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Cycling (12)


Crafts and culture trails

Crafts and culture trails are ideal for walking and cycling fans.

Donji Milanovac

Bicycle routes through Donji Milanovac

The most popular bicycle route passing through Serbia, Eurovelo 6, which connect Atlantic Ocean and Black Sea, leads along


Bicycle route in Indjija

The path leads up to Fruskagora near forest landscapes of the national park, Srem plains, orchards and vineyards. From the

Sailing and boating (5)


Rowing on Tisa

Titel has good conditions for rowing, boat ride and hang-gliding.

Veliko Gradište

Sailing and rowing on Silver Lake

Good conditions for sailing are in village Zatonje, 12 km far from Veliko Gradiste. Rowing team of Serbia is preparing on

Donji Milanovac

Sailing in Donji Milanovac

In addition to satisfying the water surface and race fields and northwestern wind - Gornjak provide the ideal conditions

Riding (10)


Horse Farm Ljubicevo

Represents on of the oldest horse farms in Serbia, which was founded in 1853 by Prince Milos Obrenovic. The Horse farm is


Horse Club Belgrade

The club was founded in February 1973. Club breeds horses, trains them, provides boarding house and services to train other


Horse Farm Kelebija

Horse farm Kelebija is located about 500 meters from Serbian - Hungarian border crossing Kelebija – Tompa, in the village

Hiking (5)


Mountaineering on Tara

Tara is our one of the most beautiful mountains, very interesting to those who loves mountaineering. It provides exceptional

Mountaineering on Stol

The mountain is located 20km away from Bor city.Thinned forests, fields of flowers and grassland give the mountain a magnificent


Mountaineering on Zlatibor

Many peaks, and especially the highest ones Tornik and Cigota represent ideal places for mountaineering.

Nautics (1)

Bačka Palanka

Marine in Backa Palanka

Backa Palanka is located on 1298th kilometer, and the settlement is reached through a green belt,in which has been poured

Zoo (4)


Zoo Palic

Zoo Palic is located in the centre of the same named establishment. It is 6km away from Subotica and 5km from the highway


Belgrade Zoo - "Zoo of Good Hope"

Located on Kalemegdan in city centre is a Belgrade Zoo. It was founded in 1936. andstretches on over 6 hectares.


Zoo in Jagodina - Zoo Tiger

It is founded on July 10th 2006. andstretches on 2.5 hectares. Polite guides await the visitors at the entrance and take

Picnic places (16)


At the bottom of the mountain Beljanica is the source of Veliko Vrelo and waterfall Veliki Buk, which are protected by the



Cacalica is situated on the hill with the same name above the town, at an altitude of 200 meters, one kilometer from the



Hill Bagdala above Krusevac is a green ambient, with nice natural space for walking and recreational sports.

Bird watching (5)


Sombor area

On the preliminary list of flora of Serbia as natural rarity there are over 30 animal species.


It is located northwest of Priboj. The most important species is the Griffon Vulture - one of two remaining species of vultures

Begečka jama

18 kilometers west from Novi Sad, in the alluvial plain of the Danube, along its left shore, in the section called Begečkaada,

Golf terrains (2)



Golf Complex is located on the nicest part of Ada Ciganlija. It is only four kilometers from the city center. It spreads



Golf Course Zabalj is located in the municipality Žabalj, on the right bank of the Tisza River, near the main road Novi