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Bishop’s Plates

Pećina Vladikine Ploče (Bishop’s Plates) is situated in the homonymous gorge between the villages Pakleštica and Rsovci. ...


Bogovinska Cave

Bogovinska pećina (Bogovinska Cave) is situated in East Serbia, at the south-eastern foothills of the massif Južni Kučaj (South ...

Dubocka Cave

Dubočka Pećina (Dubočka Cave) is one of the longest caves in Serbia. Located at the foot of Zviške planine (Zviške Mountains), ...

Cerjan Cave

Cerjanska pećina (Cerjan Cave) is located 14 km away from Niš. These cave formations change their axes from the vertical at ...


Hadzi-Prodanova Cave

Hadži-Prodanova pećina (Hadži-Prodanova Cave) is 7 km away from Ivanjica, and as it lies in the valley of the river Rašćanska, ...

Lazar’s Cave

Lazareva pećina (Lazar’s Cave) is situated 21 km away from Bor, on the east side of the Kučaj Mountains and the left bank ...

Ice Cave

Ledena pećina (Ice Cave) is situated at the Uvac Lake, north of Sjenica. The main tube of Ledena pećina spreads parallel to ...

Marble Cave

Mermerna pećina (Marble Cave) is situated in the village of Gradimlje, 20 km south of Priština. It was named after the marble ...

Ceremosnja cave

Pećina Ceremošnja (Ceremošnja cave) is located 15 km away from Kučevo. The asphalt road leading to it passes through wonderful ...


Gradac Cave

Pećina Gradac (Gradac Cave) is situated on the left bank of the Lepenica near Batočina, in a village after which it was named. ...


Cave of Petnica

Pećina Petnica (Cave of Petnica) is situated near Petnica, the most visited excursion destination in the area of Valjevo, five ...

Risovača Cave

Pećina Risovača (Risovača Cave) is situated in the vicinity of Aranđelovac. As an important archaeological site, as well as ...

Vernjikica Cave

Pećina Vernjikica (Vernjikica Cave) is situated in East Serbia, south-west of Bor. The total length of the tubes and halls is ...

Petrlaska cave

Petrlaška pećina is located about 15 km north of Dimitrovgrad. Actually, it is a caves system, which is situated on the southern ...

Potpeć Cave

Potpećka pećina (Potpeć Cave) is situated in the village of Potpeć, at the foot of the mountain Drežnička Gradina, 14 km ...


Prekonog Cave

Prekonoška pećina (Prekonog Cave) is situated on the west side of Svrljig Mountains, 5 km away from the village of Dervena. ...


Rajko’s Cave

Rajkova pećina (Rajko’s Cave) is situated 2.5 km away from Majdanpek. In the cave, there are very interesting halls, draperies, ...

Ravnistarska Cave

Ravništarka pećina (Ravništarska Cave) is situated near the village of Ravnište, southwest of Kučevo, in the vicinity of ...

Resava Cave

Resavska pećina (Resava Cave) is 20 km away from Despotovac and is located atop a limestone outcrop Babina glava. ...


Ribnica Cave

Ribnička pećina (Ribnica Cave) is situated in the canyon of the Ribnica, one of the jewels of the Kolubara watershed, under ...