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Manastir Divostin

The monastery Divostin dedicated to the Annunciation is situated in the village with the same name. It is located 6 kilometers ...

The Hermitage of Saint Sava

The hermitage of Saint Sava is situated on the slopes of the Radočelo mountain. It is some 12 kilometers far away from the monastery ...

The Monastery of St John

Above the village Jašunje, 13 km on the northeast from Leskovac is situated male monastery of St John the Baptist. Andronicus ...


The Temple of Saint Sava

This biggest Orthodox temple, and also the biggest Orthodox temple on the Balkans, is situated in Vračar municipality, on the ...

The Hermitage of Peter Of Koriša

The Hermitage of Peter of Koriša is situated 20 km away from. The village in which are located both Hermitage and Monastery was ...

The Monastery Ajdanovac

On the sothern slopes of Great Jastrebac mountain, in village Ajdanovac, is located monastery with church dedicated to St George. ...


The Monastery Banja

Manastir Banja posvećen je Svetom Nikoli Dabarskom i nalazi se u naselju Pribojska Banja. Nije poznato kada je osnovan, ali se ...

The Banjska Monastery

The monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Banjska, was built between 1313 and 1317. It is situated northwest of Zvečan. ...


The Monastery Beočin

The church in the monastery Beočin was dedicated to the Holy Ascension of the Christ. This is one of the 17 monasteries on Fruška ...

The Monastery Bešenovo

The residues of the Monastery Bešenovo is situated on the southern slope of the Fruška gora mountain, in vicinity of Čikoš ...

The Monastery Annunciation

The Monastery Annunciation is situated above residential area Ovčar Banja. It is one of the rare monasteries in Ovčar-Kablar ...

The Monastery of the Annunciation

The monastery was founded by the end of the 14th century during the reign of Prince Lazar. It is situated beneath Rudnik mountain, ...

The Monastery of the Annunciation

The complex of the monastery of the Annunciation is located in municipality Žagubica, in Gornjačka Gorge. It was constructed ...

The Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin

The Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin is situated 14 km away from Vladičin Han, in village Mrtvica. Its present appearance ...

The Monastery of Entry into Temple

The monastery is located in village Jašunja, 13 kilometers away from Leskovac, and kilometer and half from the monastery of St ...


The Monastery Bogovađa

In Bogovađa, 14 kilometers on southwest from Lazarevca, is located the monastery with the same name, founded in 1545. ...

The Monastery Bođani

Pursuant to the old records, in village Bođan, is situated a monastery with the same name founded by certain trader Bogdan after ...


The Monastery Bukovo

It is situated three kilometers on the west from Negotin. It was supposedly built by the end of 13th and the beginning of the ...


The Monastery Ćelije

Only 7 kilometers from Valjevo, in the area of the village Lelić is located monastery Ćelije from 14th century, famous all over ...

The Monastery of Čokešina

The monastery Čokešina is situated on the northern slope of the mountain Cer, in village Čokešina. The monastery is one of ...