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Swimming pool complex Adice

Swimming pool complex Adice
Other information
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Swimming pool complex "Adica" extends on 4 ha, it’s located along the river Tisa, and is only a kilometer away from the center of the town.


Recreation center "Adica" consists of three outdoor pools: Olympic, children's pool and pool designed for retirees and non-swimmers. Olympic swimming pool besides swimming is very good for organizing swimming competitions and water polo;therefore it is a home to many international competitions. In the children's pool every toddler can enjoys the joys of splashing, while in the third pool retirees and non-swimmers can enjoy…

Special emphasis is placed on the complex surrounding the pool, as evidenced by clean sidewalks, landscaped gardens with flowers, grass surfaces in the shade, fountain with exotic plants, tables and benches, stones that were received from around the world, as well as many children's toys made from natural materials.


Sports fans can enjoy some of the following sports: beach volleyball, table tennis, beach soccer, chess, there are also sports facilities for soccer, handball, tennis and jogging trails. Furthermore in the swimming pool complex are there aremany bars and restaurants.


About 75 000 visitors a year visit this recreation center.


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