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The Memorial House of Bora Stanković

The house museum of Bora Stanović is situated in Baba-Zlata’s Street. The house is visited by all tourists and represents one ...


House of flowers

The lines of pilgrims, Yugoslav nostalgics, fans of character and deeds of former president of SFRY Josip Broz, every day visit ...


The Museum of the Naïve Art

This is the first museum institution for the naïve art in Serbia, founded in 1960. The MNMU collection in Jagodina is is considered ...


The Ethno Park Tulba

The Ethno Park Tulba was formed in 1972 within the National Museum of Požarevac. The aim was to display traditional values of ...


The Ethnographic Museum

It is one of the oldest museums on the Balkan Penninsula. It celebrated a one century of existence, and may be regarded as a guardian ...


The Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum possesses different old items related to the daily use in village households of the area. ...


The Town Museum

The Town Museum is a museum of complex type with the ethnological, archeological, historical, artistic, natural history collection ...


The Town Museum

The Town Museum in Vršac was formed in 1882 with a collection of various items. The museum has the archeological, historical, ...


The Town Museum

There are various departments: archeological, numismatic, ethnological, historical, homeland art history, and a collection of ...


The Živojin Mišić’s House

Native home of duke Živojin Mišić is in the village Struganik, 10 km from Mionica. This wattle and daub house preserves the ...


The Muselim’s Lodging

The Muselim’s Lodging is the oldest building in Valjevo. It was built in 18th century, and today there is a permanent exhibition ...


The Museum of 21st October

By building 20 towers without any window or door, the architect Ivan Antić intended to show the hopelessness of the unarmed citizens ...

Bačka Topola

The Museum of Bačka Topola

In probably the oldest building in the town, once a Kraj-castle, there is a museum. In 1990s, it was catalogued as a monument ...

The Museum of the Second Serbian Upraise

The museum is situated in Takovo, at the old school building. It is a part of the Museum of Rudnik and Takovo Region. It is placed ...

Novi Bečej

The Museum of Glavaš’s house

After the works and restoration, on the 100th anniversary of death of Dr Vladimir Glavaš (2009), the first museum at Novi Bečej ...

Bačka Palanka

The Town Museum

The museum fund encompasses items divided into paleontological, archeological, numismatic, ethnological, historical, and art collection, ...

Novi Sad

The Town Museum of Novi Sad

The Town Museum of Novi Sad was formed in 1954. This is a museum of the town and deals with the town development, from its early ...


The Museum of Hajduk Veljko

It is placed in the building that enchants with its stylistic beauty, at the house of Negotin oberduke – duke Todorčeta lodging. ...


The Museum of Horeum Margi

It was opened in 1954. The museum was full of items from every period of human society development. ...


The Museum of Ivo Andrić

The memorial museum of Ivo Andrić was opened in the home of our Nobel Prize winner. The permanent exhibition is in one part of ...