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Short info - Čačak

Čačak lies in the Moravica District, in the middle part of Central Serbia. It covers an area of 636 sq km and has around 73,000 inhabitants. The Municipality of Čačak has 58 settlements.

The name of Čačak was recorded in the 14th century and the first inhabitants came to this area in the Neolithic Age. There are also archaeological sites dating from the Bronze Age, mostly grave mounds. In the 2nd century, this area was under Roman rule and in the 10th century it became part of Serbian Principality. In the First Serbian Uprising, Čačak was liberated in spring 1804, and after the Second Serbian Uprising it developed as a centre of nahia (smallest administrative union in the Ottoman Empire). At the beginning of the 19th century, after the Turks left, the city had only 900 inhabitants.


Considering the geographic position of Čačak and its surroundings (it is situated in the West Morava valley, which has a hilly hinterland), this area has a moderate continental climate up to an altitude of 700 m above sea level, and at higher altitudes, sub-mountain climate dominates.

Vaši utisci - Čačak

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Facilities near by:


  • Beograd 0.2km
  • Beograd

    Located in the centre of Čačak on the town promenade, The Hotel Beograd, is one of the oldest examples of secession in Serbia and one of the oldest hotels in this area, which offers pleasantly designed and modernly equipped rooms, good service and the perfect location.

Private accomodation

  • Log Cabin Glišović 21.8km
  • Log Cabin Glišović

    Only 120 km from Belgrade, 5 km before the Gornj Milanova it situed Log Cabin Glišović.


  • Zapadna Morava (West Morava) 10.4km
  • Zapadna Morava (West Morava)

    The Zapadna Morava (West Morava), in central Serbia, is 308 km long. The average width of the river is 35 m, and it is up to 4 m deep.


  • Jezero Međuvršje (Međuvršje Lake) 10.1km
  • Jezero Međuvršje (Međuvršje Lake)

    Jezero Međuvršje (Međuvršje Lake) is the largest lake on the Zapadna Morava. It is located at the exit of Ovčar-kablar gorge and it was created by damming the river with a 32m high concrete dam.


  • The Church of Saint Sava 16.4km
  • The Church of Saint Sava

    The Church of saint Sava is situated in Savinac, and it is 2 km away from Takovo village. It was founded by the Prince Miloš in 1819-1820.

  • The Church of the Holy Trinity 17.4km
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity

    The church is a single-nave building with semicircular altar vault and semicircular altar apse, with mildly prominent rectangular choir transept and baroque bell-tower surmounting the narthex.

  • The Church of St Peter and St Paul 21.4km
  • The Church of St Peter and St Paul

    The church of St Peter and St Paul is situataed in Gorna Dobrinja, on the northeast from Požega.

  • The Church of Holy Ascension 21.5km
  • The Church of Holy Ascension

    The Church of the Ascension is situated near village Gornje Dobrinje, on a beautiful spot resembling Golgotha with its wideness.

  • The Church of Holy Archangel Gabriel 21.9km
  • The Church of Holy Archangel Gabriel

    The Church of Holy Archangel Gabriel is situated in the vicinity of village Borač. It belongs to one of the most significant Serbian medieval monuments.

  • The wooden church 23.1km
  • The wooden church

    The wooden church in Gorobilje was built in 1705. It is one of the oldest but also the smallest ones in Serbia.


  • The Monastery Trnava 5.7km
  • The Monastery Trnava

    In the village Trnava is situated temple with the same name, by the spring of the Trnava river, and slopes of Jelica Mountains. The monastery is dedicated to Annunciation.

  • The Stjenik Monastery 8.1km
  • The Stjenik Monastery

    The Stjenik Monastery is situated in the village Banjica, 10 km from Čačak, below the Jelica Mountain, and according to tradition it was erected during the reign of Mrnjavčevićs.

  • The Monastery of the Entry into the temple 8.3km
  • The Monastery of the Entry into the temple

    At the very beginning of the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge is situated monastery of the Entry into the Temple. According to the features of the original parts of the temple it is considered that it was built in 16th century.

  • The Monastery of Holy Ascension 10.4km
  • The Monastery of Holy Ascension

    The monastery of the Holy Ascension was built on the northern slopes of the Ovčar mountain, but, due to its position in the gorge it is not visible to the travelers passing this area.

  • The Monastery Jovanje 10.8km
  • The Monastery Jovanje

    On the left bank of the Western Morava River, on its biggest meander, on the east from Čačak, is located monastery Jovanje.

  • The monastery of Dormition of the Virgin 11.1km
  • The monastery of Dormition of the Virgin

    The monastery of Dormition of the Virgin is situated above the Jovanje monastery and it belongs to the Ovčar-Kablar monasteries. It is visible from all sides of the gorge.

  • The Sretenje Monastery 11.6km
  • The Sretenje Monastery

    The Sretenje Monastery is placed in the natural surroundings, below the Ovčar mountain top. There are no enough data on the monastery existence, but it is believed that it was erected in 16th century.

  • Manastir Nikolje 11.8km
  • Manastir Nikolje

    Pod Kablarom se nalazi manastir Nikolje i predstavlja najstariju crkvu među Ovčarsko-Kablarskim manastirima.

  • The Monastery of Holy Trinity 12.2km
  • The Monastery of Holy Trinity

    The Church of the monastery of Holy Trinity is considered to be the most beautiful temple in Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, situated on the slopes of Ovčar.

  • The Monastery of Transfiguration 12.5km
  • The Monastery of Transfiguration

    On the right side of the Western Morava, on the Northern slopes of the Ovčar mountain, is situated the monastery of Transfiguration. The name of the monastery was mentioned for the first time in written records in 1525.

