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Short info - Beograd

Belgrade is the biggest town in Serbia and its capital. It is one of the oldest towns in Europe. The town was founded by Celts, in the 3rd century BC, before it became Roman settlement Singidunum. The Slavic name Beligrad was first recorded in 878. Belgrade has been capital of Serbia since 1405, and it used to be the capital of the different states of south Slavs as well.


Belgrade lies at the confluence of two rivers, Danube and Sava, at an altitude of 117m, in Central Serbia, and covers more than 3.6% territory of the Republic Serbia. It has a population of more than 1,000,000 and the surface of 360km2. Territory of Belgrade is divided in 17 city municipalities, and each of them has its local authorities.


Belgrade is the economic center of Serbia and center of Serbian culture, science and education, as well as the most important media center in Serbia. Belgrade has two state universities and several private universities and institutions of higher education. The Belgrade University has been developed from Velika Škola (The Big School), which was founded in 1808.


As far as the traffic is concerned, Belgrade has only one highway, on the direction east-west, while the direction north-south has no fast roads. Main roads and highways are connected with Novi Sad and Subotica in the North, Niš in the south, and Zagreb in the west. The railway by the river Sava connects Belgrade with other cities in Serbia, but also with other European capitals. Belgrade has an international airport, the Airport Nikola Tesla, near Surčin, 18km from central Belgrade. Belgrade Port (Luka Beograd) lies on Danube and is intended for transport of goods, while the port on Sava is intended for tourist ships.

Vaši utisci - Beograd

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Facilities near by:


  • Nacional 0km
  • Nacional

    Hotel Nacional is located at Belgrade entrance from corridors Zagreb-Beograd-Niš and Subotica-Beograd-Niš. Hotel is placed in great nature ambient.

  • Moskva 0km
  • Moskva

    The Hotel Moscow is located at the beginning of pedestrian zone, in the vicinity of Republic square and it is surrounded by many numerous theatres, museums, cinemas, as well as many city and state institutions.

  • Balkan 1.3km
  • Balkan

    Hotel Balkan is an oasis of peace and cosiness, placed amidst the boiling energy and tumultous life of Belgrade center, daily visited by thousands of people, and is an ideal basis for businessmen as well as for leasure travellers.

  • Zira 1.5km
  • Zira

    At the junction of two well-known city streets, the Zira Hotel is located near the Universities and Parks, just off the famous King Alexander Boulevard, which is close to the heart of Belgrade.

  • Savamala Bed&Breakfast 1.6km
  • Savamala Bed&Breakfast

    Savamala Bed&Breakfast is a new hotel at Savamala, one of the most popular districts in Belgrade. It is located at 6 Kraljevic Marko Street, only 200 metres from the city centre, in the heart of artistic and historic quarter, in the centre of the best nightlife in the Balkans.

  • Continental 2.6km
  • Continental

    It is perfectly situated within the elite business-residential area of New Belgrade and is representing an extraordinary fusion of first quality offer, good services and luxury.

  • Hyatt Regency 2.7km
  • Hyatt Regency

    Hyatt Regency Belgrade is a 5 star hotel located in New Belgrade, Serbia. The hotel is only five minutes by car from the city centre.

  • Srbija 3.1km
  • Srbija

    After the privatization in 2005, the hotel was completely renovated, so today it is distinguished for its elegance, comfort and functionality.

  • IN Hotel 4.4km
  • IN Hotel

    Located in the heart of the business center of New Belgrade, perfectly positioned for easy access to major sites and attractions of the city.

  • Zlatnik 6.2km
  • Zlatnik

    Hotel Zlatnik, located in the peaceful and quiet residential part of Zemun has been receiving guest with joy for twenty years already. It has entertained thousands of those who like exquisite cuisine and extraordinary service.



  • Sava 1.8km
  • Sava

    The Sava is 945 km long. It flows into the Danube at Belgrade. The river section from Sisak to Belgrade is navigable.

  • The Danube 8.5km
  • The Danube

    The Danube is the most popular river in the world when it comes to river cruising and makes a great tourist potential in Serbia.

