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Short info - Kragujevac

Kragujevac is a town in Central Serbia, on the banks of river Lepenica, in a valley between mountains Rudnik , Crni Vrh and Gledićke planine. It is a center of Šumadija District and an important economical, cultural, education and health center. Kragujevac has a surface of 835km2 and population of 146,000.


Kragujevac - D.Bosnić


It is believed that Kragujevac has been inhabited even before the Serbian state was ruled by Nemanjić Dinasty, and it was first mentioned in a Turkish written document from 1476, under the name Kragujfoča. The town was named after the bird Kraguj (a kind of hawk), which was used for hunting in the Middle Ages. That’s why a place of honor on the city’s coat of arms was given to that bird.


The climate in Kragujevac is mild continental, the coldest month is January, and the warmest month is July.

Vaši utisci - Kragujevac

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Facilities near by:


  • Kragujevac 0.2km
  • Kragujevac

    Hotel Kragujevac is a recognizable as a symbol of the city. Located in the pedestrian zone in an exclusive location.

  • Šumarice 2.7km
  • Šumarice

    Hotel “Šumarice” is a distinguished hotel, with a beauty attracting at the first glance. It is located in the mid of the Memorial park, 3 km from the City center.

  • Prag 11.2km
  • Prag

    Hotel Prag is located in the very centre of Belgrade, the beauty of this building, unique for the architectural achievements of the XX century Europe, set it among monuments, which are protected by Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute City of Belgrade.

  • Royal 11.2km
  • Royal

    The ROYAL hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Belgrade. The hotel was built during the last century (1885) and was named “ROYAL”.

  • Zelengora 11.5km
  • Zelengora

    Hotel “Zelengora” is a beautiful building, which preserved the spirit of times. It is located in the very center of the city, connecting two extremely dynamic pedestrian zones with their intensive city life, both social and business.


  • Gradac Cave 21km
  • Gradac Cave

    Pećina Gradac (Gradac Cave) is situated on the left bank of the Lepenica near Batočina, in a village after which it was named. It is also known as Jerinina pećina. The formations of the cave suggest that it dates back to the Cretaceous.


  • Šumarice Lake 4.3km
  • Šumarice Lake

    Šumarice Lake, with its own beach and a large area of green – forest park in the background – is a very attractive location near Kragujevac.

  • Gružansko jezero (Gruža Lake) 21km
  • Gružansko jezero (Gruža Lake)

    Gružansko jezero (Gruža Lake) is a reservoir, used by Kragujevac municipality, about 20km away, as a supply of drinking water. Width of the lake is 300 to 2800 m, and its length is 10 km.


  • Wooden church in Rača 23.9km
  • Wooden church in Rača

    In year 1989 villagers together with a bishop Sava commenced construction of the mausoleum in Vožd’s home village, dedicated to Saint George.


  • The Monastery Grnčarica 3.1km
  • The Monastery Grnčarica

    According to the tradition monastery Grnčarica was built by the King Dragutin by the end of 13th and the beginning of the 14th century.

  • Manastir Divostin 6.1km
  • Manastir Divostin

    The monastery Divostin dedicated to the Annunciation is situated in the village with the same name. It is located 6 kilometers far away from Kragujevac.

  • The Monastery Drača 8.5km
  • The Monastery Drača

    Monastery is situated 10 kilometers on the west from Kragujevac. The church is dedicated to St Nicholas.

  • The Sarinac Monastery 12.4km
  • The Sarinac Monastery

    Not far away from Velike Pčelice, on a little plateau, above the river Dulenska, there is the Sarinac Monastery.

  • The Monastery Raletinac 14.9km
  • The Monastery Raletinac

    Monastery Raletinac is situated in vicinity of village Velike Pčelice, near Rekovac. It was dedicated to Saint Apostles Peter and Paul.

  • The Monastery Jošanica 16.4km
  • The Monastery Jošanica

    The monastery Jošanica was built by the end of 14th century. It is situated on the slopes of Crni vrh mountain, beneath the village Prnjavor, 10 kilometers from Jagodina.

  • The Monastery Ramaća 21.9km
  • The Monastery Ramaća

    Near village Ramać, is situated monastery with the same name. Ground plan of the church is in the form of an inscribed cross, it has slander drum, from outside octagonal, and inside semicircular, surmounted by the sphere.

  • The Miljko’s Monasteryr 24.5km
  • The Miljko’s Monasteryr

    The Miljko’s Monastery got its present name in the second half of 18th century. The previous name was the Bukovica Monastery. It is situated…

  • The Vraćevšnica Monastery 24.5km
  • The Vraćevšnica Monastery

    The monastery is situated in Vraćevšnica, a small town on the road from Gornji Milanovac to Kragujevac.

  • The Monastery Tomić 24.6km
  • The Monastery Tomić

    In the area of village Vojska in Resava region, is situated monastery of St Apostle Thomas. Also known as Tomić.

  • The Monastery Voljevča 24.7km
  • The Monastery Voljevča

    It is consisted of the church dedicated to Holy Archangel Michael, residential building of the Supreme Council, southern residential building with cellars and several other small buildings.

  • The Monastery Radošin 24.9km
  • The Monastery Radošin

    The monastery Radošin is situated in the village with the same name. According to the tradition the church bell-tower used to have big bells, which when ringing could be heard on 4 hours of walk distance from that place.


  • The Monument to the Dead Šumadija Warriors 1km
  • The Monument to the Dead Šumadija Warriors

    The monument to the dead Šumadija warriors is an artwork of a sculptor Antun Augustinčić. It dates from 1932. This was the first monument in a series of monuments dedicated to dead warriors from the preceding wars.

  • Memorial park Kragujevac October 3km
  • Memorial park Kragujevac October

    The memorial park Kragujevac October was founded in 1953. It was founded at the site where on October 21st 1941 German soldiers massacred several thousand residents of Kragujevac.


  • The Museum of the Old Foundry 0.7km
  • The Museum of the Old Foundry

    It was founded in 1953. It is places in the facility of the previous cannon foundry from 1882. This is the oldest preserved part of the military factory and Military-craftsmen school.

  • The National Museum 1.1km
  • The National Museum

    The museum has departments of archeology, ethnography, history of Kragujevac and Šumadija and art history.

  • The Museum of 21st October 2.4km
  • The Museum of 21st October

    By building 20 towers without any window or door, the architect Ivan Antić intended to show the hopelessness of the unarmed citizens in front of the gun barrels.


  • Biblioteka kod Milutina 1.7km
  • Biblioteka kod Milutina

    Restaurant at Milutin has an over 25 year old tradition. In 2005 guests of restaurant give idea for new name, from that moment until today this restaurant is famous like "Biblioteka kod Milutina".

Rural households

  • The village Čumić 19km
  • The village Čumić

    To village Čumić is easy to attain highway Belgrade-Kragujevac. From Kragujevac is located 23 kilometers.