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Bački Petrovac

Short info - Bački Petrovac

Bački Petrovac is a town in the municipality with the same name located in Sout-Bačka District. It takes an area of 158 sqm and has about 7.000 inhabitants.


According to historical data, the first inhabitants of this region were Celts and Yazigi, but later here come Slavic tribes Obotrites and Limigantes, and Hungarians, Turks, Serb and Checks after them. Petrovac is mentioned in XII century, and after Slavs came the town got the name Petrovec, which remains after the World War One. Today’s name Bački Petrovac is in use after the World War Two.


Wide streets of Bački Petrovac are full of greenery, the houses are ornamented with brindled ceramic tiles, arranged lawns full of a variety of flowers are characteristic for this region, which is most known for its sausages called Petrovački kulen.

Vaši utisci - Bački Petrovac

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Bački Petrovac

Facilities near by:


  • Fontana 20.4km
  • Fontana

    Hotel Fontana is located in the very center of Bačka Palanka and from the hotel everything is at the reach of your hand.

  • Backa 23.2km
  • Backa

    It is located in the center of the Vrbas, a town in the heart of Backa, built on the railway and road junction, just 9 km away from the highway.

  • Fontana 23.3km
  • Fontana

    With nice exterier, with beautiful garden and fountain and unusual enterier, Fontana, offers remarkable experience.

  • Sajam 23.3km
  • Sajam

    Hotel Sajam in Novi Sad is modern three-star hotel, an ideal choice for business people and tourists because of its location and natural environment.

  • Vojvodina 23.3km
  • Vojvodina

    Hotel Vojvodina is the oldest hotel in Novi Sad, located in the city centre, on the main square of Freedom - "Trg Slobode".

  • Garni hotel Rimski 23.3km
  • Garni hotel Rimski

    Hotel "Rimski " is placed on an old and beautiful place of Novi Sad, near bus and train station, near Fair, close to river Danube and Petrovaradin fortress.

Private accomodation

  • Fekete 0.1km
  • Fekete

    Located near the center of the village Gložan, private accommodation Fekete has a nice yard and provides a sense of home atmosphere..

National parks

  • National park Fruška Gora 23.3km
  • National park Fruška Gora

    National park Fruška Gora is 25 km away from Novi Sad and covers an area of 25,525 sq km. Beautiful sessile oak and hornbeam forests, vineyards and old monasteries attract tourists from all over the world.


  • Jezero Tikvara (Tikvara Lake) 22.1km
  • Jezero Tikvara (Tikvara Lake)

    Jezero Tikvara (Tikvara Lake) is the most attractive lake in the municipality of Bačka Palanka. It is separated from the town by a few meters wide low marshy land.

Natural reserves

  • Nature Reserve Bagremara 19.6km
  • Nature Reserve Bagremara

    This nature reserve is located in western Bačka, north of the town Bačka Palanka. he main value of the reserve is the plant Eranthis hyemalis (plant of the buttercup family, Winter Aconite, Wolf’s Bane).

  • Nature Reserve Karadjordjevo 25km
  • Nature Reserve Karadjordjevo

    Special nature reserve Karađorđevo is located in southwestern Bačka, at the middle of the left side of the Danube area, near to settlements Karađorđevo, Mladenovo, Bač and Bačko Novo Selo.


  • The Slovakian Evangelic Church 0.4km
  • The Slovakian Evangelic Church

    In 1975 to town Petrovac moved Slovakian Evangelists. On this occasion they brought religious books – Kralic Bible and Tranoscius. For a long time they didn’t have freedom of religion.

  • The Catholic Church 0.5km
  • The Catholic Church

    In the beginning, the town Petrovac was inhabited only by the believers of Evangelistic church. In 1937 after the first immigrants from Croatia and Bosnia arrived, Catholic Bishop Lajčo Budanović bought the lot in the centre of Petrovac and commenced construction of the church dedicated to St Adalbert.

  • The Church of Saint Josip 16.7km
  • The Church of Saint Josip

    The ancient Roman catholic Parish in Čerević had already existed in 1198 since it was mentioned in one letter written by Pope Innocent III.

