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Short info - Jagodina

Jagodina, formerly known as Svetozarevo, is a town and a center of a municipality of the same name in Pomoravlje district, on the banks of the river Belica. The town has a surface of 470km2, and a population of more than 35,000, and municipality has 54 settlements.


Village Jagodina was first mentioned in 1399, in a letter of Princess Milica to Dubrovnik municipality. At the beginning of 19th century the town experienced a rise in all fields, by the middle of the same century first industrial facilities, schools, hospitals and pharmacies have been opened, and in the 1884 the railroad was built.



The great Serbian poet and painter Đura Jakšić lived and worked in Jagodina, and in Jagodina are born: Svetozar Marković (first Serbian Socialist) Hajduk Veljko Petrović (fighter against Turkish occupation), Milija Teodorović (a hero of the I Serbian Uprising), Stanko Arambasić (Serbian military commander).


Climate of this area is mild continental, with cold winters and worm summers, and with a year average of rainfall of 619cm.


Through Jagodina runs an electrified double-track railway, which connects Middle and Central Europe with South Europe and Asia, and international highway E-75.

Vaši utisci - Jagodina

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Facilities near by:


  • Jagodina 1.5km
  • Jagodina

    It is situated in the center of Jagodina town what is very attractive for both business people and tourists. It started to work in 1979. Hotel "Jagodina" sa dve zvezdice smešten je u strogom centru Jagodine, delo je arhitekte Miloša Konstantinovića, dobitnika nagrade za najbolje ostvarenje u Srbiji u toku 1979.godine. Hotel "Jagodina" raspolaže sa 156 soba, 3 apartmana i 1 rezidenciju sa ukupno 320 kreveta. Hotel poseduje tri restorana, kafanu, 1 tv salon i polsastičarnicu sa ukupno 170 sedista, kongresny salu sa 300 mesta, dve letnje bašte, bazen dimenzije 25 x 11,5 metara, i disko klub sa 120 mesta. Garaža hotela "Jagodina" može da primi 10 putnickih vozila. Posebnu atrakciju predstavlja restoran "Šarena kafana" koja ima 80 mesta i koja podseća na život i rad Đure Jakšića za vreme njegovog boravka u Jagodini, zatim "Restoran kafana" koja ima 400 mesta i "Ćuran salu" koja ima 200 mesta. Veoma impresiovno deluje i kongresna sala sa 300 mesta, a u hotelu postoji i prodavnica suvenira, pića, cigareta i ćasopisa. Agencija 226 - 582 Fax Recepcija 226 - 144 Direktor 226 - 142 Slavke Đurđević B/B 35000 JAGODINA Hotel "Jagodina" je otvoren septembra 1979.g. Osnivač "DP PALAS"

  • Petrus 18.7km
  • Petrus

    Hotel is located in the city center, only 2km far from the highway, on the Crnica river. Hotel Petrus in Paracin has 50 rooms and 2 suites.

  • Prag 23km
  • Prag

    Hotel Prag is located in the very centre of Belgrade, the beauty of this building, unique for the architectural achievements of the XX century Europe, set it among monuments, which are protected by Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute City of Belgrade.

  • Royal 23km
  • Royal

    The ROYAL hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Belgrade. The hotel was built during the last century (1885) and was named “ROYAL”.

  • Zelengora 23.2km
  • Zelengora

    Hotel “Zelengora” is a beautiful building, which preserved the spirit of times. It is located in the very center of the city, connecting two extremely dynamic pedestrian zones with their intensive city life, both social and business.


  • The Church of St Peter and St Paul 1.2km
  • The Church of St Peter and St Paul

    The Church of St Peter and Paul was built in 1889 according to the design of Svetozar Ivačković. It has elegant proportion and its ground plan is in a form of an inscribed cross with five domes and free bell-tower.

  • The Church of the Holy Trinity 18.7km
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity

    The Church of the Holy Trinity in town Paraćin is situated on the lefer bank of the river Crnica in the town centre. The interior of the church contains baroque elements.


