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Memorial park Kragujevac October

The memorial park Kragujevac October was founded in 1953. It was founded at the site where on October 21st 1941 German soldiers ...

The Monument Dedicated to Prince Milošu Obrenoviću

In 1887 under Takovo grm (Oak tree) was erected monument dedicated to Miloš Obrenović. It was built as four-sided obelisk made ...

The Monument on Čegar

The present monument in a form of tower – symbolizing military fortress, was built on 50th anniversary of Niš liberation, and ...

The cross on the Rock

On the site of the destroyed fortress Soko grad (Soko town) in1962, on the southeast from Krupanj, is situated the Cross on the ...


The Royal Summer House of King Aleksandar I Karađorđević

On the highway road to Majdanpek, 6 km east from Kučevo, in village Neresnica, is located summer house of King Aleksandar the ...


Memorial Park Bubanj

On the southwest from the town centre, on the afforested hill called Bubanj, is situated a memorial park with the same name, which ...

Family Tree of Tarabics

The monument family tree of Tarabićs is situated on the northeast from Mokra Gora. Tarabićs appeared in the 19th century, and ...


Birth house of Mileva Marić

The birth house of Mileva Marić is situated in the Glavna Street and the Secondary Technical Scholl in Titel is named after her. ...


The Clock Tower (Sahat tower)

The Clock tower in Prijepolje was built in 18th century and it represents symbol of Prijepolje with specially formed clock and ...


The Šop-Đokić’s House

What makes it so wonderful is a balcony on upper storey, attached to the construction of the building with its whole one side ...


Memorial Fountain “Crkvenac”

It was built soon after the end of the First World War by the grateful residents of Mladenovac and soldiers of the Morava Division ...

Memorial Charnel House

On the monument is a sarcophagus with the inscription: ,,Heroes from Gučevo killed in battle in 1914', and beneath is a architrave ...


The Memorial Charnel House

The memorial charnel house was built with stone and marble and beneath it was a crypt with 10 coffins with bones of victims. It ...


The memorial house of Kosta Stamenković

The house in which lived a revolutionary, communist and fighter for workers’ rights was opened for visitors in 1969. It contains ...


Memorial obelisk

Some 5 kilometers from Zlatibor mountain on Glavudža or Šumatno Hill is located Memorial obelisk dedicated to killed Partisan ...


The Memorial Complex "Slobodište" (Freedom)

The memorial complex "Slobodište" is situated in the south suburbs of the town, on Bagdala Hill, next to the house of corrections ...


The Monument December 4th

The monument December 4th was dedicated to Prijepolje battle that occurred on December 4th in 1943. ...


The Monument of the Tragedy on June 5th

The monument dedicated to the victims of the tragedy occurred on June 5th is situated in the area between Smederevo Museum and ...


Monument of Arsenije Čarnojević

In the courtyard of the church of the Entry of the Virgin is situated monument dedicated to Arsenije Čarnojević. ...


The Monument Ašik’s grave

The Ašik’s grave is dedicated to love. It was built in village Metlić as a memory to tragic love between Pavle and Đula. ...