  • Tamiš 14.8km
  • Tamiš

    The Tamiš rises in northern parts of Romanian Carpathians. It flows through whole Banat, and at Pančevo it flows into the Danube.


  • The Church of Saint Mark 0.9km
  • The Church of Saint Mark

    The Church of Saint Mark is situated in Tašmajdan park and it was built in 1940. In the southern area of the nave is a sarcophagus with relics of Serbian Emperor Dušan.

  • The Church Cathedral 2km
  • The Church Cathedral

    In the church are tombs of Serbian rulers Miloš and Mihailo Obrenović and in the churchyard are buried Dositej Obradović and Vuk Stefanović Karadžić.

  • The Church of the Transfiguration 15.5km
  • The Church of the Transfiguration

    The Church of the Transfiguration is one of the symbols of town Pančevo. The church contains rich treasury and the tall bell-tower is surmounted by a dome.

  • The Church of the Dormition 15.7km
  • The Church of the Dormition

    Karađorđe himself gave timber for its construction and money to be spent for bricks. It was built in the period 1807-1810.

  • The Church of St Carlo Borromeo 17km
  • The Church of St Carlo Borromeo

    The Roman-Catholic church of St Carlo Borromeo is situated in the centre of town Pančevo. It was built in 1757 and it is one of the oldest buildings in the town.


  • The Temple of Saint Sava 0.6km
  • The Temple of Saint Sava

    This biggest Orthodox temple, and also the biggest Orthodox temple on the Balkans, is situated in Vračar municipality, on the location where the remains of St Sava were burned in 1595 by Sinan Pasha.

  • The Monastery Vojlovica 16.1km
  • The Monastery Vojlovica

    It is one of the oldest archeological monuments in Pančevo, and it was mentioned in many early documents.

  • The Monastery Fenek 16.4km
  • The Monastery Fenek

    The monastery Fenek is 25 kilometers away from Belgrade in the municipality Surčin, not far away from Jakovo.


  • The Monument to Vuk Karadžić 1km
  • The Monument to Vuk Karadžić

    The monument dedicated to Vuk Karadžić, the reformer of Serbian language, situated in King Aleksandar Blvd. was built 1937 and it was made by Đorđe Jovanović.

  • The Monument of Nikola Pašić 1.2km
  • The Monument of Nikola Pašić

    The monument of Nikola Pašić was made by Zoran Ivanović and it was erected in 1998 on the Square of Nikola Pašić.

  • The Monument dedicated to Prince Mihailo Obrenović 1.6km
  • The Monument dedicated to Prince Mihailo Obrenović

    The Prince Mihailo Obrenovića III, was one of the greatest liberators of Serbian towns from the Turkish occupation. The monument is an artwork of Italian sculptor Enrico Pazzi.

  • The Monument of the Unknown Hero 13.3km
  • The Monument of the Unknown Hero

    This monument is a sign of gratitude to many unknown soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the trenches of the bloodiest of all wars.


  • The Belgrade Fortress 2.7km
  • The Belgrade Fortress

    The fortress is under protection of the Republic of Serbia, representing a typical artillery fortification. Today, the remains of the previous epochs are in the form of building material.


  • The Gallery of Contemporary Arts 15.9km
  • The Gallery of Contemporary Arts

    Since its foundation in 1976, the Cultural Centre Gallery of Modern Arts has been emphasizing authorship projects and called, conceptual exhibitions.


  • The Old Palace 1km
  • The Old Palace

    The Old Palace was constructed in 1884 and belonged to Obrenović dynasty. Its architecture is among the most beautiful pieces of academic architecture.

  • The White Palace 4km
  • The White Palace

    The White Palace is situated in Dedinje forming a complex with a royal palace. The White Palace was built at the request of king Aleksandar for his sons Petar, Tomislav and Andrej.

Archaelogical sites

  • The Archeological Site Starčevo 18.4km
  • The Archeological Site Starčevo

    The Starčevo culture is the oldest cultural group from the Neolithic period which in its early stage was parallel to Vinča culture.

