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Bela Crkva

Short info - Bela Crkva

Bela Crkva is a settlement that belongs to Bela Crkva municipality, in the South Banat district. It has a surface of 135km2, and population of over 10,000.


The existence of Bela Crkva is credited with Count Mersi, the first governor of Banat. When he ordered colonization, in the period from 1725 to 1727, first inhabitants of Bela Crkva were settled there. The territory of the town was inhabited in the Stone Age already, and archeological evidence confirm existence of life in this region in the Bronze and Iron Age. Bela Crkva became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1918, and until than it belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


This region has a mild continental climate, and winds that blow there are Košava (east wind), severac (north wind), and northwest wind. It was found that Bela Crkva is one of the sunniest cities in Serbia.


Vaši utisci - Bela Crkva

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Bela Crkva

Facilities near by:


  • Villa Atos 16km
  • Villa Atos

    Stained with a pen of nature, envisioned for heavenly peace and prosperity. The Symbolic Cape of the Silver Lake, the first-class city of social life.


  • Autocamp Bela Crkva 1.7km
  • Autocamp Bela Crkva

    Autocamp Bela Crkva is located on Vračevgajsko Lake , 4 km from the city center. Capacity is 100 camping units.

  • Autocamp at Srebrno Jezero 15.5km
  • Autocamp at Srebrno Jezero

    Autocamp "Srebrno Jezero" is located in Veliko Gradiste, 110 km from Belgrade. The campsite can be reached via e-75 from Belgrade continues through Pozarevac to Topolovnik where you turn left before entering the Great Gradište.


  • Glavno jezero (Main Lake) 0.9km
  • Glavno jezero (Main Lake)

    The lake is completely arranged and equipped. It has the pebbly beach for children, the part with a trampoline, the concrete-gravel beach that belongs to the sailing club, and all interested parties can visit swimming, diving and sailing school.

  • Jezero Šljunkara 2.2km
  • Jezero Šljunkara

    The biggest lake that belongs to Bela Crkva municipality is Šljunkarsko jezero. On its beach you can use showers and deckchairs and sit in various cafes.

  • Silver lake 15.5km
  • Silver lake

    Silver lake was created in 1971, only 2km away from Veliko Gradište, and 110km away from Belgrade. It is 14km long, 300m wide and 3m deep.

Natural reserves

  • Nature Reserve Deliblatska peščara 24.6km
  • Nature Reserve Deliblatska peščara

    It is located in Southern Banat region, between the Danube and the slopes of Carpathians. Deliblatska peščara is a unique phenomenon in Europe, and one of the few shelters for many specific types of flora and fauna.


  • The Church of Holy Archangel Gabriel 17km
  • The Church of Holy Archangel Gabriel

    The Church of the Holy Archangel Gabriel in Veliko Gradište was built on the site of an earlier church in 1852.


  • The Monastery Nimnik 20.7km
  • The Monastery Nimnik

    The monastery dates from Marička battle in 1371. It is situated in oak tree forest in village Kurjača, 15 kilometers away from Veliko Gradište.

  • The Monastery Mesić 22.9km
  • The Monastery Mesić

    The monastery Mesić is a female monastery of Serbian Orthodox Church and it was taken care of by the nuns.The first written records on monastery date from the records of Patriarchate of Peć made in 1660 and 1666.


  • The Ram Fortress 12km
  • The Ram Fortress

    On the right bank of the river Danube, downstream from the village Ram, there are remains of Roman military camp Lederata, 17 km from Veliko Gradište

Archaelogical sites

  • The Archeological Site Viminacium 23km
  • The Archeological Site Viminacium

    Viminacium is an archeological finding 27 kilometers far away from Veliko Gradište and 12 km far away from Požarevac. The Roman military camp and the town were built in the 1st century...


  • Kod Brke 16.1km
  • Kod Brke

    They started in 1968 by opening a small restaurant, one of the first in the town of Veliko Gradiste at the lake shore.

  • Dinčić 17km
  • Dinčić

    Restaurant Dinčić is a modernly equipped building, first class restaurant, built in the ambient of greenery and fresh air.

  • Dionis 17.4km
  • Dionis

    The restaurant Dionis is located at the entrance to Veliko Gradiste. With kind staff and traditional cuisine, this restaurant offers bed and breakfast.

Sailing and boating

  • Sailing on Bela crkva's lake 0.8km
  • Sailing on Bela crkva's lake

    On the Main Lake during the summer there is a school of sailing. Besides sailing, there is a school of swimming and diving too.

  • Sailing and rowing on Silver Lake 14.5km
  • Sailing and rowing on Silver Lake

    Good conditions for sailing are in village Zatonje, 12 km far from Veliko Gradiste. Rowing team of Serbia is preparing on Silver Lake for years.

Picnic places

  • Aqua Park Silver lake 15.8km
  • Aqua Park Silver lake

    Aqua Park Silver lake, swimming pool complex total area of ​​2500 m2 of which 780 m2 is under water.

Hunting and fishing

  • Fishing in Šaransko Lake 1.9km
  • Fishing in Šaransko Lake

    At all Belocrkvanska Lakes fishing is possible from the shore and from the boat.

  • Hunting and fishing around Veliko Gradiste 15.8km
  • Hunting and fishing around Veliko Gradiste

    here is Hunting Association „Golub“ (Pigeon) in Veliko Gradiste, founded 112 years ago. The hunting ground has an abundance of roe deer, wild boar, pheasant...

  • Hunting ground Deliblato Sand 22.8km
  • Hunting ground Deliblato Sand

    Hunting ground Deliblato Sands is known for red deer games, wolves, roe deer and wild boars.


  • The days of Carevac 16.8km
  • The days of Carevac

    The days of Carevac is a music festival and violin contest dedicated to Vlastimir Pavlović Carevac, a founder of the National Orchestra of Radio Belgrade.