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Other information
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In the Special Nature Reserve Uvac there is 104 bird species present. The most important species is the Griffon Vulture - one of two remaining species of vultures that are now nesting in the area of Serbia. The Griffon Vulture is a rare species of vulture eagle, which has an imposing size. It has a wingspan of up to three meters. It is located northwest of Priboj.



Beloglavi Sup - D.Bosnić


The average weight of the Griffon Vulture is between eight and nine kilograms, and some individuals can weigh eleven kilograms. The role of Griffon Vulture in the food chain in the ecosystem is unique and irreplaceable - it feeds on dead animals only, which prevents the spread of infection and thus creating "natural recycling".


Twenty years ago this rare species was threatened with extinction. In the 1990, on the territory of the lake Uvac, only 7 individuals griffon vulture survived. Four years later the Fund for the Protection of predator birds “Griffon Vulture” was founded, and feeding ground Manastirine was open. Continuously since then bodies of dead animals and slaughterhouse waste was put out to feed Griffon Vulture. At this area colonies of this unique bird species became the largest in the Balkans and one of the biggest in Europe.

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