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Short info - Inđija

Inđija is a town and center of municipality of the same name in Srem District, on south slopes of mountain Fruška Gora. Town has a surface of 150km2, and a population of 25,000.


Inđija was first mentioned in 1455, but it is believed that it has been inhabited before that time as well. New Inđija was founded in 1746, by Serbs from Beška, and in 19th century it was also inhabited by Germans, Czechs, and Hungarians.


Inđija is among the most developed municipalities in Serbia, with well developed agriculture, industry, crafts, trade and tourism. Inđija is also known after its long tradition of the grape and wine production, and each year town organizes a fair, called Sajam Vojvođanskih Vina (The Fair of Wines from Vojvodina).


Inđija lies by the middle of the road between Belgrade and Novi Sad, and this area has a mild continental climate.

Vaši utisci - Inđija

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Facilities near by:


  • Dunav 20km
  • Dunav

    Hotel Dunav is situated on the right coast of Danube in Sremski Karlovci, 16km far from Petrovaradin Fortress and around 18km far from the center of Novi Sad.

  • Tisa 23.6km
  • Tisa

    Hotel Tisa and the Titel are only 60 kilometers from Belgrade 45-km, from Novi Sad and 30 km from Zrenjanin.

  • Premier Aqua 24.7km
  • Premier Aqua

    The hotel is located ideally between Belgrade and Novi Sad, at the spring of thermal water in Vrdnik Spa. It has a modern spa, indoor and outdoor pools, Congress hall, restaurant and luxury equipped accommodation and suites.


  • Šatrinačko jezero (Šatrinac Lake) 13.9km
  • Šatrinačko jezero (Šatrinac Lake)

    Šatrinačko Jezero, or Jezero Međeš, is located in Srem , 2km away from village Šatrinci, not far from Irig. The lake is excellent for swimming, and its water is rather warm in summer.

  • Borkovačko Jezero (Borkovac Lake) 21.1km
  • Borkovačko Jezero (Borkovac Lake)

    Borkovačko Jezero (Borkovac Lake) is 3 km away from the centre of Ruma and it is the favorite picnic and vacation place for citizens of Ruma.

Natural reserves

  • Nature Reserve Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit 17.6km
  • Nature Reserve Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit

    Koviljsko –petrovaradinski rit is a nature reserve under state protection, because of characteristics of its landscape and because of its biodiversity.


  • The Church of the Presentation to the Temple 1.6km
  • The Church of the Presentation to the Temple

    It was built in a spirit of medieval tradition, that is Raška architecture. It belongs amongst the most beautiful and the most elegant buildings preserved from 18th century in Srem.

  • The Roman-Catholic Church of St Peter 2km
  • The Roman-Catholic Church of St Peter

    The Roman-Catholic Church in Inđija was built in style of sacral architecture of the second half of 19th century. It was consecrated in 1872 on the day of St Peter and St Paul to whom it was dedicated.

  • The church of St Nicholas 16.1km
  • The church of St Nicholas

    According to the tradition the Church of St Nicholas was built in 1468 by the grandson of Đurađ Branković - Vuk Grgurević also known as Vuk the Fiery Dragon. The church is situated near Old Slankamen.

  • The church of St Nicholas 18.5km
  • The church of St Nicholas

    The Church of St Nicholas in Irig was constructed in 1732 in a tradition of Serbian medieval architecture combined with Baroque elements.

  • The Church of Holy Father Nikolai 19.3km
  • The Church of Holy Father Nikolai

    The holy temple in Pećinci is dedicated to the Transfer of Relics of Holy Father Nikolai. It was built in 1777 in Byzantine fashion.

  • The Church Cathedral of St Nicholas 19.7km
  • The Church Cathedral of St Nicholas

    The Church Cathedral of St Nicholas was built in 1762. It is a single-nave building with a semicircular apse and two high Baroque bell-towers on the western side.

