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Short info - Prijepolje

Prijepolje is a town and a municipality in Zlatibor District of Serbia, at the confluence of rivers Mileševka and Lim, at the foot of mountain Jadovik. It is the biggest town in the valley of Lim, with a surface of 319km2 and population of more than 15,000.



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Prijepolje was first mentioned in 1334, under the same name. It was the part of Raška District and one of the central parts of Serbian state under the Nemanjić dynasty. Until 1912 this territory was under Turkish rule, and during the WWII the Battle of Prijepolje was fought here.


This area has a mild continental climate.


Vaši utisci - Prijepolje

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Facilities near by:


  • Extreme sports’ camp in Sopotnica 0.2km
  • Extreme sports’ camp in Sopotnica

    Prijepolje and its surroundings are attractive for camping. Ecological camps and a camp of extreme sports have been held in Sopotnica.

  • Autocamp on Uvac Lake 23.5km
  • Autocamp on Uvac Lake

    Birds and only fishs quirm from the lake are the only sounds you can hear in the silence of untouched nature.


  • The Lim 4.8km
  • The Lim

    The Lim is an international river, flowing through Montenegro, Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegowina. It is 220 km long.


  • Potpećko Jezero (Potpeć Lake) 13.8km
  • Potpećko Jezero (Potpeć Lake)

    Upstream of Lim there is Potpećko Jezero (Potpeć Lake). It was built for needs of the hydropower Potpeć and located at an altitude of 435m.

  • Radoinjsko jezero (Radoinja Lake) 18.5km
  • Radoinjsko jezero (Radoinja Lake)

    Wedged between steep limestone coasts, this lake is 11km long and its maximum depth is 30m. It is situated north of Nova Varoš.

  • Zlatar Lake 21.6km
  • Zlatar Lake

    Zlatarsko jezero (Zlatar Lake), or Jezero Kokin Brod, is located in the valley of the river Uvac, between mountains Zlatibor (at southwest) and Murtenica (at northeast), 15km away from Nova Varoš.

  • Uvac Lake 23.4km
  • Uvac Lake

    Uvačko jezero (Uvac Lake) was created by damming the river Uvac at village Akmačići. It is located southeast of Nova Varoš, at an altitude of 985m.


  • Canyon of the river Mileševka 6.2km
  • Canyon of the river Mileševka

    Hallmark of this canyon is a wilderness, cruelty, ruggedness, depth to sites that fall vertically into the river bottom. It is located east of Prijepolje.


  • The Church of St Vasilije Ostroški 0.1km
  • The Church of St Vasilije Ostroški

    The church was dedicated to Vasilije Ostroški, and it was built with a funds of church and school municipality and contributions given by the residents.

  • The Church of the Holy Trinity 8.5km
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity

    The Church of the Holy Trinity is located in Bistrica 1 km away from the highway Prijepolje – Nova Varoš.

  • The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud 19.5km
  • The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud

    The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud is situated in Radijevići, in vicinity of Nova Varos. It was built in 1808 and its founder was a priest Vasilije Purić Hercegovac.


  • The Monastery Mileševa 4.9km
  • The Monastery Mileševa

    The monastery Mileševa was founded by king Vladislav, the son of the Stefan the First-Crowned and grandson of Nemanja. It is situated on the east from Prijepolje.

  • The Monastery Mažići 13.3km
  • The Monastery Mažići

    It is situated on the southwest from Pribojska banja. In the mid 12th century the Monastery Mažići was classified among six most important Serbian monasteries.

  • The Monastery Kumanica 15.4km
  • The Monastery Kumanica

    It is situated at the beginning of the Lim river gorge, on the right side, by the railway Belgarde – Bar, near village Vrbnica.

  • The Monastery Davidovica 17.4km
  • The Monastery Davidovica

    The Monastery Davidovica was founded by a monk David, i.e. Zupan Dmitar Nemanjić. It is situated on the northeast from Brodarevo. It is believed that the bodies of the brothers Jugović were buried here after the battle on Kosovo.

