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How to reach

Borsko jezero foto: tamburix/


Bor is 30 km far away from Zaječar, 60 km from Negotin and Majdanpek, 120 km from Kladovo. Bor has civil airport which is closed for a past few years. The nearest airports to Bor are the ones in Niš and Belgrade. As for border crossing the nearest ones are Đerdap I - Gvozdena Kapija near Kladovo with Romania, and Vrška Čuka near Zaječar with the border of Bulgaria.

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Facilities near by:


  • Albo 0.2km
  • Albo

    Hotel Albo offers a wide range of quality services and excellent accommodation. It occupies an attractive location at the entrance to Bor.

  • Srbija Tis 23.6km
  • Srbija Tis

    Hotel Srbija TIS is modern three stars hotel in the centre area of the city Zajecar on Central Square Trg oslobodjenja. This hotel is in expansion and it offer comfort, pleasure accommodation and good fun.


  • Autocamp at Borsko Lake 7.1km
  • Autocamp at Borsko Lake

    Autocamp "Borsko jezero" is located on the beautiful bank of Borsko Lake, 250 km from Belgrade, 15 km from Bor, Bor-Road Žagubica.


  • Vernjikica Cave 12km
  • Vernjikica Cave

    Pećina Vernjikica (Vernjikica Cave) is situated in East Serbia, south-west of Bor. The total length of the tubes and halls is 1,015 m. The cave is characterized by a large number of stalactites and stalagmites in various colours.

  • Lazar’s Cave 16.1km
  • Lazar’s Cave

    Lazareva pećina (Lazar’s Cave) is situated 21 km away from Bor, on the east side of the Kučaj Mountains and the left bank of Lazareva reka (Lazar’s River). The total length of the cave is 8 km, but only 1,000 m is prepared for visitors.

  • Bogovinska Cave 23.7km
  • Bogovinska Cave

    Bogovinska pećina (Bogovinska Cave) is situated in East Serbia, at the south-eastern foothills of the massif Južni Kučaj (South Kučaj), which is a part of the regional Kučaj-Beljanica Massiv. The entrance into the cave is 360 m above sea level. It is one of the longest caves in Serbia and the explored tubes have a total length of 6 km.


  • Timok 23.1km
  • Timok

    The Timok , in Eastern Serbia, actually is a concourse of the rivers Crni Timok (Black Timok), Beli Timok (White Timok), Svrljiški Timok (Svrljig Timok) and Trgoviški Timok (Trgovište Timok).


  • Bosko Jezero (Bor Lake) 6.9km
  • Bosko Jezero (Bor Lake)

    Borsko Jezero (Bor Lake) is a pearl of tourism in the Bor municipality. The water temperature in summer reaches 25 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for swimming.

  • Rgotinsko jezero 15.8km
  • Rgotinsko jezero

    Rgotinsko Jezero (Rgotina Lake) is situated by the village Rgotina, 11km away from Zaječar. It is very attractive for swimming throughout the summer season.

  • Glogovičko jezero (Glogovicko Lake) 19.1km
  • Glogovičko jezero (Glogovicko Lake)

    Glogovičko Lake is located at farmstead, east of Bor. The lake surface is about 10 ha and a maximum depth of 17 meters.


  • Lazar’s Canyon 16.7km
  • Lazar’s Canyon

    With an overall length of 9km, with its wild cliffs, numerous sandbanks, gaps and caves, it is the longest and the deepest canyon in eastern Serbia.


  • The Church of St George 0.3km
  • The Church of St George

    The church of St George was sanctified in 1940 during the reign of His Majesty, the King, Petar II Karađorđević of Yugoslavia.

  • The Church of the Holy Trinity 5.8km
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity

    The construction of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Krivelj commenced in 1883 and it was finished in 1889. It was built by Italian craftsmen.

  • The Church of the Holy Virgin 23.6km
  • The Church of the Holy Virgin

    Until 1830 there wasn’t any Orthodox temple in Zaječar, and in that year, with the permission of Turkish officer Ferad-aga, a small church was erected.