  • The Church of St Nikolai 20.6km
  • The Church of St Nikolai

    The church in Šimanovci was mentioned in 1756 for the first time. It is supposed that on the site of the present church.

  • The church of St Nicholas 21.2km
  • The church of St Nicholas

    It is supposed that town Ruma had its church from ancient times since in 1556 three priests were being mentioned.

  • The church of the Holy Ascension 21.4km
  • The church of the Holy Ascension

    The Orthodox believers in Ruma after construction of the Church of St Nicholas that became to small to accept all believers, started building the Church of the Holy Ascension. The church was built in 1861.

  • The Church of the Ascension 24.9km
  • The Church of the Ascension

    Present Church of the Ascension is situated in Deč, near Pećinci. It was built in the first half of 19th century.


  • The monastery Krušedol 13.3km
  • The monastery Krušedol

    In the village Krušedol is situated monastery with the same name. The monastery Krušedol is foundation of the Branković family – the last Serbian Despots in Srem.

  • The Monastery Velika Remeta 16.7km
  • The Monastery Velika Remeta

    The monastery Velika Remeta is situated under slopes of Fruška gora, on the northeast from Iriga. The church is built with stone and brick with only one entrance and five very beautiful windows.

  • The Monastery Grgeteg 16.9km
  • The Monastery Grgeteg

    The monastery Grgeteg is situated in vicinity of the village Grgeteg, on the southern slopes of the Fruška gora mountain. The monastery church is dedicated to St Nicholas.

  • The Staro Hopovo Monastery 19.8km
  • The Staro Hopovo Monastery

    The Staro Hopovo Monastery is situated on the east slope of the Fruška Gora Mountain, 2 km from Novo Hopovo.

  • The Monastery Kovilj 20.1km
  • The Monastery Kovilj

    In the village Kovilj, in vicinity of Novi Sad, is situated monastery with the same name. according to the tradition, it was founded by Saint Sava in 12th century, and the church is dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

  • The Monastery Novo Hopovo 20.4km
  • The Monastery Novo Hopovo

    On the southern slopes of the Fruška gora mountain, some hundred meters from highway Ruma - Novi Sad, in vicinity of town Irig is situated monastery Novo Hopovo.

  • The Vrdnik Monastery 24.9km
  • The Vrdnik Monastery

    This monastery belongs to a group of monasteries in the Fruška Gora Mountain and is considered as one of the most important monasteries in the Fruška Gora.


  • The Monument to Slankamen battle 14.7km
  • The Monument to Slankamen battle

    During the war between Austro-Hungarians and Turks old Slankamen battle took place in1691. The Austrian army together with Serbian army managed to defeat more numerous Turkish army.

  • The Monument – The Chapel of Peace 19.1km
  • The Monument – The Chapel of Peace

    The Chapel of peace, that can be seen today, was built in 1817 on the place where well-known Karlovci peace agreement was signed in 1699.

  • Birth house of Mileva Marić 22.5km
  • Birth house of Mileva Marić

    The birth house of Mileva Marić is situated in the Glavna Street and the Secondary Technical Scholl in Titel is named after her. Mileva Marić-Einstein was born in 1875, and died in 1948.


  • The Slankamen fortress 16.2km
  • The Slankamen fortress

    In the Middle Ages, a fortress was built on the base of the Roman Acuminicum. The historical sources mention the fortification even in 1072 as Castrum Zelenkamen (Greenstone).


  • The Gallery – House of Vojnović 1.5km
  • The Gallery – House of Vojnović

    It belongs to few preserved examples of town architecture by the end of 19th century. . Today, it is a gallery and many cultural events are organized in its premises.


  • The Serbian Museum of Bread 19.1km
  • The Serbian Museum of Bread

    The Serbian Museum of Bread was founded as a result of collecting and investigative works of the painter Jeremija, who has been dealing with the theme of ceremonial bread...

