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Hunting and fishing


Hunting ground Morović

Surrounded on all sides by dense forest, an oasis of 27.000 hectares, mostly oak forest, which is rich in diverse games species ...


Hunting tourism in Vrbas

Hunting tourism in Vrbas has a very long tradition. The most important hunting grounds are in the areas of Sava`s village, where ...

Bela Crkva

Fishing in Šaransko Lake

At all Belocrkvanska Lakes fishing is possible from the shore and from the boat. ...

Hunting and fishing on Ludas Lake

Passionate fishermen had opportunity to fish at Ludas Lake and Omladinsko Lake as well as on the west coast of Lake Palic. ...

Hunting and fishing at Tara

Canyon valley waterways of Tara and neighbouring Zvijezda are one of the richest hunting reserve, not only in our country, but ...

Hunting and fishing on Djerdap

Area of Djerdap has always excelled with abundance and the exceptional diversity of wildlife. ...


Hunting and fishing around Apatin

Apatin is a paradise for hunters of wild boar, small game and deers from area around the river Danube. Apatin is also considered ...


Hunting and fishing in Ada

Municipality of Ada has very beautiful and rich hunting grounds, in which invests heavily each year. With the construction of ...


Hunting and fishing in Arandjelovac

On the lake can be fished: carp, grass carp, catfish, pike, pikeperch, chub and several types of white fish. Hunting ground has ...

Bačka Palanka

Hunting and fishing in Backa Palanka

Hunting tourism in the municipality of Backa Palanka has a long tradition. Municipality of Backa Palanka is situated on the left ...

Hunting and fishing in the Barandska lakes

Barandska lakes are the right place for all fish fans. The lakes are especially rich in carp, as well as grass carp, bighead, ...


Hunting and fishing in Becej

In the plain of Becej hunting ground extends over 30.000 ha. Apart from the hunting areas, municipality of Becej is extremely ...


Hunting and fishing in Čoka

There is a beautiful tradition of domestic and foreign hunting tourism in Čoka. Here can be hunted hare, pheasant, wild ducks, ...


Hunting and fishing in Indjija

Part of Fruška Gora, wide flood plain of the Danube with numerous marshes and backwaters, lowland and hilly parts of the terrain ...


Hunting and fishing in Kovin

Kovin flora and fauna are extremely diverse. Also there are plenty of lakes and ponds rich in fish. ...


Hunting and fishing in Kraljevo

Hunting Association of Kraljevo has hunting area of about 112.000 ha. The Ibar and the Zapadna Morava river (Western Morava) with ...

Novi Sad

LHunting and fishing in Novi Sad

The most famous hunting grounds in the vicinity of Novi Sad are: Plavna, Koviljski rit, hunting ground of Fruška Gora National ...


Hunting and fishing in the vicinity of Bac

Environment of the Danube is a habitat for diverse wildlife and other species of flora and fauna. In Backa environment there are ...


Hunting and fishing around Bor

In this region live all the beasts of the Balkan such as: wild cat, jackal, lynx, brown bear, fox, wolf, marten, weasel, hare, ...


Hunting and fishing in Despotovac

When assessing the benefits of a habitat for successful raising of wildlife, should be primarily taken into account the conditions ...