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Short info - Boljevac

Boljevac is located iz Zaječar District and is a center of a municipality with the same name. It is located on a 733 m above sea level, takes an area of 823 sqm and has about 19.000 inhabitants. The Minicipality of Boljevac is surrounded by municipalities of Sokobanja, Ražanj, Paraćin, Despotova, Bor, Zaječar and Knjaževac.


The real treasure of this region are man advantage waterfalls and great woods.The whole territory of the municipality is a real nature reserve. It has specially favourable climate, mountain terrain, diversity of flora and fauna, because of which the tourism in this region is developing more and more.


Besides its nature, good thing is that Boljevac is well connected to important roads. On the East-western road route Boljevac intersects the corridor Paraćin - Zaječar, which also connets Timok valley with Pomoravlje, i.e. with the highway Beograd - Niš.

Vaši utisci - Boljevac

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Facilities near by:


  • Zdravljak 21.4km
  • Zdravljak

    The traditional hospitality of hotel staff, ambience and service make Hotel Zdravljak “ the central object of Sokobanja tourism”.


  • Rtanj Balašević 1.4km
  • Rtanj Balašević

    Rtanj Balasevic Motel offers you exceptional vacation in a beautiful resort, all in favor of your good health and relaxation.


  • Bogovinska Cave 8.9km
  • Bogovinska Cave

    Bogovinska pećina (Bogovinska Cave) is situated in East Serbia, at the south-eastern foothills of the massif Južni Kučaj (South Kučaj), which is a part of the regional Kučaj-Beljanica Massiv. The entrance into the cave is 360 m above sea level. It is one of the longest caves in Serbia and the explored tubes have a total length of 6 km.

  • Sesalac Cave 15km
  • Sesalac Cave

    Sesalačka pećina (Sesalac Cave) is situated near the village of Sesalac, north-east of Soko Banja. The cave is illuminated, so the abundance of stalactites and stalagmites can be seen very well.

  • Vernjikica Cave 21.7km
  • Vernjikica Cave

    Pećina Vernjikica (Vernjikica Cave) is situated in East Serbia, south-west of Bor. The total length of the tubes and halls is 1,015 m. The cave is characterized by a large number of stalactites and stalagmites in various colours.


  • Timok 23.9km
  • Timok

    The Timok , in Eastern Serbia, actually is a concourse of the rivers Crni Timok (Black Timok), Beli Timok (White Timok), Svrljiški Timok (Svrljig Timok) and Trgoviški Timok (Trgovište Timok).


  • Grliško jezero (Grlište Lake) 21.8km
  • Grliško jezero (Grlište Lake)

    Grliško jezero (Grlište Lake) is an artificial lake in east Serbia, located in the Valley between village Grlište and town Leskovac.


  • Lazar’s Canyon 20.6km
  • Lazar’s Canyon

    With an overall length of 9km, with its wild cliffs, numerous sandbanks, gaps and caves, it is the longest and the deepest canyon in eastern Serbia.


  • The Church of Saint Ilija 0.4km
  • The Church of Saint Ilija

    The church is a single-nave building with narthex on the western side and altar apse on the eastern side.

  • The Church Lozica 14.6km
  • The Church Lozica

    Beneath the slopes of Rtanj mountain, 3 kilometers away from Krivi Vir is located the church Lozica, dedicated to the Saint Archangel.


  • The Monastery of St Nicholas 8.9km
  • The Monastery of St Nicholas

    The village Planinica is situated on the 18th km of the highway Pirot - Sukovo – border between Serbai and Bulgaria, and in it is located monastery of St Nicholas.

  • The Monastery Krepičevac 9.5km
  • The Monastery Krepičevac

    The monastery Krepičevac is situated in the centre of Crna Reka district, on the west from Boljevac, surrounded by high mountains and steep rocky terrain, between vivid gorges and ravines, far away from human vanity.

  • The Monastery Jermenčić 11.9km
  • The Monastery Jermenčić

    The monastery Jermenčić is situated on Ozren mountain. The monastery is surrounded by four springs of clear mountain drinking water, and it is situated in wonderful natural environment.

  • The Monastery of St Peter and St Paul 23km
  • The Monastery of St Peter and St Paul

    In vicinity of village Grlište, on the coast of Grlište lake is situated monastery of St Peter and St Paul. It is 14 km far away from Zaječar.


  • Soko grad (Soko-town) 22.2km
  • Soko grad (Soko-town)

    Soko grad (Soko-town) is a medieval town also called Sokolac. It is situated 2 km east from Sokobanja.

Archaelogical sites

  • Archaeological Site Felix Romuliana 20.1km
  • Archaeological Site Felix Romuliana

    Surrounded by the mountains of the East Serbia, 10 km away from Boljevac towards Zaječar, on a spacious plateau in vicinity of Gamzigrad is...


  • Felix Romulijana 19.8km
  • Felix Romulijana

    Felix Romuliana is surrounded by the mountains of eastern Serbia, located about ten kilometers on the road from Boljevci to Zajecar, on a large plateau near Gamzigrad.

Picnic places

  • Lepterija 22.2km
  • Lepterija

    Lepterija is located on the left bank Moravice, half way to the medieval fortress Sokograd and is one of most attractive destination for a holiday in area of Sokobanja.

  • Očno 24.1km
  • Očno

    Ocno is located within the Special Hospital "Ozren", which is used to treat eye diseases. It includes a meadow that is surrounded by beech and coniferous forest.


  • Lazar's cave 22.1km
  • Lazar's cave

    Lazar`s Cave is attractive to numerous tourists both archaeological and speleological. . It`s 21 kilometers away from Bor. It`s situated on the east side of Kucaj mountains and on the left bank of Lazar`s river.

Hunting and fishing

  • Fishing in Grliško Lake 21.3km
  • Fishing in Grliško Lake

    At the lake are gathering of large number of fishermen because the lake is restocked (presence of bream, carp, bleak, crucian carp, Prussian carp, nase, chub and other species).


  • Banja Jošanica 19.1km
  • Banja Jošanica

    Jošanica spa is situated on the slopes of mountain Bukovik , in the northeast part of Sokobanja valley, in the village Jošanica, 16km away from Sokobanja.

  • Gamzigradska banja 20.3km
  • Gamzigradska banja

    Gamzigradska Banja is under the influence of continental climate. It is surrounded by wooded hills, and it is an excellent place for treatment, rest and recreation, sports and fishing, with unspoiled nature, lots of flowers and greenery, far from urban areas.

  • Sokobanja 21.6km
  • Sokobanja

    Soko banja is situated in the south –eastern Serbia, in the eponymous mountain-basin region, on the banks of the river Moravica, in teh valley between mountains Rtanj and Ozren.


  • Rtanj 6.5km
  • Rtanj

    Rtanj is a mountain in the Carpatho-Balkan mountain system, it belongs to eastern Serbia, and it is located southwest of Boljevac.

  • Tupižnica 19.2km
  • Tupižnica

    Tupižnica is a mountain that lies between towns Kanjaževac and Boljevac, or between mountains Rtanja and Stara Planina.