  • The Monastery Banja 18.7km
  • The Monastery Banja

    Manastir Banja posvećen je Svetom Nikoli Dabarskom i nalazi se u naselju Pribojska Banja. Nije poznato kada je osnovan, ali se pouzdano zna da je postojao u 12. veku.

  • The Monastery Dubrava 20.9km
  • The Monastery Dubrava

    The monastery is situated on the east from Priboj. There are no historical records on monastery founder or the time of its construction.


  • The Monument December 4th 0.2km
  • The Monument December 4th

    The monument December 4th was dedicated to Prijepolje battle that occurred on December 4th in 1943.

  • The Clock Tower (Sahat tower) 0.9km
  • The Clock Tower (Sahat tower)

    The Clock tower in Prijepolje was built in 18th century and it represents symbol of Prijepolje with specially formed clock and numbers on it.


  • Medieval town Mileševac 8km
  • Medieval town Mileševac

    Coming out from the gorge of the river Mileševka, on the left side in the village Hisardžik, there are wall remains of a bygone medieval town Mileševac.


  • The Museum of Vlade Divac 0km
  • The Museum of Vlade Divac

    The museum displays everything that followed Vlade through his rich career, from Elan to Charlotte in the NBA league, where he ended his professional basketball career.

  • The Homeland Museum 23.2km
  • The Homeland Museum

    The basic activity of the museum is study, preservation, collection and presentation of artistic and historical works and cultural heritage…


  • Nana 14.9km
  • Nana

    The Nana restaurant's guests have on service: speciality of surounding, speciality of house and all kind of salads.


  • Cycling in Prijepolje 11.7km
  • Cycling in Prijepolje

    Prijepolje is also attractive for people who likecycling. Mountain bike contest was held in Sopotnici since 1994.


  • Mountaineering near Prijepolje 25km
  • Mountaineering near Prijepolje

    Prijepolje is the only city from Belgrade to Niksic that has Mountain Rescue Association. The ideal place for mountaineering is mountain Jadovnik.

Free climbing

  • Free climbing in Prijepolju 12km
  • Free climbing in Prijepolju

    Prijepolje has regulated climbing directions at the following locations: Sokolica, Gradina, Kamena Gora, Kanjon Lima, Sopotnica.


  • Rafting on Lim 2.7km
  • Rafting on Lim

    For the first time in Serbia, European Cup in rafting with participation of rafters from all over the Europe was held here.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting and fishing in Prijepoljeju 3.5km
  • Hunting and fishing in Prijepoljeju

    River Lim, Mileševka, Seljašnica, Sopotnica and Lake "Potpeć" at the river Lim provides ideal conditions for fishing. The city has a hunting lodge and hunting association with its 19 sections.

  • Hunting and fishing in Nova Varoš 7.6km
  • Hunting and fishing in Nova Varoš

    For fishing are suitable rivers and lakes: Uvac, Lim, Zlatarsko, Radoinjsko and Potpećko, which are rich in fish of following types: Danubian salmon, brown trout, Arctic char, grayling, nase, chub, Danubian roach, carp and others.

  • Hunting and fishing in Sjenica 23.7km
  • Hunting and fishing in Sjenica

    Hunting ground Golija is located 25 km north of Sjenica. Rivers and lakes at the Pester plateau are very rich in fish and there are more and more fishermen coming on their banks, especially in the summer.


  • Pribojska banja 18.6km
  • Pribojska banja

    Only 5km away from Piboj there is Pribojska Banja (Priboj Spa), in hills above the town, at an altitude of 550m. Temperature of water is 35-37C


  • Zlatar 8.3km
  • Zlatar

    Mountain Zlatar is, because of its climate and unique nature, a very popular tourist destination.

  • Jadovnik 15.2km
  • Jadovnik

    From Prijepolje you can reach mountain Jadovik in about 15 minutes. In winter there is a lot of snowfall on this mountain.