  • The Monastery Jaković 9.4km
  • The Monastery Jaković

    Monastery Jaković is situated in the village Duboka. The church is dedicated to the apostle Jakov (there comes the name Jaković), and it is situated next to the village grave.

  • The Monastery Jošanica 9.9km
  • The Monastery Jošanica

    The monastery Jošanica was built by the end of 14th century. It is situated on the slopes of Crni vrh mountain, beneath the village Prnjavor, 10 kilometers from Jagodina.

  • The Monastery Tomić 10.6km
  • The Monastery Tomić

    In the area of village Vojska in Resava region, is situated monastery of St Apostle Thomas. Also known as Tomić.

  • The Monastery Radošin 16.2km
  • The Monastery Radošin

    The monastery Radošin is situated in the village with the same name. According to the tradition the church bell-tower used to have big bells, which when ringing could be heard on 4 hours of walk distance from that place.

  • The Zlatenac Monastery 18.6km
  • The Zlatenac Monastery

    The Zlatenac Monastery is dedicated to St Healers. It was built around 1427 during the reign of nobleman Stefan Lazarević. It belongs to the Resava-Morava school of building.

  • The Monastery Ravanica 18.6km
  • The Monastery Ravanica

    The monastery is foundation of Prince Lazar. It is also his mausoleum. The architecture of the monastery Ravanica represents basis for a new Morava School of serbian medieval building.

  • The Monastery of the Holy Virgin Shroud 20.2km
  • The Monastery of the Holy Virgin Shroud

    One of the natural oasis rich with vegetation and fresh air, and according to the tradition healing waters is situated on the right from the highway on the Baba Mountain.

  • The Monastery Raletinac 20.3km
  • The Monastery Raletinac

    Monastery Raletinac is situated in vicinity of village Velike Pčelice, near Rekovac. It was dedicated to Saint Apostles Peter and Paul.

  • The Monastery of St Petka 21.2km
  • The Monastery of St Petka

    On the left side of the road toward Zaječar, on 10 km from Paraćin toward Zaječar, at the Izvor after which it got its name, there is a temple dedicated to St Petka.

  • The Monastery Dobreš 21.4km
  • The Monastery Dobreš

    Some 10 kilometers away from Svilajnac, in the area of the village Gložan, is located monastery Dobreš. It is surrounded by hills and dense forests, above fertilized Morava valley.

  • The Miljko’s Monasteryr 21.7km
  • The Miljko’s Monasteryr

    The Miljko’s Monastery got its present name in the second half of 18th century. The previous name was the Bukovica Monastery. It is situated…

  • Manastir Manasija 22.3km
  • Manastir Manasija

    Monastery Manasija is situated two kilometers on the northwest from Despotovac, also known as Resava, since it was built on the right bank of Resava river.

  • The Monastery of the Beheading of St John 22.5km
  • The Monastery of the Beheading of St John

    In village Zabrega near Paraćin, on the north from Petrus fortification, on the left bank of the Crnica river, are situated ruins of the medieval monastery complex with church of the Beheading of the St John.

  • The Monastery Namasija 23km
  • The Monastery Namasija

    The remains of the well-known monastery Namasija complex are located several hundred meters above Zabrega village on the left bank of Crnica river.

  • The Sarinac Monastery 23.3km
  • The Sarinac Monastery

    Not far away from Velike Pčelice, on a little plateau, above the river Dulenska, there is the Sarinac Monastery.

  • The Monastery Grnčarica 24.9km
  • The Monastery Grnčarica

    According to the tradition monastery Grnčarica was built by the King Dragutin by the end of 13th and the beginning of the 14th century.


  • The Monument to Steva Clerk 18km
  • The Monument to Steva Clerk

    The monument dedicated to Steva Clerk is situated near Paraćin, on Karađorđe’s Hill. In the vicinity of Paraćin was deadly wounded a commander of Turkish imperial army Hafiz-Pasha.

