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National parks (5)

National Park Tara

National Park Tara is situated in West Serbia. It covers an area of 183 sq m and its highest point is Kozji rid (1.591 m),

The National park Šar Planina (Šar Mountain)

The National park Šar Planina (Šar Mountain) is situated near the Macedonian border and extends over a length of 85 km.

National park Đerdap

National park Đerdap is situated in north-eastern Serbia, near the Romanian border. It is the oldest Neolithic settlement

Caves (25)

Bishop’s Plates

Pećina Vladikine Ploče (Bishop’s Plates) is situated in the homonymous gorge between the villages Pakleštica and Rsovci.


Bogovinska Cave

Bogovinska pećina (Bogovinska Cave) is situated in East Serbia, at the south-eastern foothills of the massif Južni Kučaj

Dubocka Cave

Dubočka Pećina (Dubočka Cave) is one of the longest caves in Serbia. Located at the foot of Zviške planine (Zviške

Rivers (18)



The river Grza becomes of two rivers - Ivanštice and Male Cestobrodica. They are connected near the tunnel on the way Paraćin

Zapadna Morava (West Morava)

The Zapadna Morava (West Morava), in central Serbia, is 308 km long. The average width of the river is 35 m, and it is up

The Ibar

The Ibar flows through the southern part of Serbia and the eastern part of Montenegro. The total length of the river is 276

Lakes (48)

Jezero Tičar (Tičar Lake)

Tičar, or Daićko Jezero (Tičar Lake, or Daić Lake) is located on mountain Golija, 33km of Ivanjica. The lake is triangular

Bela Crkva

Jezero Šljunkara

The biggest lake that belongs to Bela Crkva municipality is Šljunkarsko jezero. On its beach you can use showers and deckchairs


Zaovina lake

The lake was created by construction of the dam by the village Zaovina at mountain Tara, in 1980, for the purposes of hydroelectric

Natural reserves (13)

Novi Bečej

Nature Reserve Slano kopovo

Slano Kopovo is one of the last surviving swamps on salt marshes of Vojvodina. It is one of the most important and most unique

Nature Reserve Uvac

It is situated in municipality NovaVaroš, on the surface of 5,525 ha and in municipality Sjenica, on the surface of 2,018ha,

Nature Reserve Sićevaćka klisura

Beautiful, attractive canyon Sičevačka klisura is 17 km long and it is located 17km south of Sićevo, and 14km away from

Parks of nature (3)

Nature Park Djavolja Varoš

Kuršumlija is known for its natural phenomenon - Djavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town). Djavolja Varoš is known for its rock

Nature Park Vražja stena

Vražja stena, or Vražiji kamen (Devil’s Rock) is an interesting wonder of nature, only 5km away from Trgovište. Unlike

Nature park Stara Tisa

Nature Park Stara Tisa near the island Biserno ostrvo, spreads on the territory of municipalities Bečej, Novi Bečej and

Canyons (4)

Canyon of the river Vratna

River Vratna is a right tributary of the Danube, which springs on the east side of the mountain range Veliki Greben, and


Lazar’s Canyon

With an overall length of 9km, with its wild cliffs, numerous sandbanks, gaps and caves, it is the longest and the deepest

Canyon of the river Mileševka

Hallmark of this canyon is a wilderness, cruelty, ruggedness, depth to sites that fall vertically into the river bottom.