  • The church of Saint Sava 16.7km
  • The church of Saint Sava

    The Serbian Orthodox church in Čerević dedicated to Saint Sava was built in 1744. It was restored on several occasions, and the first major restoration was carried in 1819.

  • The Church of Saint George 18km
  • The Church of Saint George

    The Church of Saint George in Banoštor is a single-nave building with disproportionately low bell-tower standing on the western side and rectangular choirs.

  • The Church of St Kozma and St Demyan 19km
  • The Church of St Kozma and St Demyan

    The description of this Orthodox temple in Neštin sais that it is a single-nave building with tall bell-tower on the western side, and it belongs to numerous group of churches exhibiting Orthodox version of baroque building techniques.

  • The Church of St Vasilije Ostroški 19.7km
  • The Church of St Vasilije Ostroški

    In 2000 were placed foundations for the temple of St Vasilije Ostroški – the Miracle Worker. In 2001 was held prayer to invoke the Holy Spirit for help, blessing and gift to continue construction works.

  • The Church of Three Holy Hierarchs (the Almaška Church) 22.4km
  • The Church of Three Holy Hierarchs (the Almaška Church)

    This church represents buildings that were constructed in Vojvodina in late 18th and early 19th century. On the nave vault there are oil frescoes painted by Arsa Teodorović.

  • The Church of St Nicholas 22.4km
  • The Church of St Nicholas

    The Church of St Nicholas is dating from third decade of the 18th century and it is the smallest Orthodox church in Novi Sad. The church’s origin is not known since all the records were destroyed during the revolution in 1849.

  • The Church Cathedral of St George 22.7km
  • The Church Cathedral of St George

    The Church Cathedral is the most important Orthodox temple in Novi Sad and it is also the main Episcopal Church in Bačka. In vicinity is situated Vladičin – Bishop court.

  • The Church of the Holy Martyr George 22.8km
  • The Church of the Holy Martyr George

    The iconostasis in the temple of the Holy Martyr George in Ratkovo is decorated by 38 icons. The temple is dating from the second half of the 18th century. It was put under the state protection in 1950 as a cultural monument of great significance.

  • The Church of the Presentation to the Temple 23km
  • The Church of the Presentation to the Temple

    One of the most important cultural monuments in the town is the Orthodox Church dedicated to the Presentation to the Temple. It was built in 1744.

  • Evangelical Methodist Church 23.3km
  • Evangelical Methodist Church

    Evangelical Methodist Church is one of the two religious buildings in the main street and it is a special symbol of the town Vrbas.


  • The Monastery Beočin 22.7km
  • The Monastery Beočin

    The church in the monastery Beočin was dedicated to the Holy Ascension of the Christ. This is one of the 17 monasteries on Fruška Gora mountain.

  • The Monastery Divša 23.3km
  • The Monastery Divša

    The Monastery Divša or amorng people also known as Đipša, is situated between villages Vizić and Divoš, on the western side of Fruška gora mountain.

  • The Monastery Rakovac 24.1km
  • The Monastery Rakovac

    The monastery Rakovac is situated on the northern slopes of the Fruška gora, next to the Rakovački stream, some 10 km from Novi Sad.


  • The Monument to Svetozar Miletić 22.7km
  • The Monument to Svetozar Miletić

    Svetozar Miletić was prominent lawyer, politician, journalist, and a leader of Serbian national movement in 19th century, and due to the great popularity among residents of Novi Sad he was also a Mayer of Novi Sad on two occasions.

  • Monument of Arsenije Čarnojević 23km
  • Monument of Arsenije Čarnojević

    In the courtyard of the church of the Entry of the Virgin is situated monument dedicated to Arsenije Čarnojević.


  • The Petrovaradin Fortress 24.1km
  • The Petrovaradin Fortress

    The Petrovaradin Fortress is one of the largest and most preserved fortresses from 18th century. The archeological remains at Petrovaradin territory show that there were human settlements even at the Paleolithic time.


  • The Gallery of Zuzka Medvedjova 0.6km
  • The Gallery of Zuzka Medvedjova

    The gallery of Zuzka Medvedjov organizes the most important Biennale of Slovak fine arts in Serbia.

  • The Gallery of Fine Arts 22.9km
  • The Gallery of Fine Arts

    The Gallery of Fine Arts is a gift collection of Rajko Mamuzić, founded in 1972 pursuant to the Contract on gift by collector Rajko Mamuzić.

