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Short info - Niš

Niš is located in south-eastern Serbia, and it is the center of Niš District. It is the third city by size in the Republic of Serbia, after Belgrade and Novi Sad. It covers an area of 597 sqm and has about 173.000 inhabitants. The city lies on the Nišava river, not far away from its estuary into the Južna Morava.


Some archeological excavation shows that the territory of the city of Niš was settled even from the period of middle paleolithic. The Romans conquered this town in the I century after Christ during the wars with Dardani. The Turks occupied Niš in 1386. During the First World War Niš was under occupation of Germany and Bulgaria, and during the World War Two it was pretty much destroyed. It was finally liberated in 1944.


Squere, Niš foto: D.Bosnić


Niš is one of the oldest city on the Balkans, and it is known also as “the gate of East and West” because of its geographic position. It is mentioned in the historical sources from the period of Medieval Age till modern times. There is a legend that Niš was built by the prince of Niš using the stone from nearby hill. The first settlement on this territory was established by the Celts in III century BC, and the town got the name after the Nišava river.



Vaši utisci - Niš

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Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Facilities near by:


  • Ambasador 0km
  • Ambasador

    Hotel "Ambasador" is a symbol of Nis, and is located in the city centre. With its architecture in combination with beautiful surounding of fortress creates irresistable charm of Nis.

  • The Regent Club 0km
  • The Regent Club

    In the center of Nis, on the main pedestrian street, there is the representative hotel The Regent Club, which makes it an ideal place for businessmen and tourists.

  • Panorama Lux 0km
  • Panorama Lux

    Panorama Lux is a picturesque hotel situated in one of the most beautiful areas of the City of Nis. By car, it is only several minutes away from the town center.

  • Tami Residence 0km
  • Tami Residence

    Tami Residence Hotel blends old South Serbian charm, classic European elegance and successful family business, reflecting the ambience leisure and business at one place.


  • Cerjan Cave 12.9km
  • Cerjan Cave

    Cerjanska pećina (Cerjan Cave) is located 14 km away from Niš. These cave formations change their axes from the vertical at one or more stages during their growth. They have a curving or angular form that looks as if they were grown in zero gravity.

  • Samar Cave 15.9km
  • Samar Cave

    The famous Samar pećina (Samar Cave), better known as Milutinova pećina (Milutin’s Cave), is situated in the village of Kopajkošara, about 10 km to the west of Svrljig.

  • Prekonog Cave 18.6km
  • Prekonog Cave

    Prekonoška pećina (Prekonog Cave) is situated on the west side of Svrljig Mountains, 5 km away from the village of Dervena. As it is nearly impossible to reach the cave from the village, through the valley of the Prekonog River and from there, climbing to the entrance into the cave.


  • Nišava 0.5km
  • Nišava

    The Nišava flows through Bulgaria and Serbia, and with its length of 218 km, it is the longest tributary of the Južna Morava. In Serbia, it runs through Dimitrovgrad, Pirot, Bela Palanka, Niška Banja and Niš.

  • The South Morava 16.7km
  • The South Morava

    The Južna Morava (South Morava) is 295 km long. It flows south to north course, from the Macedonian border to Central Serbia.


  • Oblačinsko Jezero (Oblačina Lake) 17.7km
  • Oblačinsko Jezero (Oblačina Lake)

    Oblačinsko Jezero (Oblačina Lake) is the natural lake in southeastern Serbia, about 20 km away from Niš. The lake is of a nearly round shape, it has a diameter of 1km.

  • Krajkovačko Jezero (Krajkovac Lake) 22.1km
  • Krajkovačko Jezero (Krajkovac Lake)

    Krajkovačko Jezero (Krajkovac Lake) is situated 27km away from Niš. The lake is an artificial reservoir, created by construction of the dam.