  • The Archeological Site Vinča 24.9km
  • The Archeological Site Vinča

    Besides wealth and scientific importance of its culture, the Neolithic settlement in Vinča by abilities of its cultural layer takes the first place among archeological sites in Europe.


  • The Museum of Nikola Tesla 0.5km
  • The Museum of Nikola Tesla

    The museum represents a unique institution of science and culture both in Serbia and the world. It is the only museum that preserves the original and personal heritage of Nikola Tesla..

  • The Museum of Ivo Andrić 0.8km
  • The Museum of Ivo Andrić

    The memorial museum of Ivo Andrić was opened in the home of our Nobel Prize winner. The permanent exhibition is in one part of the house, and the other was kept in the authentic.

  • The National Museum 1.7km
  • The National Museum

    It contains 34 archeological, numismatic and historical collections, over 400.000 archeological and historical and art pieces, the most important evidences for study of archeology and art history.

  • The Ethnographic Museum 2.1km
  • The Ethnographic Museum

    It is one of the oldest museums on the Balkan Penninsula. It celebrated a one century of existence, and may be regarded as a guardian of numerous treasures of traditional culture.

  • House of flowers 2.1km
  • House of flowers

    The lines of pilgrims, Yugoslav nostalgics, fans of character and deeds of former president of SFRY Josip Broz, every day visit this museum, which the most visited one in the region of former Yugoslavia.


  • Bistro Trandafilović 0.7km
  • Bistro Trandafilović

    One of the first Serbian's bistro, Trandafilović is located on the corner of Mekenzijeva and Mutapova streets in the centre of Belgrade.

  • Madera 0.8km
  • Madera

    You will find Restaurant "Madera" in the heart of the old city zone, steeped in long history.

  • Byblos - libijska kuhinja 0.9km
  • Byblos - libijska kuhinja

    In year 2002, in a small basement in Vračar, we created the Byblos, house of Lebanese cuisine – a place where you can hear different languages, where you can smoke ‘Drina’ and nargile, and enjoy delightful food and oriental dancing.

  • Franš 1.1km
  • Franš

    "Franš" is Belgrade. It's a symbolic promenade, where you can show your new clothes, present your new love, make business arrangements and celebrate your birthday.

  • Greek restaurant Zorba 1.1km
  • Greek restaurant Zorba

    In pleasant ambient that revive Mediterranean blue of sky and sea, with hospitable hosts, guests are offered a wide choice of typical Geek dishes.

  • Guli 1.7km
  • Guli

    Specialties are pizzas baked in wood fired oven and various pastas, meat and fish dishes based mainly on italo - mediterranean cuisine.

  • Dva Jelena 1.7km
  • Dva Jelena

    Dva jelena is one of the best known and finest Belgrade restaurants which dates from 1832 and is located in the very heart of the bohemian quarter of Skadarlija.

  • Indian restaurant Maharaja 2.3km
  • Indian restaurant Maharaja

    Enjoy delicious indian cuisine at its best in an elegant and intimate ambience. Experience the warmth and charm of our wonderful and creative cuisine in a cordial atmoshpere.

  • Sinđelić 2.9km
  • Sinđelić

    Restaurant Sindjelic is one of the best restaurants in Belgrade with long tradition, exclusive interior and delicious food.

  • Jezero 4.6km
  • Jezero

    "Jezero", a restaurant with a long tradition of quality and good services, is located on the left bank of the Sava Lake, in the divine nature of Ada.

  • Šaran 6.6km
  • Šaran

    Restaurant "Šaran" (The Carp Restaurant ) presents the soul of Zemun and modern fisherman spirit of Zemun.

  • Balkan Ekspres 7.1km
  • Balkan Ekspres

    In far 1998. in Zemun, on the edge above Danube, between the town houses and gardens, there is been set a railway tracks and one of them railway car. On that place and in that way ther's been grown a new restorant.

