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Short info - Požarevac

Požarevac is the seat of the Braničevo District. It is situated between three rivers – the Danube, the Great Morava (Velika Morava) and the Mlava – and under the hill Čačalica. It covers an area of 491 sq km and has about 42,000 inhabitants.


The first record of the city dates back to 1476, but it became famous in 1718, after the Treaty of Požarevac (Passarowitz) between Austria and the Ottoman Empire was signed. In the World War I, Požarevac was the first Serbian city that was liberated.


Požarevac is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of Braničevo District. It lies around 80 km away from Belgrade and thanks to the fact that it is well connected, as well as to its natural resources, it was a developed industrial centre in former Yugoslavia.

Vaši utisci - Požarevac

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Facilities near by:


  • Dunav 0km
  • Dunav

    If you want to relax and refresh with good drinks, delicious meals at your hotel "Danube" with three stars, located in the city center.

  • Car 20km
  • Car

    The recently constructed hotel is located at Smederevo, 8 km from motorway E-75 (European's corridor 10). Smederevo is 45 km from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.


  • Jerina 19.8km
  • Jerina

    Motel Jerina is a tourist destinations of European rank. Friendly staff, quick service and quality guarantee good housing.


  • The Cathedral Church 0.7km
  • The Cathedral Church

    The Cathedral Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel was founded by Prince Miloš Obrenović in 1819. The church has rich history and its architecture undoubtedly belongs to the group of interesting and important monuments of church culture.

  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul 19.2km
  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul

    The church is situated in the vicinity of the centre of Lozovik. The construction of the wooden church probably commenced in 1806.

  • The Church of Saint George 21km
  • The Church of Saint George

    The church is situated in the town centre. It was built in the period from 1850-1854 and modeled after Manasija monastery.


  • The Monastery Rukumija 9.3km
  • The Monastery Rukumija

    The monastery Rukumija in Bradarc is situated 10 km from Požarevac. This monastery is most probably founded by Prince Lazar and it is connected to cult of sister Jelica.

  • Manastir Sestroljin 9.4km
  • Manastir Sestroljin

    Manastir Sestroljin nalazi se u Poljani. 10km je udaljen od Požarevca. Podignut je za vreme vladavine kneza Lazara u drugoj polovini 15 veka. I jedan je od manastira koji se vezuje za legendu o sestri Jelici.

  • The Zaova Monastery 15.4km
  • The Zaova Monastery

    The Zaova Monastery is situated in the beautiful wood near Veliko Selo, in the vicinity of the highway Požarevac-Petrovac.

  • The Monastery Nimnik 16.8km
  • The Monastery Nimnik

    The monastery dates from Marička battle in 1371. It is situated in oak tree forest in village Kurjača, 15 kilometers away from Veliko Gradište.


  • The Monument dedicated to Prince Miloša Obrenović 0.4km
  • The Monument dedicated to Prince Miloša Obrenović

    The monument is situated in front of the District building in the central position of the town park. It is very nice sculpture artwork, casted in bronze.

  • The Monument - Karađorđe’s Mulberry Tree 21km
  • The Monument - Karađorđe’s Mulberry Tree

    The monument from the First Serbian Uprising under which Turkish commander Dizdar Muharem Guša gave the keys of the Smederevo town to Lord Karađorđe Petrović on November 8th, 1805

  • The Monument to Soldiers of the First World War 21km
  • The Monument to Soldiers of the First World War

    On the central town square in vicinity of the church of St Gerge is located a monument dedicated to the soldiers of the First World War 1914 - 1919.

  • The Monument of the Tragedy on June 5th 21km
  • The Monument of the Tragedy on June 5th

    The monument dedicated to the victims of the tragedy occurred on June 5th is situated in the area between Smederevo Museum and Smederevo Fortress.


  • Smederevska tvrđava 21km
  • Smederevska tvrđava

    The Smederevo Fortress is a fortified medieval town in the shape of irregular triangle, size 550m x 502m x 400m, with 25 towers over 20m high, and walls 10m high and 4m wide.

  • The Ram Fortress 24.5km
  • The Ram Fortress

    On the right bank of the river Danube, downstream from the village Ram, there are remains of Roman military camp Lederata, 17 km from Veliko Gradište


  • The Gallery of Milena Pavlović Barilli 0.6km
  • The Gallery of Milena Pavlović Barilli

    The Gallery is situated in the birth house of this prominent painter and it offers possibility for visitors to find out more about this marvelous woman and even more marvelous painter.

  • The Gallery of Modern Arts 21km
  • The Gallery of Modern Arts

    Once prominent hotel ,,Ninić", architectural achievement from 1928, the work of Milija Ninić, is today town gallery – The Gallery of Modern Arts.

Archaelogical sites

  • The Archeological Site Viminacium 13.8km
  • The Archeological Site Viminacium

    Viminacium is an archeological finding 27 kilometers far away from Veliko Gradište and 12 km far away from Požarevac. The Roman military camp and the town were built in the 1st century...


  • The National Museum 0.6km
  • The National Museum

    After the National Museum in Belgrade, this is the second oldest museum in Serbia. It was founded in 1895.

  • The Ethno Park Tulba 1.5km
  • The Ethno Park Tulba

    The Ethno Park Tulba was formed in 1972 within the National Museum of Požarevac. The aim was to display traditional values of folk architecture of Braničevo area in a public place.


  • Zaova 13km
  • Zaova

    Restaurant Zaova is located in Malo Crnice and it's perfect place for tourist excursions.

  • Bella 21.9km
  • Bella

    On corridor 10, at 75km to the rail road Belgrade-Nis, in the heart of the vineyards and orchards, is located restaurant Bella.


  • Grand Kafe 0.5km
  • Grand Kafe

    Grand Kafe is located in the city center, on the promenade, No. 1. During the beautiful, sunny days you can enjoy the beautiful garden and carefully selected music.

  • Nest plus 20.5km
  • Nest plus

    Nest plus offers you alcoholic and soft drinks, hot and cold drinks and cocktails.


  • Horse Farm Ljubicevo 4.1km
  • Horse Farm Ljubicevo

    Represents on of the oldest horse farms in Serbia, which was founded in 1853 by Prince Milos Obrenovic. The Horse farm is especially visited during the tourism and sports manifestation “Ljubicevo Horse Games”.

Picnic places

  • Cacalica 1.5km
  • Cacalica

    Cacalica is situated on the hill with the same name above the town, at an altitude of 200 meters, one kilometer from the city center.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting and fishing in Kovin 17.8km
  • Hunting and fishing in Kovin

    Kovin flora and fauna are extremely diverse. Also there are plenty of lakes and ponds rich in fish.


  • Ljubičevo equestrian event 4.1km
  • Ljubičevo equestrian event

    Since 1964, during the first weekend in September in Požarevac has been held Ljubičevo equestrian event, the manifestation that gathers European elite in horse sports.

  • White carnival 19.1km
  • White carnival

    The manifestation white carnival is held prior to Easter, in village Lozovik. The whole week is also called the white week, and the carnival represent its climax.

  • Smederevo’s Autumn 20.9km
  • Smederevo’s Autumn

    Smederevo’s Autumn is a tourist event that takes place each year in September, celebrating grapes and vine from Smederevo vineyards.

  • Fortress theatre 21km
  • Fortress theatre

    Festival Fortress Theatre was founded as reply to the evident need of the artists and audience in Serbia for ambient performances of the theatre staging.