Natural reserves

  • Nature Reserve Jelašnička klisura 13.3km
  • Nature Reserve Jelašnička klisura

    Jelašnička klisura (Canyon, or gorge, of the river Jelašnica) is located 15 km east from Niš. Because of its natural beauty, attractive stone shapes and rare flora, it was declared a Special Nature reserve.

  • Nature Reserve Sićevaćka klisura 17.9km
  • Nature Reserve Sićevaćka klisura

    Beautiful, attractive canyon Sičevačka klisura is 17 km long and it is located 17km south of Sićevo, and 14km away from Niš. The picturesque environment provides interesting walks, hiking and fishing.


  • The Church Cathedral of the Holy Trinity 0.5km
  • The Church Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

    The Church Cathedral is dedicated to the Descent of the Holy Spirit – the Holy Trinity and it was built immediately after the liberation of Niš from Turkish domination. The church is a three-nave basilica with the ground plan in the form of a rectangle

  • The Church of the Holy Archangel Michael 0.5km
  • The Church of the Holy Archangel Michael

    During the Turkish occupation the major part of the church needed to buried into the ground due to contemporary Turkish regulations which did not allow for Serbian buildings to exceed determined height.

  • The Church of St Nicholas 1km
  • The Church of St Nicholas

    It is very interesting that the church changed its religious designation six times, being mosque but also orthodox church.

  • The Church of the Holy Trinity 4.9km
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity

    The Church of the Holy Trinity in Gabrovac was built in 13th century and it is assumed that this is the oldest church in Niš region. The founder of the church is unknown.

  • The Latin Church 6.3km
  • The Latin Church

    The Latin Church is situated above the village Gornji Matejevac, 7 km away from the town, on the hill named Metoh. The church is the most beautiful building in this region.

  • The church of Jug Bogdan 22.9km
  • The church of Jug Bogdan

    The residents of Prokuplje town more often refer to this church as a Latin. It is some hundred meters on the right from the church of St Prokopije on a flat plateau, where in the antic period was situated the temple dedicated to Hercules.


  • The Monastery of St John 8.1km
  • The Monastery of St John

    On the north from village Gornji Matejevac on a plateau beneath the Beli Breg Hill, is situated the monastery of St John. You can reach the monastery by narrow path 1,5 km long. Historical data say that monastery of St John dates from 14th century.

  • The Sićevo Monastery 15.7km
  • The Sićevo Monastery

    Near the village Sićevo, there is a monastery of the same name. The previous church was erected by the king Milutin at the beginning of 14th century and was situated at the bank of the river Nišava...

  • The Monastery of St Petka Iverica 19.2km
  • The Monastery of St Petka Iverica

    Not far from Soćeva and Ostrovica, 100 m from the road to Sofia, there is a monastery of St Petka. The old monastery was founded by monks from the Georgian monastery...


  • The Monument to Stevan Sremac and Kalča 0.2km
  • The Monument to Stevan Sremac and Kalča

    At the beginning of once famous trade street in the town Niš is located a monument dedicated to the writer Stevan Sremac and his character from book ,,Ivko’s Slava'', named Kalča.

  • The Memorial Čair Fountain 0.3km
  • The Memorial Čair Fountain

    This is one of the most beautiful and the best preserved fountains in Niš and it was relocated on several occasions. The Fountain was built in 1903.

  • The monument dedicated to king Aleksandar 0.5km
  • The monument dedicated to king Aleksandar

    The original monument dedicated to king Aleksandar was erected in 1939 but during the first years of communist governing, in 1946 it was removed and destroyed. In order to correct the injustice to this famous history character, residents of Niš in 2004 erected new monument dedicated to king Aleksandar.

  • The Monument Scull Tower 2.4km
  • The Monument Scull Tower

    The Scull Tower - It is a monument dating from the period of the First Serbian Uprising built by the Turkish authorities in Serbia with sculls of Serbian soldiers killed in battle of Čegar.

  • Memorial Park Bubanj 2.5km
  • Memorial Park Bubanj

    On the southwest from the town centre, on the afforested hill called Bubanj, is situated a memorial park with the same name, which was during the Second World War one of the biggest gallows on the territory of Yugoslavia.

