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Banja Ljig

Short info - Banja Ljig

Banja Ljig lies at the foot of the mountain Rajac (altitude 868 m), 152 m above sea level. It extends along the river Ljig up to the river Kečer. It is 35 km away from Valjevo, 40 km from Gornji Milanovac and 87 km from Belgrade. It is located on the road Belgrade-Podgorica E-763.


The temperature of the therapeutic water is 32.7 degrees Celsius. It contains sodium, potassium, lithium, ammonium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, manganese, iron and aluminium. The water is suitable for curing diseases of bone-joint apparatus (inflammatory rheumatism – chronic rheumatoid arthritis, Bekhterev’s disease), degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis, spondylosis), extra-articular rheumatism (tendinitis, fibrosis, cellulitis), posttraumatic conditions, conditions after bone fracture and surgical interventions on the bone-joint system, skin diseases (psoriasis, chronic eczema), neuropsychiatric diseases (multiple sclerosis, neuralgia and neuritis, neurosis, neurasthenia and depressive states), diseases of gastrointestinal tract (chronic gastritis and duodenitis, chronic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum), peripheral vascular disease (chronic edema of venous origin, peripheral vasculopathy).


In Banja Ljig you can stay in the Recreation and Rehabilitation Centre. There are two hotels, one motel, one restaurant, rehabilitation centre, thermal water spring, five stores and a bus station at your disposal. Near the hotel, there is a camp with 50 accommodation units and the excellent tavern Rajac.

Vaši utisci - Banja Ljig

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Banja Ljig

Facilities near by:


  • Pepa 23.1km
  • Pepa

    Hotel Pepa is located on the most attractive location, in the very centre of Divčibare, next to ski track Crni vrh.


  • Villa Mila 19km
  • Villa Mila

    ila Mila is located near to the wellness center. Rooms are big and cousy, and they give deserved rest while your kinds are playing in the garden.


  • Ribnica Cave 11.8km
  • Ribnica Cave

    Ribnička pećina (Ribnica Cave) is situated in the canyon of the Ribnica, one of the jewels of the Kolubara watershed, under the slopes of the mountains Maljen and Divčibare.

  • Cave of Petnica 24.6km
  • Cave of Petnica

    Pećina Petnica (Cave of Petnica) is situated near Petnica, the most visited excursion destination in the area of Valjevo, five kilometres away from the city.


  • Garaško jezero (Garaš Lake) 20.6km
  • Garaško jezero (Garaš Lake)

    This lake is only 6 km away from town. By the lake there are terrains for beach volleyball and footsal, and a restaurant.


  • The Church of Holy Ascension 12.8km
  • The Church of Holy Ascension

    With its size, and especially with its façade ornaments, the church belongs to very important monuments of Serbian church architecture from the second half of the 19th century.

  • The Church of St Martyr Dimitrije 18.5km
  • The Church of St Martyr Dimitrije

    The church foundations were places and sanctified in 1937 on the day of the Holy Martyr Saint Dimitrije, so this temple is dedicated to this saint.

  • The Church of St Martyr Dimitrije 18.6km
  • The Church of St Martyr Dimitrije

    The Church of St Martyr Dimitrije with its beauty and elegant outlines stands out in the panorama of town Lazarevac. It is built on the plateau above the town centre. This church is an unique building not only in our country.

  • The Church of St George 22.5km
  • The Church of St George

    On a beautiful hilltop on the Rudnik mountain is situated the Church of St George. No matter from which side you are approaching Rudnik, the church can be seen from afar.

  • The Church of Saint Sava 22.5km
  • The Church of Saint Sava

    The Church of saint Sava is situated in Savinac, and it is 2 km away from Takovo village. It was founded by the Prince Miloš in 1819-1820.

  • The Church of St Panteleimon 23.6km
  • The Church of St Panteleimon

    The church of St Panteleimon is a pride and joy of Divčibare mountain, and the land on which the church is located was sanctified on August 9th 1995.