  • The Monument – The Fountain of Freedom 18.5km
  • The Monument – The Fountain of Freedom

    It is situated in front of the building of the Paraćin municipality. The fountain is the symbol of brotherhood and unity of Yugoslav people.

  • The Monument of the Killed Soldiers of NOB (National Liberation War) 18.5km
  • The Monument of the Killed Soldiers of NOB (National Liberation War)

    On the concrete pedestal is placed figure of a fighter casted in bronze and the author is academic sculptor Petar Pavaličini.

Archaelogical sites

  • The Archeological Site Stublina 10.2km
  • The Archeological Site Stublina

    The material proves that on the site were present several phases of Vinča group and that it is undoubtedly rich finding.

  • The Archeological Site Petrus 22.6km
  • The Archeological Site Petrus

    The remains of the medieval town Petrus are located in vicinity of Popovac, fortified on the right bank of the river Crnica...


  • The Museum of the Naïve Art 1.4km
  • The Museum of the Naïve Art

    This is the first museum institution for the naïve art in Serbia, founded in 1960. The MNMU collection in Jagodina is is considered as one of the most important collections of naïve art in the world.

  • The Homeland Museum 1.5km
  • The Homeland Museum

    In 1954, by the decision of People’s committee, the Homeland Museum was founded, in order to collects museum items.

  • The Museum of Wax Figures 2.2km
  • The Museum of Wax Figures

    The Museum of Wax Figures was opened in 2008. It is one of the six museums in Europe, and the first one in Serbia with the characters from the national history, from St Sava to the former president Koštunica and basketball player Divac.

  • The Museum of Horeum Margi 12.1km
  • The Museum of Horeum Margi

    It was opened in 1954. The museum was full of items from every period of human society development.

  • The Homeland Museum 18.5km
  • The Homeland Museum

    The Homeland museum is famous for the prehistoric collection “Archeology of Neolithic time” dating from 6000 BC until the modern age, and the most famous…

  • The Model Park 20.8km
  • The Model Park

    The Model Park is a unique touristic offer, not only of the area but the whole Serbia. They are crafted in the scale of 1:17 in relation to the real objects.


  • Belicki kej 1.4km
  • Belicki kej

    Belički kej Restaurant is located next to the river Belice. Cherishes the tradition of the finest quality food for 15 years long .


  • Colosseum 1.3km
  • Colosseum

    Colloseum is place where you can start your day adventure with the best coffee offer in town, all kinds of alcoholic and soft drinks, all kinds of love and kindness, providing a all-day pleasure whenever you want.

Rural households

  • Morava Garden 7.5km
  • Morava Garden

    On the bank of the Morava River is a beautiful garden Morava Garden. In the heart of the Morava, near the town of Jagodina, 3 km away from the cities, is the village Končarevo.


  • Zoo in Jagodina - Zoo Tiger 2.5km
  • Zoo in Jagodina - Zoo Tiger

    It is founded on July 10th 2006. andstretches on 2.5 hectares. Polite guides await the visitors at the entrance and take them on tours.

Picnic places

  • Djurdjevo Hill 2.6km
  • Djurdjevo Hill

    Arclijski Potok on Djurdjevo Hill is located on the southern outskirts of Jagodina and is a favorite resort of people from that area.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting ground Ravanica 18.7km
  • Hunting ground Ravanica

    Hunting ground Ravanica covers an area of 28.788 hectares of cultivated native species of wild animals: wild boar, roe deer, hare and grey partridge.

  • Hunting and fishing in Despotovac 23.7km
  • Hunting and fishing in Despotovac

    When assessing the benefits of a habitat for successful raising of wildlife, should be primarily taken into account the conditions that it provides for wildlife in the most unfavorable conditions, which is winter in our climate.


  • Despotovačka banja 21.6km
  • Despotovačka banja

    In the center of Despotovac there is Despotovačka Banja, a spa and the treatment center with the tradition of several centuries.