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Sremska Mitrovica

Short info - Sremska Mitrovica

Sremska Mitrovica is situated in the north-western part of Serbia and south-western part of Vojvodina, on the left bank of the Sava. It is also the biggest city in Srem, the administrative centre of the Srem District and one of the oldest cities in Vojvodina i Serbia.


Sremska Mitrovica foto: Narcisa-Bozic



Archaeologists discovered remains of life in this area, which are around 7,000 years old. Sremska Mitrovica, then known as Sirmium, was conquered by the Romans at the end of the 1st century BC. In 1918, it was added to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (later Kingdom of Yugoslavia). During World War II, Sremska Mitrovica was part of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) and from 1941 to 1944 it bore the name Hrvatska Mitrovica (Croatian Mitrovica). The city was liberated by the Vojvodina and Krajina division in the operation Sremski front (Srem front).



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Sremska Mitrovica

Facilities near by:


  • Sirmium 1.5km
  • Sirmium

    Hotel has built on the ruins of „Imperial palace“ of famous acient Roman city of Sirmium. A part of this ruins has placed in hotel's 1st floor and around the hotel.

  • Premier Aqua 22km
  • Premier Aqua

    The hotel is located ideally between Belgrade and Novi Sad, at the spring of thermal water in Vrdnik Spa. It has a modern spa, indoor and outdoor pools, Congress hall, restaurant and luxury equipped accommodation and suites.


  • Villa Bela Ruža (The White Rose Villa) 0km
  • Villa Bela Ruža (The White Rose Villa)

    Villa Bela Ruža (The White Rose Villa) restaurant and bed & breakfast in Sremska Mitrovica, opened in 1992, is situated on the bamk of the River Sava.

National parks

  • National park Fruška Gora 20.6km
  • National park Fruška Gora

    National park Fruška Gora is 25 km away from Novi Sad and covers an area of 25,525 sq km. Beautiful sessile oak and hornbeam forests, vineyards and old monasteries attract tourists from all over the world.


  • Borkovačko Jezero (Borkovac Lake) 17.4km
  • Borkovačko Jezero (Borkovac Lake)

    Borkovačko Jezero (Borkovac Lake) is 3 km away from the centre of Ruma and it is the favorite picnic and vacation place for citizens of Ruma.

Natural reserves

  • Nature Reserve Zasavica 9.7km
  • Nature Reserve Zasavica

    Zasavica is protected as a Special Nature Reserve. It is located 12 southwest of Sremska Mitrovica. Quiet and mild, it has enabled the survival of numerous species of the diverse flora and fauna.


  • The new Orthodox Church 1.5km
  • The new Orthodox Church

    It is the biggest holy temple in Sremska Mitrovica but also one of the most important in the Srem region. The construction of this church lasted from 1791 to 1794.

  • The Old Orthodox Church of St Stefan 1.6km
  • The Old Orthodox Church of St Stefan

    This church is the oldest preserved religious temple on the territory of the town Sremska Mitrovica. The church is dedicated to holy martyr arch-Deacon Stefan.

  • The church of the Holy Ascension 16.7km
  • The church of the Holy Ascension

    The Orthodox believers in Ruma after construction of the Church of St Nicholas that became to small to accept all believers, started building the Church of the Holy Ascension. The church was built in 1861.

  • The church of St Nicholas 16.9km
  • The church of St Nicholas

    It is supposed that town Ruma had its church from ancient times since in 1556 three priests were being mentioned.

  • The church of St Nicholas 23.4km
  • The church of St Nicholas

    The Church of St Nicholas in Irig was constructed in 1732 in a tradition of Serbian medieval architecture combined with Baroque elements.

  • The Church of Saint George 24.6km
  • The Church of Saint George

    The Church of Saint George in Banoštor is a single-nave building with disproportionately low bell-tower standing on the western side and rectangular choirs.


  • The Monastery Bešenovo 16.6km
  • The Monastery Bešenovo

    The residues of the Monastery Bešenovo is situated on the southern slope of the Fruška gora mountain, in vicinity of Čikoš stream. The monastery church is dedicated to Holy Archangels Gabriel and Michael.

