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The Užice town

It represents one of the tourist attractions of a town on the river Đetinja, where an improvised theatre is set up during summer ...


The Markovo kale Fortress

Markovo kale is situated in the vicinity of Vranje. As a real fortress it is surrounded with cliffs. ...


The Kaljaja Fortress

The Prizren town or Kaljaja, the Byzantium fortress, is situated above the town and was constructed in 11th century. It was reinforced ...


The Belgrade Fortress

The fortress is under protection of the Republic of Serbia, representing a typical artillery fortification. Today, the remains ...


The Golubac Fortress

The Golubac Fortress was mentioned for the first time in 1335 as a Hungarian military fortification, although the exact year of ...


The Nenadovića tower

The Nenadovića tower is certainly a symbol of the town Valjevo. It is situated on Kličevac hill, only half a kilometer from ...


The Momičilo’s town

Pirot or the Momčilo’s town is a town fortification beside the Nišava river in Pirot. It was erected during the reign of prince ...


The Niš Fortress

It represents a military fortification from Turkish era, from 17th century. It is situated in the centre of Niš, at the right ...

Novi Sad

The Petrovaradin Fortress

The Petrovaradin Fortress is one of the largest and most preserved fortresses from 18th century. The archeological remains at ...


The Šabac Fortress

The Šabac Fortress is situated on the right bank of the river Sava, near the center of the modern town. It was mentioned for ...


Smederevska tvrđava

The Smederevo Fortress is a fortified medieval town in the shape of irregular triangle, size 550m x 502m x 400m, with 25 towers ...


Soko grad (Soko-town)

Soko grad (Soko-town) is a medieval town also called Sokolac. It is situated 2 km east from Sokobanja. ...


Medieval town Brvenik

Brvenik is an old fortress on a rock above the river Ibar. It is situated 8 km north from Raška. It was a centre of Zupa during ...

Medieval town Maglič

Some 30 km south-west from Kraljevo, there is a medieval town Maglič. The access to the town is very difficult due to steep cliffs. ...

Medieval town Mileševac

Coming out from the gorge of the river Mileševka, on the left side in the village Hisardžik, there are wall remains of a bygone ...

The Todor’s tower

On its territory, Stalać keeps a late medieval fortification from 14th century that protected the roads to the former capital ...


Tvrđava Bač

A Medieval fortification in Bač is one of the biggest fortresses of that time in Pannonia. It is a so-called “Water town”, ...


The Fetislam Fortress

The fortress is the most important cultural monument from the near past erected by the Turks after conquering these parts of Serbia. ...


The Koznik Fortress

It is situated 8 km from Aleksandrovac. It is an old Zupa town settled in a cone mountain, above the river Rasina. ...

The Ram Fortress

On the right bank of the river Danube, downstream from the village Ram, there are remains of Roman military camp Lederata, 17 ...