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Cultural-historical heritage

Churches (167)

The Church Nikoljača

The church Nikoljača with its frescoes dating from the forth decade of 13th century together with ten other destroyed or

The Church Nova Pavlica

The church is characterized by the Morava School style, it is trefoil, inside there are well preserved fresco paintings,

The Church Lozica

Beneath the slopes of Rtanj mountain, 3 kilometers away from Krivi Vir is located the church Lozica, dedicated to the Saint

Monasteries (169)


Manastir Divostin

The monastery Divostin dedicated to the Annunciation is situated in the village with the same name. It is located 6 kilometers

The Hermitage of Saint Sava

The hermitage of Saint Sava is situated on the slopes of the Radočelo mountain. It is some 12 kilometers far away from the

The Monastery of St John

Above the village Jašunje, 13 km on the northeast from Leskovac is situated male monastery of St John the Baptist. Andronicus

Monuments (74)


Memorial park Kragujevac October

The memorial park Kragujevac October was founded in 1953. It was founded at the site where on October 21st 1941 German soldiers

The Monument Dedicated to Prince Milošu Obrenoviću

In 1887 under Takovo grm (Oak tree) was erected monument dedicated to Miloš Obrenović. It was built as four-sided obelisk

The Monument on Čegar

The present monument in a form of tower – symbolizing military fortress, was built on 50th anniversary of Niš liberation,

Fortresses (24)


The Užice town

It represents one of the tourist attractions of a town on the river Đetinja, where an improvised theatre is set up during


The Markovo kale Fortress

Markovo kale is situated in the vicinity of Vranje. As a real fortress it is surrounded with cliffs.


The Kaljaja Fortress

The Prizren town or Kaljaja, the Byzantium fortress, is situated above the town and was constructed in 11th century. It

Galleries (18)


The Gallery of Contemporary Arts

Since its foundation in 1976, the Cultural Centre Gallery of Modern Arts has been emphasizing authorship projects and called,

Novi Sad

Matica Srpska Gallery

The Matica Srpska Gallery with its fund of artworks dating from 16th to 20th century represents one of the richest art museums


The Galery of Nadežda Petrović

The Gallery of Nadežda Petrović has been attracting attention for 50 years with its specific and diverse activity nurturing

Castles (14)

Vrnjačka Banja

The Belimarković Castle

Beside the Vrnjačka church, the Belimarković castle is the oldest and most representative building. It was constructed


The Bishop’s Palace

The Bishop’s residence of Banat episcopes was erected by the bishop Jovan Đorđević between 1750 and 1757 and is the

The Dunđerski Castle

Near Bečej, on the road toward Bačka Topola, there is the Dunđerski Castle, also known as Fantast. This castle had been

Archaelogical sites (29)


The Arceological Site Heavenly Chairs

The special jewel of this fascinating discovery was floor mosaic with geometric isomorphic motives characteristic for this


The Archeological Site Diana

The fortress was built during the reign of Emperor Traian in 2nd century. It is situated in Karataš, below Hydro-electric


The Archeological Site Justiniana Prima

Justiniana Prima, or the Empress Town, as also called, is one of the most important Byzantine towns built inland of Balkan

Museums (69)


The Memorial House of Bora Stanković

The house museum of Bora Stanović is situated in Baba-Zlata’s Street. The house is visited by all tourists and represents


House of flowers

The lines of pilgrims, Yugoslav nostalgics, fans of character and deeds of former president of SFRY Josip Broz, every day


The Museum of the Naïve Art

This is the first museum institution for the naïve art in Serbia, founded in 1960. The MNMU collection in Jagodina is is

Mosques (4)

Novi Pazar

The Alutun-Alem Mosque

The Altun-Alem Mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings of this kind in Serbia. It is known for sure that the Altun-Alem


The Sinan Pasha Mosque

The Sinan Pasha Mosque is situated in the centre of Prizren and it was built in 1615. The material used for its construction


The Sultan-Valida Mosque

The Sulatan-Valida Mosque is situated in the centre of town Sjenica. It was built in mid 19th century as a foundation of