valley of the river Rašćanska, it is also called Rašćanska cave.

  • Stopića Cave 21.6km
  • Stopića Cave

    Stopića pećina (Stopića Cave) is situated on the north-eastern side of Zlatibor, between the villages Rožanstvo and Trnava. This is a waterway cave.


  • Zapadna Morava (West Morava) 21.4km
  • Zapadna Morava (West Morava)

    The Zapadna Morava (West Morava), in central Serbia, is 308 km long. The average width of the river is 35 m, and it is up to 4 m deep.


  • Jezero Goli kamen (Bare Rock Lake) 18.2km
  • Jezero Goli kamen (Bare Rock Lake)

    The artificial lake Goli Kamen (Bare Rock Lake) is located on the territory of Dragačevo. The lake is good for fishing and rich in various fish species.

  • Jezero Međuvršje (Međuvršje Lake) 21.2km
  • Jezero Međuvršje (Međuvršje Lake)

    Jezero Međuvršje (Međuvršje Lake) is the largest lake on the Zapadna Morava. It is located at the exit of Ovčar-kablar gorge and it was created by damming the river with a 32m high concrete dam.


  • The Church of Saint Achilius 0km
  • The Church of Saint Achilius

    The church in Arilje was consecrated to the Bishop Achilius from Larissa (Greece). Achilius was a passionate fighter against the Aryan heresy and the participant of the First Ecumenical Synod in Nicaea.

  • The wooden church 7.4km
  • The wooden church

    The wooden church in Gorobilje was built in 1705. It is one of the oldest but also the smallest ones in Serbia.

  • The Church of St Nicholas 14.3km
  • The Church of St Nicholas

    The Church of St Nicholas in Brekovo was built in 13th century on an elevated plateau as a metohion of Arilje bishopric.

  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul 20.1km
  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul

    The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul in Sirogojno was built in 1764, and in the same year was made church iconostasis.

  • The Church of Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena 21.8km
  • The Church of Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena

    The church has a lots of visitors and in the premises of parish house is organized religious teaching for all who are interested.

  • The Church of St Peter and St Paul 22km
  • The Church of St Peter and St Paul

    The church of St Peter and St Paul is situataed in Gorna Dobrinja, on the northeast from Požega.

  • The Church of Holy Ascension 22.2km
  • The Church of Holy Ascension

    The Church of the Ascension is situated near village Gornje Dobrinje, on a beautiful spot resembling Golgotha with its wideness.

  • The Church of Saint Mark 22.7km
  • The Church of Saint Mark

    The old church in Užice is situated in the part of the town called Carina. It is not known for sure when it was built, probably in the first half of 18th century.

  • The White Church 23.2km
  • The White Church

    The White Church is located in village Karanu, 16 km away from town Užice. It is dedicated to celebration of the Annunciation.


  • The Monastery Godovik 7km
  • The Monastery Godovik

    Monastery Godovik is situated in the village with the same name. It dates from the 13th century and it was dedicated to St George. It is one of the foundations of Nemanjić dynasty.

  • The Monastery Klisura 9.5km
  • The Monastery Klisura

    The monastery Klisura in Dobrače, is situated on the left bank of the river Moravica, by the road Arilje-Ivanjica. Since 1966, the monastery has been under the state protection.

  • The Monastery of Holy Trinity 17.9km
  • The Monastery of Holy Trinity

    The Church of the monastery of Holy Trinity is considered to be the most beautiful temple in Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, situated on the slopes of Ovčar.

  • The monastery Ilinje 17.9km
  • The monastery Ilinje

    Above the monastery of Annunciation, on a vivid, nice and wooded plateau, east from Čačak, is situated monastery Ilinje, whose position on a clearing offers wonderful view to the surrounding area of Ovčar-Kablar Gorge.

  • The Sretenje Monastery 18.5km
  • The Sretenje Monastery

    The Sretenje Monastery is placed in the natural surroundings, below the Ovčar mountain top. There are no enough data on the monastery existence, but it is believed that it was erected in 16th century.

  • The Monastery of Transfiguration 18.7km
  • The Monastery of Transfiguration

    On the right side of the Western Morava, on the Northern slopes of the Ovčar mountain, is situated the monastery of Transfiguration. The name of the monastery was mentioned for the first time in written records in 1525.

  • The Monastery Annunciation 18.9km
  • The Monastery Annunciation

    The Monastery Annunciation is situated above residential area Ovčar Banja. It is one of the rare monasteries in Ovčar-Kablar Gorge for which it is precisely known when it was built and who were the founders, which is testified by the inscription above the entrance into the church, where it was written that the monastery was built in 1601/02.

  • The Hermitage of Saint Sava 19.1km
  • The Hermitage of Saint Sava

    The hermitage of Saint Sava is situated on the slopes of the Radočelo mountain. It is some 12 kilometers far away from the monastery Studenica.