  • Matica Srpska Gallery 22.9km
  • Matica Srpska Gallery

    The Matica Srpska Gallery with its fund of artworks dating from 16th to 20th century represents one of the richest art museums in the country.

  • The Gallery of Fine Arts 23.6km
  • The Gallery of Fine Arts

    The Gallery of Fine Arts is functioning within the Cultural Centre and it is responsible both for affirmation of Vrbas artists, and for displaying of domestic and international works of art.


  • The Kulpin Castle 4.6km
  • The Kulpin Castle

    In Kulpin, there is a castle of the same name. The historical data indicate that the facilities were built for the noble family Stratimirović at the end of 18th and beginning of 19th century.

  • The Spicer Castle 19.8km
  • The Spicer Castle

    The castle resembles a haunted building from horror movies, and is characterized by the architecture of an eclectic style, i.e. a combination of different styles.

Archaelogical sites

  • The Archeological Site Čarnok 16.3km
  • The Archeological Site Čarnok

    The only preserved earth fortress on the territory of Vojvodina is the locality Čarnok. It was declared a cultural monument.

  • Archeological Site Bagremara 20.4km
  • Archeological Site Bagremara

    On the locality " Bagremara" were discovered silexes (stone tools – microliths), which could be dated from early Mesolithic period.


  • The National Museum 0.5km
  • The National Museum

    The museum collection consists of items from craftsmanship activities, of folk clothes and rich archive, and most of the items at the museum date from the second half of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century.

  • The Agricultural Museum 4.7km
  • The Agricultural Museum

    The Agricultural Museum is situated in Kulpin. It was founded in 1993 as the only specialized museum institution in the country for the research and investigation of the agriculture past.

  • The Town Museum 20.9km
  • The Town Museum

    The museum fund encompasses items divided into paleontological, archeological, numismatic, ethnological, historical, and art collection, and there is also a professional library.

  • The Theatrical Museum of Vojvodina 22.7km
  • The Theatrical Museum of Vojvodina

    In 1982, on the occasion of 120th anniversary of founding of Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, the Theatrical Museum of Vojvodina was formed.

  • The Museum of Vojvodina 23.1km
  • The Museum of Vojvodina

    Its tradition is 150 years long and it is one of the biggest museums of the complex type.

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina 23.2km
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina

    The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina was founded in 1966 as an Art Gallery. In 2006, it changed its name into the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina.

  • The museum collection of the Cultural centre 23.6km
  • The museum collection of the Cultural centre

    The museum native collection of Cultural centre was founded in 1969. It has over 3.000 items related to ethnology, archeology, history and art.

  • The Town Museum of Novi Sad 24km
  • The Town Museum of Novi Sad

    The Town Museum of Novi Sad was formed in 1954. This is a museum of the town and deals with the town development, from its early days to the modern ages. This museum consists of several facilities and depots.


  • Ambasador 16.4km
  • Ambasador

    In addition to beautiful surroundings, professional and friendly staff what we call a menu, which consists of local cuisine specialties and fish.

  • Splav-čarda Dunavac 16.5km
  • Splav-čarda Dunavac

    he restaurant SPLAV-CARDA is located on 1.272nd kilometer of the Danube River hidden behind the ada (which is a river island) in Dunavac at Futog Village.

  • Bela Ladja 21.2km
  • Bela Ladja

    Restaurant "Bela Ladja" with tradition one and half century long, located in peaceful part of Novi Sad attractive location.

  • Stari fijaker 22.3km
  • Stari fijaker

    The motel-restaurant "Stari fijaker" is in the heart of Novi Sad, also called Almaski kraj, not far from the centre in Gunduliceva Street.

  • Fontana 22.5km
  • Fontana

    Restaurant Fontana is situated in the old and attractive centre of Novi Sad.

  • Pomodoro Rosso 22.6km
  • Pomodoro Rosso

    Pomodoro Rosso is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Novi Sad. Inevitably place for a romantic dinner, but certainly also for friendly and business meetings.

  • Modena 22.7km
  • Modena

    With a view at the central city square and at the clock at the Cathedral, coffee pizzeria “Modena” will make you a part of its pleasant and modern environment and will stop time for you.

