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The Archeological Site Viminacium

The Archeological Site Viminacium
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Viminacium is an archeological finding 27 kilometers far away from Veliko Gradište and 12 km far away from Požarevac. The Roman military camp and the town were built in the 1st century. It was one of the most important legionary camps on the Danube and for certain period of time also the capital of Roman province Upper Mezia (Moesia Superiorum).


The area of the former Roman town and military camp Viminacium (more than 450 ha of wider and 220 ha of narrower town area) is now under the fertile ground, and the objects and fragments from the Roman period are scattered in confined furrows. In the last three decades of the 20th century were conducted researches of the Viminacium town of dead or necropolis and more than 13. 500 graves were discovered so far.


The project Viminacium besides archeologists, gathers mathematicians, electrical engineers, geophysical engineers, geologists, petrology engineers and researchers dealing with remote detection, 3D modeling and shape recognition, but also artificial intelligence. They have a common wish that squares, temples, theatres, hippodrome, baths, streets and town parts emerge from the furrows and become a part of world and Serbian cultural heritage, but also symbol of the Danube areal.


In 1979, the Serbian parliament declared Viminacium a exceptional cultural good. Special attraction within the park Viminacium is visit to prehistoric finding where has been discovered whole skeleton of a mammoth.


The mammoth dates from the prehistoric period of Miocene of 5.000.000 years ago. It was found in the river basin of pre-delta of the river Morava which formed as the Panonian sea was retreting. The mammoth is very rare species and one of the oldest in the world.

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