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Ethno village

Banja Koviljača

Ethno village Sunčana reka

The ethno village "Sunčana Reka" provides a unique oasis for holiday, relaxation, sports and recreation that is needed for people ...

Velika Plana

Ethno Village Moravski Konaci

It was built and opened in the middle of December at 2007. The interior of the house is in the range of hotel accommodation, and ...

Banja Koviljača

Ethno Village Gučevski Vajati

This ethno village opened in 2008, and this ethno complex is simply immersed in the natural environment of this region. Surrounded ...


Ethno complex Tršić

At only 6 kilometers from the monastery Tronoša and 6 km from Loznica, in the village Trsic, there is a complex of Ethno Tršić ...

Ethno house in Maradik

The Ethno House in Maradik is an authentic building about 150 years old. It was adapted for tourist visits in order to give the ...

Gornji Milanovac

Ethno village Galetovo Sokace

Ethno village Galetovo Sokace is located in the village Brdjani at 9 km from Gornji Milanovac. Most of the space is decorated ...


Ethno Park Terzica Avlija

It is located near the village of Zlakusa, 13 km far from Uzice and 10 from Pozega. Terzića avlija represents a typical rural ...

Ethnic Village Belo Blato (White Mud)

Village Belo Blato is one of the villages in Vojvodina, in the heart of Banat, with its own specificities that attracts more visitors. ...


Ethno Village Brestovi i vizija (Elms and Visions)

This ethno village was named after pub “Brestovi” (Elms). The owner is Milivoje Tomic - Tondja. Brestovi i vizija are about ...


Etno selo Divljakovac

At an altitude of 380 meters, overlooking the city, on the mountain slopes Bukulja, the ethno village Divljakovac was bultied. ...

Ethno village Koštunići

Ethno village Koštunići the first and only ecological village in Serbia. The nature of this region have not yet touched the ...


Ethno Village Latkovac

It is located in the northwestern part of the municipality Aleksandrovac. Ethno village Latkovac is a tourist cultural center ...

Mokra Gora

Ethno Village Mokra Gora

Ethno village on a hill Mecavnik was raised by Serbian famous film director Emir Kusturica. Reviving old houses, transferred from ...

Ethno village Sirogojno

Sirigojno village is famous for museum, the Old Village "and renowned knitters.Od Zlatibora je udaljeno 26 kilometara. ...

Ethno Village Stitkovo

Near Nova Varos in a narrow valley spike shaped created by the river Tisovica and its spring Vrelo, which is surrounded on three ...

Ethno Village Tiganjica

Ethno complex Tiganjica is located next to the highway Zrenjanin - Belgrade, close to the special nature reserve ''Stari Begej ...

Ethno Village Topalovic

Ethno village, gallery and lodging Topalovic is located in the beautiful village Lipolist in area of Macva. This village represents ...


Ethno Village Trška

On the banks of the river Mlava near Zagubica, when turns 800 m off the road near the monastery of Trska, is the ethno village ...

Ethno village Vrhpolje

Ethno village Vrhpolje with its environment is a touristic pearl of Azbukovica with an open heart, beauty and hospitality, cuisine, ...

Ethno village Zavičaj

Near Zvečan in the southern Serbian province there is located ethnic village Zavičaj. We offer you a memorable stay with the ...