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Bukovička banja

Its mineral water is widely known and ranked among the best known European and world carbon-alcaline mineral waters, with invigorating ...


Banja Vrdnik

Banja Vrdnik is a spa located in the central part of Srem, on the southern slopes of Fruška Gora, at an altitude of 240m, 74km ...



Soko banja is situated in the south –eastern Serbia, in the eponymous mountain-basin region, on the banks of the river Moravica, ...

Banja Gornja Trepča

The temperature of the water is about 30C, and it is slightly radioactive, so that this spa is also known as Atom Spa. The spa ...

Banja Jošanica

Jošanica spa is situated on the slopes of mountain Bukovik , in the northeast part of Sokobanja valley, in the village Jošanica, ...


Banja Junaković

Banja Junaković , is a spa 4 km from Apatin, which offers health and rehabilitation services, organization of seminars, recovery ...


Banja Kanjiža

This is the right place for all those who prefer peace and quietness, and for those who wish to try the magic powers of the spa, ...


Banja Koviljača

Koviljaca Spa is located six kilometers from Loznica. The tradition of the spa dates back to ancient times where the mineral water ...


Banja Ljig

The temperature of the therapeutic water is 32.7 degrees Celsius. It contains sodium, potassium, lithium, ammonium, calcium, magnesium, ...

Banja Rusanda

Rusanda Spa is located on the north shore of Lake Rusanda in the Village Melenci, municipality Zrenjanin. ...

Banja Stari Slankamen

Stari Slankamen Spa is the oldest spa in Vojvodina. t is used for treatment and rehabilitation of neurological diseases, especially ...

Banja Topilo

Banja Topilo is a spa located 25km away from Niš, in the picturesque valley of the river Toponička reka. The spa can be reached ...


Banja Vrujci

It is one of the best spas in Serbia, with a premium drinking water which is being bottled and exported without any processing ...

Petrovac na Mlavi

Banja Ždrelo

The spa Ždrelo is 10 km away from Petrovac na Mlavi. It attracts tourists and locals, who enjoy winter swimming in open swimming ...

Bezdan banja

Mineral water of this spa belongs to the category of alkaline sodium hydro carbonate waters rich in iodine. The temperature of ...

Bogutovačka banja

Mineral water of this spa belongs to the category of alkaline sodium hydro carbonate waters rich in iodine. The temperature of ...


Brestovačka banja

Brestovačka Banja is a spa 8 km southwestward from Bor, and it is one of the oldest spas in Serbia, with mineral waters which ...


Bujanovačka banja

Bujanovačka Banja lies 3 km away from Bujanovac. It became famous because of its hot water springs and healing mud of volcanic ...


Despotovačka banja

In the center of Despotovac there is Despotovačka Banja, a spa and the treatment center with the tradition of several centuries. ...

Gamzigradska banja

Gamzigradska Banja is under the influence of continental climate. It is surrounded by wooded hills, and it is an excellent place ...