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Kosovska Mitrovica

Short info - Kosovska Mitrovica

Kosovska Mitrovica is situated in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija (Republic of Serbia), on the confluence of the rivers Sitnica and Ibar. It is a part of the municipality of the same name, which also includes 49 villages. Kosovska Mitrovica lies in the northern part of the Kosovo Field (Kosovo Polje) and it is surrounded by the mountain Mokra Gora, as well by the slopes of Golija and Kopaonik. Through Kosovska Mitrovica flow the rivers Ibar (divides the city in south and north part), Sitnica and Ljušta. North of the town begins the Ibar Gorge. The river Ibar flows towards Kraljevo, where it joins Zapadna Morava.

Ibar monument - D.Bosnić

Kosovska Mitrovica is one of the oldest settlements on Kosmet (Abbr. for Kosovo and Metohija). It was first recorded already in the Middle Ages. The origin of the name Mitrovica probably is in the 14th century and it is assumed that the city was named after the Church of St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki (Crkva Sv. Dimitrija Solunskog), under the Fortress of Zvečan, donated by the Serbian King Milutin to its endowment – the Monastery Banjska. Today, there is the Monument to the Rebel Miners (Spomenik rudarima ustanicima), who joined the Serbian national liberation brigades in 1941.

In the area of the city, traces of mining from the Neolithic Period, Roman altars and figurines (2-3 century) were found. In the 6th century, the Byzantine emperor Justinian I built the Fortress Zvečan. Trepča was first mentioned as a mining town in 1303. Stari Trg has a rich collection of crystals.


After the First Balkan War 1912, Kosovska Mitrovica, the rest of Kosovo and Macedonia became part of the Kingdom of Serbia and in 1918, of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. After World War II, the name Kosovska Mitrovica was changed into Titova Mitrovica (in honour of President Josip Broz Tito), but in 1991 the city got its old name again.

Since 2001, Kosovska Mitrovica is also a temporary seat of several Universities in Priština. Since 2003, in the nearby Zvečan, the North City Jazz and Blues Festival takes place, with eminent musicians from Serbia and the whole world.

Vaši utisci - Kosovska Mitrovica

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Kosovska Mitrovica

Facilities near by:


  • The Church of Saint Dimitri 1.2km
  • The Church of Saint Dimitri

    The church is extremely attractive and besides monastery Banjska, represents religious centre of Northern Kosmet.


  • The Sokolica Monastery 4.3km
  • The Sokolica Monastery

    The Sokolica Monastery is situated in the area of the village Boljetina, not far from Zvečan. It is a female monastery, and the prioress of the monastery is mother Makarija.

  • The Banjska Monastery 12km
  • The Banjska Monastery

    The monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Banjska, was built between 1313 and 1317. It is situated northwest of Zvečan.


  • Zvečanska tvrđava 4km
  • Zvečanska tvrđava

    Zvečan is a Byzantium and Serbian medieval town and fortress at Kosovo and Metohia. It is situated north from Kosovska Mitrovica and is considered as one of the strongest fortification of Nemanjić’s kingdom.

Ethno village

  • Ethno village Zavičaj 8.4km
  • Ethno village Zavičaj

    Near Zvečan in the southern Serbian province there is located ethnic village Zavičaj. We offer you a memorable stay with the domestic cuisine specialties typical for this region.