  • Stratus klub 23.4km
  • Stratus klub

    Stratus Club has sitated in Radnicka street 30 a. The very place consists of a restourant and a caffe-bar.

  • Chinese restaurant "2 štapića" 23.4km
  • Chinese restaurant "2 štapića"

    The fast food restaurant 2 STAPICA is located in Novi Sad, on the corner of Cara Lazara boulevard and Fruskogorska street.

  • Osam tamburaša 24km
  • Osam tamburaša

    Restaurant „ Osam tamburasa“ is placed on the Petrovaradin fortress, on the bautiful belvedere- just on the place where is unique view on the city you love, on Novi Sad.


  • Club Roof 19.6km
  • Club Roof

    Club RooF was started in late 2004. Over time he gained an enviable reputation in town.

  • Lazino Tele 22.7km
  • Lazino Tele

    Pub is located in the heart of Novi Sad, just a few minutes from the Square of Liberty and the Zmaj Jovine street. Nice place to spend pleasant moments with your friends, with good music and a lively atmosphere.

  • Cuba Libre 22.7km
  • Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre House was opened in 2005. It is located in Laze Telečkog street.

  • Giardino 22.7km
  • Giardino

    Giardino Club has been opened since 30.06.2006. The business center on the roof of Bazar, located in the city center. Panorama of Novi Sad, where you can enjoy from garden, provides invaluable mood.


  • Salaš 137 (Farmstead 137) 18.6km
  • Salaš 137 (Farmstead 137)

    Less than half an hour drive away from Novi Sad, close to the international highway E-75 Belgrade-Subotica, is the Salaš 137.


  • Horse Farm Karadjordjevo 24.6km
  • Horse Farm Karadjordjevo

    In the beginning they bred horses of the Nonius kind, but today beside them they raise lipicaner and English thoroughbred horses.


  • Marine in Backa Palanka 22.7km
  • Marine in Backa Palanka

    Backa Palanka is located on 1298th kilometer, and the settlement is reached through a green belt,in which has been poured several tributaries of the Danube. The most important branches are "Tikvara" and "Bager" and the two tributaries are navigable for boats.

Picnic places

  • AquaPark PETROLAND 2.3km
  • AquaPark PETROLAND

    AquaPark PETROLAND is so far the largest built tourist - amusement attraction in Serbia. It's also the most modern AquaPark in the Balkan area.

Bird watching

  • Begečka jama 15.6km
  • Begečka jama

    18 kilometers west from Novi Sad, in the alluvial plain of the Danube, along its left shore, in the section called Begečkaada, is a nature park Begecka jama.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting tourism in Vrbas 17.9km
  • Hunting tourism in Vrbas

    Hunting tourism in Vrbas has a very long tradition. The most important hunting grounds are in the areas of Sava`s village, where is appropriate to hunt different game, and Kucura, which is specialized for hunting of hares.

  • Hunting and fishing in Backa Palanka 24.6km
  • Hunting and fishing in Backa Palanka

    Hunting tourism in the municipality of Backa Palanka has a long tradition. Municipality of Backa Palanka is situated on the left bank of the Danube whose backwaters, tributaries, lakes and ponds abound with a variety of fish species which encourages the development of sport fishing.

  • LHunting and fishing in Novi Sad 24.8km
  • LHunting and fishing in Novi Sad

    The most famous hunting grounds in the vicinity of Novi Sad are: Plavna, Koviljski rit, hunting ground of Fruška Gora National Park, Podunavlje, Neoplanta, Gornji Srem (Upper Srem), and agricultural areas of surrounding municipal territories.


  • Kulen sausage festival 0.1km
  • Kulen sausage festival

    Tourist and commercial manifestation Kulen sausage festival is organized every year by the end of the May. The contestants compete in preparation of sausages and kulen sausages.

  • Wedding celebration – then and now 4.4km
  • Wedding celebration – then and now

    On July 11th in Kulpin is held international manifestation Wedding celebration – then and now, or simply called Kulpin wedding.

  • Exit festival 24.1km
  • Exit festival

    Exit Festival is one of our most important events, and the largest music festival on teritorry of Southeast Europe.