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Novi Pazar

Short info - Novi Pazar

Novi Pazar is located in southwest Serbia, in Raška District. It lies in the valley of the rivers Jošanica, Raška, Deževska and Ljudska, on the plateau Pešterska visoravan, 280 km away from Belgrade. It is surrounded by the mountains Golija and Rogozna. The name of the town dates back to the 15th century.


The founder of the town is the Turkish Isa-Beg Ishaković, who built it near the medieval fort Trgovište, also known as Ras. The spa-towns Novopazarska banja and Rajčinovića banja are situated in the direct vicinity of Novi Pazar.


This area is known for its numerous historic-cultural monuments, the most important of which are: Petrova crkva, Đurđevi stupovi (endowment of Stefan Nemanja) from the 12th century, Sopoćani Monastery from the 13th century, Town-fortress with an observatory tower from the 15th century and Amir-Aga Han (roadside inn)....

Vaši utisci - Novi Pazar

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Novi Pazar

Facilities near by:


  • Prestige 19.6km
  • Prestige

    Prestige Hotel is located in the center of Raska, on the outskirts of the town square, close to all local and national agencies and institutions, so you can quickly and efficiently complete all the planned activities.

  • Kraljevi čardaci SPA 25km
  • Kraljevi čardaci SPA

    „Kraljevi čardaci SPA“ are located in the weekend resort Kopaonik on the main road, 2.5 km of the first ski lift and 4.5 km from the center of Kopaonik.


  • Jezero Tičar (Tičar Lake) 21.5km
  • Jezero Tičar (Tičar Lake)

    Tičar, or Daićko Jezero (Tičar Lake, or Daić Lake) is located on mountain Golija, 33km of Ivanjica. The lake is triangular in shape.


  • The Monastery Končula 18.7km
  • The Monastery Končula

    This monastery is dedicated to St Nicholas and it dates from the 13th century. Its progression occurred in 14th and 15th century when during the reign of king Milutin when it became the seat of Končula Episcope.

  • The Monastery Crna Reka 20km
  • The Monastery Crna Reka

    Through the centuries monastery has never been destroyed. In it are preserved the most valuable Serbian fresco paintings dating from 16th century.


  • The Ras Museum 0.2km
  • The Ras Museum

    The Ras Museum in Novi Pazar, during its 50 years of existence, became one of the most important institutions in Serbia.


  • The Alutun-Alem Mosque 0.7km
  • The Alutun-Alem Mosque

    The Altun-Alem Mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings of this kind in Serbia. It is known for sure that the Altun-Alem Mosque was built by Muslihedin Abdul Gani, also known as a muezzin hodza Al Medina in the mid 16th century.


  • Index caffe 0.2km
  • Index caffe

    In the bar is very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and this place has become a favorite place for students, teachers and others who want to enjoy a pleasant and good (relaxing) atmosphere.


  • Church of Peter 2.2km
  • Church of Peter

    In the 1979., together with the medieval complex of Old Ras, church is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the oldest monument of religious architecture in Serbia.

  • Monastery Djurdjevi Stupovi 3km
  • Monastery Djurdjevi Stupovi

    Stefan Nemanja founded this monastery in gratitude to St. George who pulled him out of prison. This is one of the oldest Serbian monasteries whose construction was completed in 1171.

  • Medieval town Ras 6.2km
  • Medieval town Ras

    Old Ras is a complex of medieval monuments, most notably: the Gradina na Pazarištu sa Podgradjem, Trgoviste, Gradina u Postenju, Reljina gradina, church in Naprelje and Latin Church u Postenju.

  • Monastery Sopocani 11.9km
  • Monastery Sopocani

    Monastery Sopocani is one of the most importante cultural monumentes which is in 1979., together with the Old Ras, added to the UNESCO list of World heritage monuments in the Middle Ages.


  • Novopazarska banja 2.7km
  • Novopazarska banja

    This spa is the largest center in Serbia for treatment of Muscular Dystrophy, but the healing water of this spa is also used for treatment of other diseases: sciatica, skin diseases, etc.