  • Manastir Nikolje 19.9km
  • Manastir Nikolje

    Pod Kablarom se nalazi manastir Nikolje i predstavlja najstariju crkvu među Ovčarsko-Kablarskim manastirima.

  • The Monastery of Holy Ascension 20.1km
  • The Monastery of Holy Ascension

    The monastery of the Holy Ascension was built on the northern slopes of the Ovčar mountain, but, due to its position in the gorge it is not visible to the travelers passing this area.

  • The monastery of Dormition of the Virgin 20.3km
  • The monastery of Dormition of the Virgin

    The monastery of Dormition of the Virgin is situated above the Jovanje monastery and it belongs to the Ovčar-Kablar monasteries. It is visible from all sides of the gorge.

  • The Monastery Jovanje 20.6km
  • The Monastery Jovanje

    On the left bank of the Western Morava River, on its biggest meander, on the east from Čačak, is located monastery Jovanje.

  • The Monastery of the Entry into the temple 21.2km
  • The Monastery of the Entry into the temple

    At the very beginning of the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge is situated monastery of the Entry into the Temple. According to the features of the original parts of the temple it is considered that it was built in 16th century.

  • The Stjenik Monastery 22.8km
  • The Stjenik Monastery

    The Stjenik Monastery is situated in the village Banjica, 10 km from Čačak, below the Jelica Mountain, and according to tradition it was erected during the reign of Mrnjavčevićs.


  • The Monument to General Draža Mihajlović 21.9km
  • The Monument to General Draža Mihajlović

    It was erected in April, 2003 as a sign of attention to legendary leader of Ravna gora movement during the Second World War.

  • Tito’s Monument 22.7km
  • Tito’s Monument

    The monumental sculpture dedicated to Tito is a artwork of a sculptor Frano Kršanić. The monument is 4.8 meters high, and it is temporarily located behind the building of National museum.

  • Monument to the four religions 24.4km
  • Monument to the four religions

    The monument was built warriors who died during the First World and the Balkan wars in Čačak.


  • The Užice town 23.8km
  • The Užice town

    It represents one of the tourist attractions of a town on the river Đetinja, where an improvised theatre is set up during summer months, and where shows are performed under the combination of moonlight and spotlights.


  • The Town Gallery 22.6km
  • The Town Gallery

    The Town Gallery in Užice was founded in 1990. The activities of the Gallery are displaying the works of modern and contemporary art.


  • The Trumpet Museum 11.5km
  • The Trumpet Museum

    The Trumpet Museum in Guča displays a trumped played by Koštana’s son in Vranje, described by Bora Stanković in his novel.

  • The Open Museum “Old village” 20.1km
  • The Open Museum “Old village”

    The museum is situated in the village Sirogojno, 26 km from the Zlatibor Mountain. It is the only museum in open in Serbia.


  • Dom 18.2km
  • Dom

    The restaurant „Dom“ is situated in the foot of steep cliffs of Mount Kablar and immediately above the Morava alone.

  • Aleksandar 23.4km
  • Aleksandar

    Restaurant "Alexander the house of good food and wine" was started in 2001. One of the most exclusive restaurants in and surround of Uzice.

Ethno village

  • Ethno Park Terzica Avlija 12.3km
  • Ethno Park Terzica Avlija

    It is located near the village of Zlakusa, 13 km far from Uzice and 10 from Pozega. Terzića avlija represents a typical rural property consisting of two old Serbian houses.

  • Ethno village Sirogojno 20km
  • Ethno village Sirogojno

    Sirigojno village is famous for museum, the Old Village "and renowned knitters.Od Zlatibora je udaljeno 26 kilometara.

Rural households

  • The village Katići 19.5km
  • The village Katići

    The village Katići is located 22 km away from Ivanjica at the ideal altitude of 1000m and provide opportunities for all lovers of holiday villages.


  • Ovčar banja 18.2km
  • Ovčar banja

    Ovčar Banja is 18 km away from Čačak, by the road Čačak-Užice, and 160km away from Belgrade. The spa is located in the area with high natural potentials and many cultural and historical monuments, so it is under state protection as a natural heritage of great interest.


  • Kablar 19.2km
  • Kablar

    Kablar mountain (altitude 889m), together with mountain Ovčar and the river Zapadna Morava forms a picturesque gorge.

  • Ovčar 19.3km
  • Ovčar

    Mountain Ovčar (985km) is situated 160km south from Belgrade.


  • Trumpet festival in Guča 11.5km
  • Trumpet festival in Guča

    Dragačevo`s brass bands festival in Guča is a unique competition of folk brass bands. It is one of the most important and the most numerous events in Serbia.

  • Nušić festival 22.4km
  • Nušić festival

    Nušić festival – cultural festival in Ivanjica dedicated to our famous play writer Branislav Nušić. It is held each year from 2nd to 4th September.

  • Diving from old railway bridge 23.5km
  • Diving from old railway bridge

    Since 1993 in August in Užice has been organised competition in diving from old railway bridge on Plaža.