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Short info - Kruševac

Kruševac is administrative, economical and cultural center of the Rasina District. It has a surface of 854km2, and a population of about 65,000. The town lies in Kruševac valley, and it covers the most of the Zapadna Morava river valley.



Kruševac used to be a medieval Serbian capital, built by Prince Lazar in 1371. The town was first mentioned in 1387, in the charter by Prince Lazar sent to Dubrovnik as a confirmation of trade privileges. After the Battle of Kosovo, Kruševac was ruled by Lazars wife, Princess Milica, and later by Despot Stefan, her and Lazar’s son. Turks have captured this town for several times. In 1833 it was finally liberated, an since than it has begun quickly to grow and prosper.  It is supposed that the town got its name after the stone of which it was built, ordinary river stone (krušac).



Kruševac is 195km away from Belgrade, 80km away from Niš, 120km away from Kragujevac and 290km away from Novi Sad.

Vaši utisci - Kruševac

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Facilities near by:


  • Rubin 0km
  • Rubin

    The Hotel Rubin is settled in the center of city Krusevac, with the view on main city square and Monument for heroes of Kosovo. By its location, and also its architectural solution, it represents one of the symbols of the city.

  • Golf 0km
  • Golf

    Elegant rooms are completed with bathtub or shower with hydro-massage, telephone, TV, minibar (fill up on request), Internet connection, Hair dryer, trouser press, safe and air condition, balcony. parking and 24h roomservice.


  • Zapadna Morava (West Morava) 15.2km
  • Zapadna Morava (West Morava)

    The Velika Morava (Great Morava) is formed by the confluence of Zapadna Morava (West Morava) and Južna Morava (South Morava), at Stalać.


  • Jezero Ćelije (Ćelije lake) 22.1km
  • Jezero Ćelije (Ćelije lake)

    Jezero Ćelije (Ćelije lake) is an artificial lake located on the river Rasina, southeast of Aleksandrovac, which was formed in 1979, to stop the drift carried by the river.


  • The church Lazarica 0.4km
  • The church Lazarica

    Its construction was associated to erection of Prince Lazar’s capital and in front of this church Serbian army had been took holly communion before they went to Kosovo.

  • The Church of St George 1.3km
  • The Church of St George

    The church of St George built in Serbian-Byzantine style in 1904, was constructed on the foundations of an earlier and smaller church dating from 1838.

  • The Church of the Holy Archangel 13.1km
  • The Church of the Holy Archangel

    The temple of Holy Archangel is situated in Stalać, and it has certain characteristics of churches from Holy Mountain. It had wooden pillars planted into stone beds and a porch that served as a protection for the walls.

  • The church of Saint Nestor 18.3km
  • The church of Saint Nestor

    On the left bank of Morava river, on the way to Aleksinac, near Vitkovac village, holy Nestor built a church dedicated to Saint Nestor.

  • The Church of Holy Archangel Michael 21.6km
  • The Church of Holy Archangel Michael

    The bone church in Deligrad was dedicated to Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. On the Holy Cross Day in 1930 the church foundations were sanctified.

  • The Church of the Holy Trinity 23.2km
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity

    On the hill above Gornji Androvac, surrounded by oak forests and numerous clearings, is located an unusual church.


  • The Monastery of St Stefan 4.7km
  • The Monastery of St Stefan

    One km on the north from Lipovac, beneath the slopes of Leskovik mountain is situated monastery St Stefan. The temple is dedicated to Transfiguration.

  • The Monastery of St John 5.5km
  • The Monastery of St John

    The monastery of St John is situated in the area of the village Makrešana, in vicinity of Kruševac. From Makrešana to the monastery of St John you can reach by macadam road leading over the Mojsinje mountains.

  • The Monastery of St Lucas 9.7km
  • The Monastery of St Lucas

    The moanstery of St Lucas is situated in village Bošnjane, in municipality Varvarin, it is 190 km far away from Belgrade.

  • The Monastery Mrzenica 9.8km
  • The Monastery Mrzenica

    Monastery Mrzenica is some ten kilometers away from Kruševac. There are no many data on this monastery.