  • Padrino 16.4km
  • Padrino

    Restaurant pizzeria Padrino is located in the center of Pancevo, between the city archives and the "Dom omladine".


  • Academy 28 0.4km
  • Academy 28

    Đuro Salaj as supporting the activities of cultural and artistic programs, began to develop hospitality opening the Academy 28 in Nemanjina street.

  • Greenet 0.7km
  • Greenet

    From Greenet Mocha coffee, café and ice and fruit frappes skilled bartenders impart their skills to a uniform and quality taste of all beverages that creates the famous Greenet image.

  • O.U.R. bar 0.9km
  • O.U.R. bar

    Under the influence of 80s Belgrade and Brooklyn of this decade in 2000s, as well as the new movement in the restaurant and bar industry, a unique story has been created.

  • Rakia bar l 1.7km
  • Rakia bar l

    Rakia Bar is set in the centre of Belgrade, in the part called Dorćol, at 5 Dobračina Street which is located between Vasina and Braće Jugovića Streets.

  • Cofeedream 2km
  • Cofeedream

    If you want to drink a really good cup of coffee, to enter a daily dose of good mood and enjoy the pleasure, then you must stop in the cafeteria Coffeedream.

  • Poco loco 15.6km
  • Poco loco

    Stylish and romantic, extravagant, dynamic and spacious, this club is a unique atmosphere for time with the company, a dear friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, ...


  • Salaš Stremen (Farmstead Stremen) 16.3km
  • Salaš Stremen (Farmstead Stremen)

    At only twenty miles from New Belgrade, in the village Jakovo, near Surčin, covers an area of 5.5ha, is situated Salaš Stremen (Farmstead Stremen).


  • Horse Club Belgrade 3.9km
  • Horse Club Belgrade

    The club was founded in February 1973. Club breeds horses, trains them, provides boarding house and services to train other horses.


  • Belgrade Zoo - "Zoo of Good Hope" 2.7km
  • Belgrade Zoo - "Zoo of Good Hope"

    Located on Kalemegdan in city centre is a Belgrade Zoo. It was founded in 1936. andstretches on over 6 hectares.

Picnic places

  • Kosutnjak 4.4km
  • Kosutnjak

  • Ada Ciganlija 5.2km
  • Ada Ciganlija

    Ada Ciganlija is a favorite picnic place of Belgraders. In the summer season, more than 300,000 visitors spend their summer holiday there.

  • Avala 12.5km
  • Avala

    At only 16 km from Belgrade is Belgrade's favorite resort - Avala. On its territory there are about 600 plant species, some of which are natural rarity: laburnum (zanovet), holly (zelenika) and gold (zlatan).

Golf terrains

  • Ada 5km
  • Ada

    Golf Complex is located on the nicest part of Ada Ciganlija. It is only four kilometers from the city center. It spreads over 35 hectares.


  • Open Heart Street 1.4km
  • Open Heart Street

    The first day of each New Year is traditionally reserved for walk down the Open Heart Street. It represents just a part of a wider concept „Belgrade – town of open heart”.

  • Belgrade Jazz fest 1.5km
  • Belgrade Jazz fest

    Belgrade Jazz Festival will be held at 32 put by the slogan "Planet Jazz".

  • Ship carnival 2km
  • Ship carnival

    Tourist and cultural manifestation Belgrade ship festival on Sava Quay gathers over 50 ships.

  • Summer Festival Belef 2.6km
  • Summer Festival Belef

    Its aim is to produce and present supreme artistic accomplishments in the field of music, theatre, visual arts and other artistic disciplines...

  • Beer Fest 3.1km
  • Beer Fest

    Belgrade Beer Fest is by the number of visitors the greatest beer festival in Southeast Europe. It was founded in 2003.

  • Fish fest 3.2km
  • Fish fest

    The traditional event Fish fest is held on the plateau near Nebojša tower. It gathers the best cooks of fish broth and fish stew.

  • International carnival 16km
  • International carnival

    Since 2003, in July is organised International carnival in Pančevo which has more than 2000 participants and about 100.000 visitors.