Archaelogical sites

  • Archaeological Site Felix Romuliana 21.2km
  • Archaeological Site Felix Romuliana

    Surrounded by the mountains of the East Serbia, 10 km away from Boljevac towards Zaječar, on a spacious plateau in vicinity of Gamzigrad is...


  • The Museum of Mining and Technology 0.2km
  • The Museum of Mining and Technology

    Over 2.000 items are in the museum, divided into archeological, ethnological, historical, technical, artistic and mineralogical collection.

  • The National Museum 23.6km
  • The National Museum

    The National Museum in Zaječar was founded in 1951. It is one of the main factors of the town cultural life.


  • Klub Z 24.5km
  • Klub Z

    Klub Z is situated near the center of town and has existed for 10 years. The ambience in the club is a real pabski.


  • Felix Romulijana 19.9km
  • Felix Romulijana

    Felix Romuliana is surrounded by the mountains of eastern Serbia, located about ten kilometers on the road from Boljevci to Zajecar, on a large plateau near Gamzigrad.


  • Mountaineering on Stol 7.2km
  • Mountaineering on Stol

    The mountain is located 20km away from Bor city.Thinned forests, fields of flowers and grassland give the mountain a magnificent look.


  • Zoo 2.2km
  • Zoo

    Zoo was opened in Bor 23rd November 2011. years and the fourth facility of its kind in Serbia. This garden is one of the few where one can see the white lion.

Picnic places

  • Popova Beach 23.5km
  • Popova Beach

    With the concert of band Balkanika, Popova beach was officially opened in June 2007. Today it is one of the best sports and recreation complex in Serbia.


  • Lazar's cave 11.9km
  • Lazar's cave

    Lazar`s Cave is attractive to numerous tourists both archaeological and speleological. . It`s 21 kilometers away from Bor. It`s situated on the east side of Kucaj mountains and on the left bank of Lazar`s river.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting and fishing around Bor 7.2km
  • Hunting and fishing around Bor

    In this region live all the beasts of the Balkan such as: wild cat, jackal, lynx, brown bear, fox, wolf, marten, weasel, hare, wild boar, otter, deer, roe deer. Borsko Lake is an ideal place for fishing.

  • Fishing in Sovinac Lake 21.4km
  • Fishing in Sovinac Lake

    The Lake Sovinac is situated only a few kilometers from place called Salaš, in addition to regional road Zajecar-Negotin.


  • Brestovačka banja 4.1km
  • Brestovačka banja

    Brestovačka Banja is a spa 8 km southwestward from Bor, and it is one of the oldest spas in Serbia, with mineral waters which are among the most healing ones.

  • Gamzigradska banja 18.5km
  • Gamzigradska banja

    Gamzigradska Banja is under the influence of continental climate. It is surrounded by wooded hills, and it is an excellent place for treatment, rest and recreation, sports and fishing, with unspoiled nature, lots of flowers and greenery, far from urban areas.


  • Stol 12.5km
  • Stol

    Stol is one of the most beautiful mountains. The second is the largest lake in the municipality of Bor. Elevation of the mountain is 1156 m.

  • Crni vrh 16.4km
  • Crni vrh

    This mountain is 30 km away from Bor and it is well connected by asphalted road Bor-Žagubica with most parts of Serbia, and with neighboring countries.

Ski center

  • Ski center Crni Vrh 16.4km
  • Ski center Crni Vrh

    There is a ski slope on the mountain Crni Vrh that has a ski lift that is 1050 meters long with a capacity of 100 skiers on every 5 min, which makes it one of the fastest ski lifts in Serbia.


  • The Easter folklore days 23.1km
  • The Easter folklore days

    "Easter folklore days" in Crnajka is gathering of folk creative artwork, customs and dances... It has been held on second day of Easter since 2000.

  • Guitar festival 24.9km
  • Guitar festival

    Guitar festival is the oldest festival dedicated to the promotion of demo rock bands. Since 1976 it has been organized every year at the beginning of August.