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Ski center Kopaonik

Ski center Kopaonik
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Kopaonik, also known as a Silver mountain, is the biggest mountain range in Serbia that extends from northwest to southeast and is 75 km long, with width in its central part of 40 km. On this mountain is the biggest ski center in Serbia.



Its highest peak is the Pančićev peak that is 2,017 meters high, which contains the mausoleum of the famous Serbian naturalist after whom it was named. Kopaonik has 24 ski-lifts and cable cars, as well as ski slopes for all categories that are about 60 kilometers long (20 km for cross-country and 40 km for alpine skiing), with the capacity of cable cars and ski-lifts is more than 28,000 skiers per hour.



Kopaonik - Foto: Saša Đorđević


There are also lighted ski slope "Malo Jezero" for night skiing as well as snowboard park. The quality of snow and the ability to overlay slopes with artificial snow make Kopaonik ideal ski resort that is quickly attracting more tourists each year. The mountain is well connected with all major city’s in Serbia.



Sunčana dolina
Type: two chair lift, type of run: blue - easy, lenght: 694m, vertical rise: 140m, travel duration: 4.5 min
It is easy and wide track, begins from the top of Krst 1715m and it's lowering down to hotel Putnik. From midday the sun shines on this slope because of its location, which makes this slope first subject to melting snow.





Suvo rudište
Type: ski lift
Type of run: blue/red - easy/medium
Lenght: 1376m
Vertical rise: 200m
travel duration: 7 min
Entrance station is right next to exit station of Suncana Dolina (Krst 1715 m), and exit is on Suvo Rudiste (1975m). Upper part of track goes right next to anchor after goes under the anchor. At the end of the track you can go right towards Malo Jezero or to continue to Suncana Dolina.



Malo jezero
Type: ski lift
Type of run: blue - easy
Lenght: 410m
Vertical rise: 60m
Travel duration: 2.5 min
Easy and short track that begins from plateau Krst (1715m) lowering down to Konak. This shortcut is suitable especially in cases when the weather forecasts are bad and most of tracks are out. Malo Jezero is the only track that is illuminated (lightened) and works every day from 7-10 pm.

Pančićev vrh
Type: four chair lift
Type of run: blue/red - easy/medium
Lenght: 1393m
Vertical rise: 248m
Travel duration: 5 min
Capacity: 1800 skiers per hour
Its location is on the site of oldest ski-lift on Kopaonik. The slope starts from the peak Suvo Rudiste and goes till the central plateau that is located in front of the most hotels on Kopaonik. The slope branches into three routes that are surrounded with forests and go toward the ski resort.


Duboka I
Type: four chair lift
Type of run: red/black- medium/difficult
Lenght: 1440m
Vertical rise: 370m
Travel duration: 5 min

Track begins from the peak Suvo Rudiste (1975m). It consists of two sopes: left one (medium and long track, called red Duboka I) and right one (difficult/black Duboka). At the end they join into one track. Most of the competitions are being preformed here, on the more difficult part of the slope, since the track fulfills FIS standards.

Marine vode
Type: ski lift
Type of run: blue - easy
Lenght: 868m
Vertical rise: 188m
Travel duration: 4.5 min
You can reach this track using shortcut from ski slope Mali Karaman. The slope is located on the east side and goes down from the peak Vucak towards Marine vode. From the peak Vucak you can transfer to slope #10 Karaman and further towards Grobelji, or go back to slope #8 Mali Karaman.


Gobelja greben


Type: ski lift

Type of run: red - medium

Lenght: 410m

Vertical rise: 180m

Travel duration: 3 min
You can reach to Gobelja greben exclusively from the track Gobelja relej. There are two tracks: one is right next to lift and other slope that separates to right, it is slightly shorter,. This slope has FIS standards for slalom and at the end joins with shortcut that leads to bottom of Gobelja relej track.



Bela reka II


Type of run: black - difficult

Type: two chair lift

Lenght: 1250m

Vertical rise: 5210m

Travel duration: 8.5 min
It is difficult black track and recommended exclusively to skiers with experience. Skiing on this track is unforgettable experience, as much as for its path and its magnificent view on South Serbia. Bela Reka II prolongs on Bela Reka I which leads to Brzece. Complete length of bought tracks is 3500m and height distinction is near 900m. Three shortcuts are landing down from the top of the track, one leads to bottom of Gvozdac, another towards Knezevske Bare and other one goes toward Struga. You can reach to this track from the top of Mali Karaman using mountain range cross the top of Ledenice.

Type: ski lift

Type of run: black - difficult

Lenght: 782m

Vertical rise: 265m

Travel duration: 4 min
This is very difficult black track. Last part of track is continuing to track Gvozdac. From the top of Ledenice, after smaller hill, you will reach to exit station of Bela Reka II, but if you turn right on the half of the track towards Bela Reka II you will get to shortcut to the bottom of Knezevske Bare.

Crvene bare - trail for Nordic skiing

Crvene bare are located on the flat part of Kopaonik in area surrounded with wood, overgrown with fir and spruce trees. At the northwest direction from Pancicev vrh and tourist center of Kopaonik, trails are arranged for Nordic disciplines or Lang lauf which are located across accommodation “Konaci” at an altitude between 1.788 i 1.713 m, which represents ideal conditions for this type of competition (biathlon, triathlo). The trails are maintained and marked in lengths of 3, 5 and 10km, which means that both amateurs and professionals can use them.

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