  • The Homeland Museum 21.4km
  • The Homeland Museum

    It falls into the category of homeland museums of the complex type, consisting of four departments: archeological, ethnological…


  • Staro Mesto 15.9km
  • Staro Mesto

    Restaurant "Staro mesto" is located on the old road Belgrade-Novi Sad in the main street of Nova Pazova.

  • Brankov čardak 18km
  • Brankov čardak

    Restaurant Brankov cardak on Strazilovo, known from old times, is nowadays a modern restaurant with different services. Visitor may order many delicious meals, such as grilled meat, fish and game specialties.

  • Pod mansardom 19.2km
  • Pod mansardom

    The restaurant "Pod mansardom" is situated in the oldest house in Sremski Karlovci, near Karlovci’s high school.

  • Mines - yellow house 25km
  • Mines - yellow house

    Restaurant and rooms Mines are located in the Vrdnik Fruska Gora . in the restaurant there is a summer garden.

Ethno village

  • Ethno house in Maradik 8.4km
  • Ethno house in Maradik

    The Ethno House in Maradik is an authentic building about 150 years old. It was adapted for tourist visits in order to give the opportunity, not only to the tourists but to local people, to find out something more about the tradition, culture, customs and the way of life of people who have lived in this area.


  • Zekin salaš (Zekin Farmstead) 9.8km
  • Zekin salaš (Zekin Farmstead)

    Zekin Salaš is located on Corridor 10, between Belgrade and Novi Sad, only 3 km from auto route E-75 (take the Beska-Krcedin exit), in the main street of Krcedin.


  • Bicycle route in Indjija 3.9km
  • Bicycle route in Indjija

    The path leads up to Fruskagora near forest landscapes of the national park, Srem plains, orchards and vineyards. From the bicycle route is a beautiful view of the Danube coast and the surrounding landscape.

Picnic places

  • Strazilovo 18km
  • Strazilovo

    At a distance of only 4 km from the city, is the favorite resort of people from Karlovci. It is called Strazilovo, place with very good natural conditions, also known as the birth place of Serbian poet Branko Radicevic.

Bird watching

  • Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit 13.9km
  • Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit

    It is composed of ponds, small islands, canals, marshes, swamps and it is an integral part of the navigable areas of the river Danube. It is located downstream of Novi Sad, towards Karlovci, nearby Petrovaradin.

Hunting and fishing

  • Fishing in Jarkovačko Lake 5.1km
  • Fishing in Jarkovačko Lake

    On the lake can be fished carp, Prussian carp, grass carp, bream and other species of white fish. The best time for fishing are spring and period from late summer to early winter. It is located west of Indjija.

  • Fishing in Dobrodol Lake 11.1km
  • Fishing in Dobrodol Lake

    Lake Dobrodol is one of the most beautiful lakes in Srem. Extremely healthy water of this lake with an abundance of food makes the lake abounds with large examples of carp, pikeperch and grass carp.

  • Hunting and fishing in Indjija 13.3km
  • Hunting and fishing in Indjija

    Part of Fruška Gora, wide flood plain of the Danube with numerous marshes and backwaters, lowland and hilly parts of the terrain are good conditions for development of hunting tourism in the municipality of Indjija.


  • Banja Stari Slankamen 16.2km
  • Banja Stari Slankamen

    Stari Slankamen Spa is the oldest spa in Vojvodina. t is used for treatment and rehabilitation of neurological diseases, especially central paralyses, hemiplegia and paraplegia

  • Banja Vrdnik 24.2km
  • Banja Vrdnik

    Banja Vrdnik is a spa located in the central part of Srem, on the southern slopes of Fruška Gora, at an altitude of 240m, 74km away from Novi Sad and 24km away from Belgrade.


  • Ham festival 8.5km
  • Ham festival

    In Stojšić farm near Krčedin, this year was held for the first time – ham fest. It took place from June 9th to 12th .