  • The Monastery Bogovađa 15.3km
  • The Monastery Bogovađa

    In Bogovađa, 14 kilometers on southwest from Lazarevca, is located the monastery with the same name, founded in 1545.


  • Vrače Hill 15.4km
  • Vrače Hill

    Vrače hill in village Ćelije, above Ibarska highway, is a hill dominating area towards Kolubara and Lajkovac. It became famous during Kolubara battle – the greatest battle during the First World War.

  • The Monument Dedicated to Prince Milošu Obrenoviću 22.9km
  • The Monument Dedicated to Prince Milošu Obrenoviću

    In 1887 under Takovo grm (Oak tree) was erected monument dedicated to Miloš Obrenović. It was built as four-sided obelisk made from red polished marble and posted on a hexagonal pedestal surrounded by six posts connected by chains.


  • The Živojin Mišić’s House 11.4km
  • The Živojin Mišić’s House

    Native home of duke Živojin Mišić is in the village Struganik, 10 km from Mionica. This wattle and daub house preserves the interior of the period when Mišić was born.

  • The Museum of the Second Serbian Upraise 22.8km
  • The Museum of the Second Serbian Upraise

    The museum is situated in Takovo, at the old school building. It is a part of the Museum of Rudnik and Takovo Region. It is placed in the building of the old Takovo school.

Ethno village

  • Ethno village Koštunići 18km
  • Ethno village Koštunići

    Ethno village Koštunići the first and only ecological village in Serbia. The nature of this region have not yet touched the benefits of civilization, so everything is pristine clean.


  • Rajac 8.5km
  • Rajac

    Airfield is located at 850 meters above the sea level, covered with grass, long, wide, with low slope. It`s ideal for beginners.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting and fishing in Arandjelovac 20.1km
  • Hunting and fishing in Arandjelovac

    On the lake can be fished: carp, grass carp, catfish, pike, pikeperch, chub and several types of white fish. Hunting ground has the following game species: Quail, wood pigeons, collared dove, ducks, turtle doves, wild ducks, woodcocks…


  • Banja Ljig 0.8km
  • Banja Ljig

    The temperature of the therapeutic water is 32.7 degrees Celsius. It contains sodium, potassium, lithium, ammonium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, manganese, iron and aluminium.

  • Banja Vrujci 5.8km
  • Banja Vrujci

    It is one of the best spas in Serbia, with a premium drinking water which is being bottled and exported without any processing technology.


  • Maljen 19.6km
  • Maljen

    South of Valjevo there is mountain Maljen (1108m), on which the air spa and picnic place Divčibare.

  • Rudnik 21km
  • Rudnik

    Rudnik is a mountain that dominates over the region Šumadija. It is located about 100km south of Belgrade and 15km from Gornji Milanovac.

  • Divčibare 23.6km
  • Divčibare

    Divčibare is one of the most attractive winter and summer destinations in Serbia. It is located in western part of Serbia on the mountain Maljen, on the plateau 7 km long and 3 km wide

  • Bukulja 24.1km
  • Bukulja

    Bukulja is a mountain above Aranđelovac and Bukovička Banja spa. At the highest point of the mountain was built a tourist lookout.

Ski center

  • Ski center Divčibare 23.6km
  • Ski center Divčibare

    Longest slope on Divčibare ski center is 800 m long and it is located on the hillside of Crni vrh. The slope is also illuminated wich offers excellent conditions for night skiing. This slope has ski lift 600 m long with an altitude difference of 100 metres.


  • Mowing on Rajac 9.7km
  • Mowing on Rajac

    Hay making on Rajac is a tourist manifestation symbolizing cooperative work and celebrative ending of mountain meadows mowing.

  • The Serbian festival of world music 22.7km
  • The Serbian festival of world music

    The audience has opportunity to enjoy in mixture of various music genre such as gipsy, Laponian, Cuban, and unique Balkan music, all in ethno arrangement.