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Short info - Kanjiža

Kanjiža, the town of silence, is located in Severni Banat District, on the Tisa river, covers an area of 72 sqm and has a population of 11.000 people of which 86,5% are Hungarians, 7,4% Serbs, and there are also Croats, Montenegrins, Albanians... This town is 15 km far away from Hungary border, 40 km from Subotica, 120 km from Novi Sad, and 200 km from Belgrade.

Kanjiža was known as Stara Kanjiža after the First World War in order to be differed from Nova Kanjiža which is located on the other side of the Tisa river. But Nova Kanjiža changed its name in Novi Kneževac, and Stara Kanjiža was named only Kanjiža.


The climate is continental with hot summers and cold winters.

Vaši utisci - Kanjiža

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Facilities near by:


  • Jezero 22.7km
  • Jezero

    Only 50 meters from lake Palic surrounded by a hundred-year-old park. In the very vicinity of the hotel are beaches on the lake, as well as the eight tennis courts and the summer lake resort.

  • Park 22.7km
  • Park

    Hotel Park is 4 stars hotel. It has spirit of old times gathered with modern iterior and has 2 single, 17 double, 9 apartments.


  • Ludaško jezero (Ludaš Lake) 17.5km
  • Ludaško jezero (Ludaš Lake)

    Ludaško jezero (Ludaš Lake) is not far away from villages Šupljka and Hajdukovo, on the outkirsts of Subotička Peščara (Subotica Sand). In 1994 it was declared a special nature reserve.

  • Palićko Jezero (Lake Palić) 23.9km
  • Palićko Jezero (Lake Palić)

    According to a legend, the lake was formed from the tears of the shepherd Pavle (Paul), who cried while guarding his flock of sheep on this place.

  • Jezero Tresetište (Bog Lake) 24.4km
  • Jezero Tresetište (Bog Lake)

    Jezero Tresetište (Bog Lake) was formed in the 1960-ties, at the place where peat was excavated. The road to the lake leads through a centennial pine forest.

Natural reserves

  • Nature Reserve Selevenjske pustare 16.8km
  • Nature Reserve Selevenjske pustare

    This reserve is located by the border with Hungary, northeast of Bačka vineyards. Status of the special reserve was acquired in 1997.


  • The Church of the Holy Archangel Michael 15.4km
  • The Church of the Holy Archangel Michael

    It is the oldest building in the town built before 1762 in baroque style (although it is estimated that the construction started in 1751).


  • The Maldegem Castle 4km
  • The Maldegem Castle

    In 1910, the Maldegem Castle was built for count family Maldegem, after whom the building got its name.

  • The Old Castle 15.5km
  • The Old Castle

    The construction of the castle commenced in 19th century. At first, this building was designed as classicistic formation, of strict symmetrical lines in the foundation and façade.


  • Galaxis II 0.4km
  • Galaxis II

    Welcome to the restaurant GALAXIS II stand. If you are looking for local specialties with live music in a beautiful setting, come to us. Our offer is a guarantee for your satisfaction.

  • Papuli 15.6km
  • Papuli

    Restaurant Papuli has an over 36 year old tradition. In restaurant you can try speciality of house: fish and fish soup.

  • Gulyas Čarda 17.2km
  • Gulyas Čarda

    Gulyás Csárda is only a few kilometres from Palić in a settlement called "Ludasi Sor, between Palic and Hajdukovo place.

Ethno village

  • Kraljica voća 14.4km
  • Kraljica voća

    Ethno village Kraljica voca has 6 two-bed rooms with large bathroom and furniture that will evoke your fantasy.


  • Salaš Kucora (Farmstead Kucora) 1.5km
  • Salaš Kucora (Farmstead Kucora)

    At the 7th kilometer from Horgoš the Kucora Salaš is situated, owned by the CAG Bartok Bela, founded as early as in 1937.

  • Ethno park Majkin Salaš (Mother's Farmstead) 21.4km
  • Ethno park Majkin Salaš (Mother's Farmstead)

    Ethno park Majkin Salaš - extends to an area of ​​30 ha farm. It is 2,5 km from coast the Palic lake.

  • Salaš Jelen (Farmstead Deer) 22.3km
  • Salaš Jelen (Farmstead Deer)

    At only a mile from the beautiful lake Palic, surrounded by forests and plains, is the Salaš Jelen (Farmstead Deer). The authentic ethnic atmosphere, and the smell of the host homes will learn the spirit of bygone days.


  • Zoo Palic 23.3km
  • Zoo Palic

    Zoo Palic is located in the centre of the same named establishment. It is 6km away from Subotica and 5km from the highway E-75 that connects Budapest and Belgrade. About 160.000 people visit zoo every year.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting and fishing in Čoka 13.8km
  • Hunting and fishing in Čoka

    There is a beautiful tradition of domestic and foreign hunting tourism in Čoka. Here can be hunted hare, pheasant, wild ducks, partridges, quails, and there is a plenty of big game, roe deer and wild boar especially.

  • Hunting and fishing on Ludas Lake 17.6km
  • Hunting and fishing on Ludas Lake

    Passionate fishermen had opportunity to fish at Ludas Lake and Omladinsko Lake as well as on the west coast of Lake Palic.


  • Banja Kanjiža 4.5km
  • Banja Kanjiža

    This is the right place for all those who prefer peace and quietness, and for those who wish to try the magic powers of the spa, which is offering hospitality, preventive recovery and medical rehabilitation, as well as treatment with mineral water and mud.