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The Church Nikoljača

The church Nikoljača with its frescoes dating from the forth decade of 13th century together with ten other destroyed or only ...

The Church Nova Pavlica

The church is characterized by the Morava School style, it is trefoil, inside there are well preserved fresco paintings, but its ...

The Church Lozica

Beneath the slopes of Rtanj mountain, 3 kilometers away from Krivi Vir is located the church Lozica, dedicated to the Saint Archangel. ...

The White Church

The White Church is located in village Karanu, 16 km away from town Užice. It is dedicated to celebration of the Annunciation. ...

The Church of the Virgin

The Church of the Virgin is situated in the village Donja Kamenica in the vicinity of the town Knjaževac. It was constructed ...

Mokra Gora

Wooden church Vitaši

Wooden church Vitaši is located in the ethno village Mećavnik on Mokra Gora. It was constructed following models of Russian ...

Novi Bečej

The church Arača

The church Arača is situated in the neighborhood of the town Novo Miloševo, north-east of Novi Bečej. The ruins of this church ...

Velika Plana

The wooden church

The oldest wooden church in municipality of Velika Plana and Pomoravlje, was built in the middle of 13th century on the site called ...

The wooden church

The wooden church in Gorobilje was built in 1705. It is one of the oldest but also the smallest ones in Serbia. ...

The wooden church

The wooden church in Donja Orovica is a single-nave building with semicircular apse on the eastern side and semicircular outer ...


Wooden church in Rača

In year 1989 villagers together with a bishop Sava commenced construction of the mausoleum in Vožd’s home village, dedicated ...


The church Lazarica

Its construction was associated to erection of Prince Lazar’s capital and in front of this church Serbian army had been took ...


The Church Odžaklija

The church is dedicated to Holy Trinity. It was sanctified on Nativity of the Virgin Mary on September 21st, in presence of the ...


The Church of the Saint Maria of Fire

In Devojački bunar is located unique wooden church in Vojvodina, dedicated to Saint Maria of Fire, patron from fires. ...


The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud

The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud is situated in the centre of the town Loznica, within an earlier fortress named Loznički town. ...


The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud

The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud in town Valjevo was built in 1838. The first written document referring to the history of Valjevo ...

The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud

The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud is situated in Radijevići, in vicinity of Nova Varos. It was built in 1808 and its founder was ...

The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud

The church in Donja Jablanica was constructed in 1838. The church was built from logs, its ground plan is in a form of a rectangle ...

The Church of Transfiguration

The Church of Transfiguration is situated in the central valley of the village Krivaja. From 16th to 18th century the church ...


The Church of the Holy Virgin

Until 1830 there wasn’t any Orthodox temple in Zaječar, and in that year, with the permission of Turkish officer Ferad-aga, ...