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Other information
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Bukulja is a mountain above Aranđelovac and Bukovička Banja spa, which is a favorite picnic destination of citizens of Aranđelovac and spa guests. The mountain is covered with oak and beech trees and it protects the town and the spa from strong winds during the day, while in the night the mild wind blowing from its slopes brings its fresh mountain air.

At the highest point of the mountain was built a tourist lookout. This observation point is located at an altitude of 660,5m, it is built from reinforced concrete, 18m high, and from there mountains Rudnik, Suvobor, Maljen, Ovčar, Kablar, Kosmaj; Avala and Gružanske Planine can be seen, as well as the Morava valley.


At Bukulja sprigs carbonated mineral water, which is getting bottled as Mineral Water Knjaz Miloš.

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