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Short info - Šid

Šid is a town and a municipality in Srem District, on the slopes of the mountain Fruška Gora. It is a region rich in orchards and vineyards, with a big wine cellar. Šid has a surface of 687 km2 and a population of more than 16,000.


In 1918 Šid joined the Kingdom of Serbs Croats and Slovenes, and between 1939 and 1941, in the time of WWII, it belonged to Banovina of Croatia.
The origin of the name is unclear. Some believe that it comes from the word Sita (dense thickets), and the settlement built around it was called Sit, and later Šid. Others believe that the name comes from the Hungarian word hid –bridge. A bridge over the stream was built in Roman times, and the settlement around the bridge (hid) was called Šid.


Marble sarcophagus, Šid - foto: d.bosnic


In 1997 in Šid was found a white marble sarcophagus from the 4th century AD, which is now kept in the Art gallery Sava Šumanović. The sarcophagus was probably made in Sirmium stonemason workshops.




Vaši utisci - Šid

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Facilities near by:


  • Fontana 18.6km
  • Fontana

    Hotel Fontana is located in the very center of Bačka Palanka and from the hotel everything is at the reach of your hand.


  • Jezero Tikvara (Tikvara Lake) 16.9km
  • Jezero Tikvara (Tikvara Lake)

    Jezero Tikvara (Tikvara Lake) is the most attractive lake in the municipality of Bačka Palanka. It is separated from the town by a few meters wide low marshy land.

Natural reserves

  • Nature Reserve Karadjordjevo 17.5km
  • Nature Reserve Karadjordjevo

    Special nature reserve Karađorđevo is located in southwestern Bačka, at the middle of the left side of the Danube area, near to settlements Karađorđevo, Mladenovo, Bač and Bačko Novo Selo.

  • Nature Reserve Bagremara 20.1km
  • Nature Reserve Bagremara

    This nature reserve is located in western Bačka, north of the town Bačka Palanka. he main value of the reserve is the plant Eranthis hyemalis (plant of the buttercup family, Winter Aconite, Wolf’s Bane).


  • The Church of St Kozma and St Demyan 20.5km
  • The Church of St Kozma and St Demyan

    The description of this Orthodox temple in Neštin sais that it is a single-nave building with tall bell-tower on the western side, and it belongs to numerous group of churches exhibiting Orthodox version of baroque building techniques.


  • The Monastery Privina Glava 5.7km
  • The Monastery Privina Glava

    The monastery Privina Glava is situated on the western side of the Fruška gora mountain. The monastery is consisted of: the church, two wings of residential buildings and economic buildings.

  • The Monastery Divša 20.6km
  • The Monastery Divša

    The Monastery Divša or amorng people also known as Đipša, is situated between villages Vizić and Divoš, on the western side of Fruška gora mountain.

  • The Monastery Kuveždin 22.3km
  • The Monastery Kuveždin

    The monastery Kuveždin is situated about 1 km from Divoš residential area, on the southwest of Fruška gora mountain. The monastery church is dedicated to Saint Sava and Saint Simeon.

  • The Monastery Petkovica 24km
  • The Monastery Petkovica

    The monastery PeTkovica is situated between villages Divoša and Šišatovca, on the southwest side of the Fruška Gora. The monastery church is dedicated to Saint Petka.


  • Sremski Front Memorial 9.4km
  • Sremski Front Memorial

    The content of this memorial, architectural, spatial, historical and art composition will permanently remind us of one of the greatest and hardest decisive battles in Yugoslavia.


  • The Gallery of Sava Šumanović 0.2km
  • The Gallery of Sava Šumanović

    The exhibit hall in the Gallery spreads on about 600 square meters which made possible to have a large number of paintings as permanent display.

Archaelogical sites

  • The Archeological Site Gardina on Bosut 7.9km
  • The Archeological Site Gardina on Bosut

    Gardina on Bosut is one of the important sites for researching Iron Age, and not only for region of Srem but also for major part of Carpathian Basin.

  • Archeological Site Bagremara 19.3km
  • Archeological Site Bagremara

    On the locality " Bagremara" were discovered silexes (stone tools – microliths), which could be dated from early Mesolithic period.


  • The Museum of Naïve Art Ilijanum 0.1km
  • The Museum of Naïve Art Ilijanum

    The Museum of Naïve Art Ilijanum exhibits the works of the famous naïve painter of the town Ilija Bašičević Bosilj.

  • The Town Museum 18.2km
  • The Town Museum

    The museum fund encompasses items divided into paleontological, archeological, numismatic, ethnological, historical, and art collection, and there is also a professional library.


  • Club Roof 19.6km
  • Club Roof

    Club RooF was started in late 2004. Over time he gained an enviable reputation in town.


  • Horse Farm Karadjordjevo 19.1km
  • Horse Farm Karadjordjevo

    In the beginning they bred horses of the Nonius kind, but today beside them they raise lipicaner and English thoroughbred horses.


  • Marine in Backa Palanka 16.3km
  • Marine in Backa Palanka

    Backa Palanka is located on 1298th kilometer, and the settlement is reached through a green belt,in which has been poured several tributaries of the Danube. The most important branches are "Tikvara" and "Bager" and the two tributaries are navigable for boats.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting ground Morović 11.9km
  • Hunting ground Morović

    Surrounded on all sides by dense forest, an oasis of 27.000 hectares, mostly oak forest, which is rich in diverse games species and birds.

  • Fishing in Lake Bruje 13.5km
  • Fishing in Lake Bruje

    It is located west of Fruska Gora. With the daily permit for fishing caught fish can be taken in the prescribed quantities. Shores of the lake are very clean and neat.

  • Fishing in Moharac Lake 16.1km
  • Fishing in Moharac Lake

    It is situated in the Western Srem, near Erdevik, on the way to the village of Vizic. The lake is a real paradise for fishermen and nature fans.

  • Hunting and fishing in Backa Palanka 17.3km
  • Hunting and fishing in Backa Palanka

    Hunting tourism in the municipality of Backa Palanka has a long tradition. Municipality of Backa Palanka is situated on the left bank of the Danube whose backwaters, tributaries, lakes and ponds abound with a variety of fish species which encourages the development of sport fishing.