  • The monastery Naupara 11.9km
  • The monastery Naupara

    The monastery Naupara is situated in the village Naupara some 15 kilometers from Kruševac. According to the legend the church was built by prince Stefan.

  • The Monastery of St Roman 15.2km
  • The Monastery of St Roman

    This monastery is situated on a nice and peaceful spot, on the right bank of Morava River, near Đunis, in vicinity of village Praskovče, 20 km far away from Kruševac

  • The Đunis Monastery 15.6km
  • The Đunis Monastery

    It is situated to the east from Kruševac. The monastery was revealed in a miraculous manner in 1898. Namely, on that day, a girl from a village Milojka Jocić from Đunis, going to a spring to get some water, met the Virgin, who told her that a church should be built on this spot.

  • The Monastery Veluća 19km
  • The Monastery Veluća

    The monastery is situated between Veluća village and Riđevštice, on the middle of the way Kruševac - Trstenik.

  • The Monastery Rudenica 20.3km
  • The Monastery Rudenica

    The monastery Rudenica is located near Aleksandrovac in vicinity of village Rudenica and it belongs to Žiča Bishopric. It was built in 140, during the reign of prince Stefan.


  • The Monument dedicated to Prince Lazar 0.5km
  • The Monument dedicated to Prince Lazar

    The sculpture of Prince Lazar is in a sitting position with a sword in his lap and outlines of Lazarica under the right arm.

  • The Monument dedicated to Peace 0.5km
  • The Monument dedicated to Peace

    The monument dedicated to peace represents the idea of peace and it is situated on Gazimestan Square and it was unveiled in 1997.

  • The Monument dedicated to Kosovo Heroes 0.8km
  • The Monument dedicated to Kosovo Heroes

    The monument was inspired by Kosovo epic and it depicts eternal fight of Serbian people for national freedom.

  • The Monument to the Warriors 1.2km
  • The Monument to the Warriors

    On the Square ‘’Fountain’’ in Kruševac is situated monument dedicated to the warriors and people from Kruševac region who died during Serbian liberation wars between 1912 - 1918.

  • The Memorial Complex "Slobodište" (Freedom) 2.6km
  • The Memorial Complex "Slobodište" (Freedom)

    The memorial complex "Slobodište" is situated in the south suburbs of the town, on Bagdala Hill, next to the house of corrections which used to be German concentration camp where during the Second World War was killed several hundred residents of Kruševac and the surrounding area.

  • The Monument dedicated to Jovan Kursula 16.2km
  • The Monument dedicated to Jovan Kursula

    In town Varvarin is situated monument dedicated to Jova Kursula. Jova Kursula was a famous serbian officer who participated in Cer and Drina battles.


  • The Todor’s tower 13.1km
  • The Todor’s tower

    On its territory, Stalać keeps a late medieval fortification from 14th century that protected the roads to the former capital city Kruševac.

Archaelogical sites

  • Archeolocical Site Bare 23.1km
  • Archeolocical Site Bare

    In 1973, in area of the village Rujište was found rich pantry with 49 bronze and iron objects.


  • The National Museum 0.4km
  • The National Museum

    The visitor’s attention is mostly drawn by the copy of Lazar’s dress and the original model of Vidovdan temple designed by Meštrović which should have been built at the exact spot of battle at Kosovo.

Picnic places

  • Bagdala 1km
  • Bagdala

    Hill Bagdala above Krusevac is a green ambient, with nice natural space for walking and recreational sports.


  • Ribarska spa 19.8km
  • Ribarska spa

    Ribarska Banja is a spa 34km away from Kruševac. Themal and mineral waters of this spa have been used for healing since the 4th century.


  • Jastrebac 6.1km
  • Jastrebac

    Near to Kruševac (19km away from the town) there is a mountain Jastrebac, with highest peak Đulica (1492m).


  • Vidovdan celebrations 0.5km
  • Vidovdan celebrations

    Vidovdan celebrations are held in July and it represent the most important holiday not only in Kruševac, but for whole Rasina region, too.

  • Gathering of pepper manufacturers 24.3km
  • Gathering of pepper manufacturers

    In Rutevac near Aleksinac is organized event Gathering of pepper manufacturers. The manifestation enjoys a great respect of residents and local producers, and it has been held since 2003.