  • The Monument on Čegar 6.3km
  • The Monument on Čegar

    The present monument in a form of tower – symbolizing military fortress, was built on 50th anniversary of Niš liberation, and it was unveiled in 1927.


  • The Niš Fortress 0.7km
  • The Niš Fortress

    It represents a military fortification from Turkish era, from 17th century. It is situated in the centre of Niš, at the right bank of the Nišava river.


  • The Gallery of Contemporary Arts 0.3km
  • The Gallery of Contemporary Arts

    A prominent cultural and public workers of Niš and other centres of the former Yugoslavia were involved in the formation and operation of the Gallery. The first acting director was professor Lazar Trifunović.

Archaelogical sites

  • Archeological Site Mediana 3.3km
  • Archeological Site Mediana

    This archeological site from Roman period is located near to road to Niška Banja. The site is a testimony of luxury and splendor of old Naissus.


  • The National Museum 0.3km
  • The National Museum

    The National Museum is situated in the centre of the town and has around 40.000 items. The most important are the archeological collections from the prehistoric time and roman items from Mediana.


  • Biser 0.2km
  • Biser

    “Biser” restaurant has an over thirty year old tradition. Older citizens of Niš remember it as one of the first „get-together“ places. It is situated in the city centre.

  • The Regent club 0.2km
  • The Regent club

    Exclusive Regent Club restaurant is an open type in which the guests can enjoy supreme international cuisine dishes, perfect ambience and quality of wines from different geographic areas.

  • Nišlijska mehana 0.6km
  • Nišlijska mehana

    Nislijska Mehana is located in the center of Nis and officially is opened 08.03.1996.

  • Dagi plus 3km
  • Dagi plus

    In the warm ambient of a typically hunting restaurant, completely done in wood you can enjoy in top specialties from all kinds of sheep meat.

  • Gurmanova tajna 9.6km
  • Gurmanova tajna

    t the end of the promenade in the center of Niska Banja shrouded ancient trees is a restaurant Gurmanova Tajna (Gurman secret). Their offer specialties of the national and international cuisine.

  • Konak Boem 20km
  • Konak Boem

    The restaurant and motel "Konak Boem" is located in Sicevo gorge, on the main road Nis - Sofia.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting and fishing in the environment of Niš 1.7km
  • Hunting and fishing in the environment of Niš

    Wildlife which inhabits the hunting ground of Nis: roe deer, wild boar, pheasant, hare, grey partridge and chukar partridge.

  • Hunting and fishing in Svrljig 19.3km
  • Hunting and fishing in Svrljig

    Hunting Association "Dr. Milenko Hadzic" is managing the hunting ground “Svrljiške planine” with total area of 49.721 ha, of which hunting area covers 46.000 ha.


  • Niška banja 9.5km
  • Niška banja

    It is 10 km away from Niš, 250 km away from Belgrade, at the altitude of 248m.

  • Banja Topilo 14.7km
  • Banja Topilo

    Banja Topilo is a spa located 25km away from Niš, in the picturesque valley of the river Toponička reka. The spa can be reached by car, over the asphalted road which leads to villages Gornja Toponica and Vele Polje.


  • Svrljiške planine 18.5km
  • Svrljiške planine

    Svrljiške planine are mountains located southwest of Ljig. It is a group name for more elevated mountain area which exceeds the height of 1000m at some places, while they are mostly 700-1000m high.


  • Nišvil 0.8km
  • Nišvil

    International jazz festival "Nišvil" is organised on Niš fortress from August 15th to 18h . Approximately 400 musicians and 40 bands perform during the festival.

  • Belmužijada 21.1km
  • Belmužijada

    Belmužijada is a tourist and commercial manifestation dedicated to belmuž, held from August 5th to 7th. Belmuž is a traditional specialty from Svrljig made of sheep and cow cheese and corn flower.