  • The Hermitage of Saint Sava 13.1km
  • The Hermitage of Saint Sava

    The hermitage of Saint Sava is situated on the slopes of the Radočelo mountain. It is some 12 kilometers far away from the monastery Studenica.

  • The Monastery Annunciation 13.1km
  • The Monastery Annunciation

    The Monastery Annunciation is situated above residential area Ovčar Banja. It is one of the rare monasteries in Ovčar-Kablar Gorge for which it is precisely known when it was built and who were the founders, which is testified by the inscription above the entrance into the church, where it was written that the monastery was built in 1601/02.

  • The monastery Ilinje 13.4km
  • The monastery Ilinje

    Above the monastery of Annunciation, on a vivid, nice and wooded plateau, east from Čačak, is situated monastery Ilinje, whose position on a clearing offers wonderful view to the surrounding area of Ovčar-Kablar Gorge.

  • The Vujan Monastery 15.7km
  • The Vujan Monastery

    In 1905, it was erected by Nikola Milićević Lunjevica, a Takovo upraise participant, from the native house of the last Obrenović’s queen Draga Mašin.


  • The Monument to Stepa Stepanovic 0.4km
  • The Monument to Stepa Stepanovic

    The bronze bust is turned towards the house in which he lived to the death, and on the street leading from the monument to the house are placed plaques mentioning the battles he participated.

  • Monument to the four religions 1.6km
  • Monument to the four religions

    The monument was built warriors who died during the First World and the Balkan wars in Čačak.

  • The Monument to Tanasko Rajić 3.1km
  • The Monument to Tanasko Rajić

    The complex comprises granite monument dedicated to Tanasko Rajić and an Orthodox Church dedicated to Prince Lazar.

  • The Monument dedicated to Prince Aleksandar Karađorđevića 17.3km
  • The Monument dedicated to Prince Aleksandar Karađorđevića

    In the town park is situated white marble statue of Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević.

  • The Monument Dedicated to Prince Milošu Obrenoviću 17.4km
  • The Monument Dedicated to Prince Milošu Obrenoviću

    In 1887 under Takovo grm (Oak tree) was erected monument dedicated to Miloš Obrenović. It was built as four-sided obelisk made from red polished marble and posted on a hexagonal pedestal surrounded by six posts connected by chains.


  • The Galery of Nadežda Petrović 0.6km
  • The Galery of Nadežda Petrović

    The Gallery of Nadežda Petrović has been attracting attention for 50 years with its specific and diverse activity nurturing high standards in the field of fine arts, museology and publishing.


  • The Trumpet Museum 15.7km
  • The Trumpet Museum

    The Trumpet Museum in Guča displays a trumped played by Koštana’s son in Vranje, described by Bora Stanković in his novel.

  • The Norwegian House Museum 17.2km
  • The Norwegian House Museum

    The house has the permanent museum exhibition with items from Nazi concentration camps in Norway.

  • The Museum of the Second Serbian Upraise 18.2km
  • The Museum of the Second Serbian Upraise

    The museum is situated in Takovo, at the old school building. It is a part of the Museum of Rudnik and Takovo Region. It is placed in the building of the old Takovo school.


  • Dom 13km
  • Dom

    The restaurant „Dom“ is situated in the foot of steep cliffs of Mount Kablar and immediately above the Morava alone.

Ethno village

  • Ethno village Galetovo Sokace 9.7km
  • Ethno village Galetovo Sokace

    Ethno village Galetovo Sokace is located in the village Brdjani at 9 km from Gornji Milanovac. Most of the space is decorated in ethnic style where are three ponds with fish, carp, small zoo garden, barn…

  • Rajski Konaci 15.5km
  • Rajski Konaci

    Rajski Konaci (Heavenly cottages) is a 4 star village household, officially awarded as the Best in Serbia, by the National Touristic Organization (in 2010). They are situated in the village of Leušići, 30 km from Gornji Milanovac and Cacak

  • Ethno village Koštunići 21.8km
  • Ethno village Koštunići

    Ethno village Koštunići the first and only ecological village in Serbia. The nature of this region have not yet touched the benefits of civilization, so everything is pristine clean.


  • Slatinska spa 12km
  • Slatinska spa

    Slatinska Spa is a spa located at the foot of mountain Jelica, on the right bank of the river Zapadna Morava, 17km from Čačak. It is mainly used for treatment of skin diseases and Rheumatism, after being heated in baths.

  • Banja Gornja Trepča 12.8km
  • Banja Gornja Trepča

    The temperature of the water is about 30C, and it is slightly radioactive, so that this spa is also known as Atom Spa. The spa lies 18 km away from Čačak and 150km away from Belgrade

  • Ovčar banja 13km
  • Ovčar banja

    Ovčar Banja is 18 km away from Čačak, by the road Čačak-Užice, and 160km away from Belgrade. The spa is located in the area with high natural potentials and many cultural and historical monuments, so it is under state protection as a natural heritage of great interest.


  • Ovčar 12.2km
  • Ovčar

    Mountain Ovčar (985km) is situated 160km south from Belgrade.

  • Kablar 12.2km
  • Kablar

    Kablar mountain (altitude 889m), together with mountain Ovčar and the river Zapadna Morava forms a picturesque gorge.


  • Cabbage festival 14km
  • Cabbage festival

    Since 2003, the Šumadija village Mrčajevci has been a host of a contest in cabbage preparation in earthen pots (wedding cabbage).

  • Trumpet festival in Guča 15.9km
  • Trumpet festival in Guča

    Dragačevo`s brass bands festival in Guča is a unique competition of folk brass bands. It is one of the most important and the most numerous events in Serbia.

  • The Serbian festival of world music 17.6km
  • The Serbian festival of world music

    The audience has opportunity to enjoy in mixture of various music genre such as gipsy, Laponian, Cuban, and unique Balkan music, all in ethno arrangement.