  • The Šišatovac Monastery 17km
  • The Šišatovac Monastery

    The Šišatovac Monastery is situated on the south slope of the Fruška Gora Mountain, near the village of the same name. The monastery was once called Remetica or the Remet Monastery and was dedicated to St Nikola.

  • The Monastery Mala Remeta (Small Remeta) 17.5km
  • The Monastery Mala Remeta (Small Remeta)

    The monastery Mala Remeta is situated in the south central part of Fruška gora. The monastery church is dedicated to Virgin’s Shroud.

  • The Monastery Petkovica 17.6km
  • The Monastery Petkovica

    The monastery PeTkovica is situated between villages Divoša and Šišatovca, on the southwest side of the Fruška Gora. The monastery church is dedicated to Saint Petka.

  • The Monastery Kuveždin 18.4km
  • The Monastery Kuveždin

    The monastery Kuveždin is situated about 1 km from Divoš residential area, on the southwest of Fruška gora mountain. The monastery church is dedicated to Saint Sava and Saint Simeon.

  • The Monastery Jazak 19.4km
  • The Monastery Jazak

    The Monastery Jazak is situated 5km from Vrdnik on the southern slope of the Fruška gora mountain and it is one of the youngest Fruška gora monastery.

  • The Vrdnik Monastery 21.3km
  • The Vrdnik Monastery

    This monastery belongs to a group of monasteries in the Fruška Gora Mountain and is considered as one of the most important monasteries in the Fruška Gora.

  • The Monastery Divša 23.4km
  • The Monastery Divša

    The Monastery Divša or amorng people also known as Đipša, is situated between villages Vizić and Divoš, on the western side of Fruška gora mountain.

  • The Monastery Beočin 23.6km
  • The Monastery Beočin

    The church in the monastery Beočin was dedicated to the Holy Ascension of the Christ. This is one of the 17 monasteries on Fruška Gora mountain.

  • The Monastery Novo Hopovo 24.5km
  • The Monastery Novo Hopovo

    On the southern slopes of the Fruška gora mountain, some hundred meters from highway Ruma - Novi Sad, in vicinity of town Irig is situated monastery Novo Hopovo.


  • The Šabac Fortress 24.8km
  • The Šabac Fortress

    The Šabac Fortress is situated on the right bank of the river Sava, near the center of the modern town. It was mentioned for the first time during the reign of nobleman Stefan Lazarević, under the name of Zaslon.


  • The Gallery Lazar Vozarevic 1.4km
  • The Gallery Lazar Vozarevic

    The Gallery Lazar Vozarević was founded and started working in 1973 with exhibition of paintings and drawings of Lazar Vozarević. The Gallery has two distinctive parts: memorial and live.

Archaelogical sites

  • The Archeological Site Sirmium 1.4km
  • The Archeological Site Sirmium

    Archeological findings discovered traces of life in this area dating from 7000 years ago. On of the most important archeological sites in Sremska Mitrovica is Imperial palace Sirmium.

  • The Archeological Site Gomolava 16km
  • The Archeological Site Gomolava

    The archeological site Gomolava is a locality of exceptional cultural significance situated on the southern slopes of Fruška gora Mountain, on the left bank of Sava river, at the and of the village Hrtkovci.


  • The Museum of Srem 1.5km
  • The Museum of Srem

    In this museum, you can see a sundial with representations of Atlas, Hercules and Iphicles, roman surgical instruments, a fragment from the fresco with Harpocrates portrait, the golden relic, and large number of icons…

  • The Homeland Museum 16.7km
  • The Homeland Museum

    It falls into the category of homeland museums of the complex type, consisting of four departments: archeological, ethnological…


  • Probus 1.9km
  • Probus

    Restaurant Probus is located in Sremska Mitrovica, on the banks of the River Sava. The restaurant offers a superb view of the river Sava.

  • Mines - yellow house 21.3km
  • Mines - yellow house

    Restaurant and rooms Mines are located in the Vrdnik Fruska Gora . in the restaurant there is a summer garden.

  • Čardak 23.5km
  • Čardak

    Restaurant ’Čardak’ has 200 seats. There is a parking space for about 20 vehicles in front of the yard gate.

Rural households

  • Ethno house Jazak 18km
  • Ethno house Jazak

    The Ethno house Jazak and farmstead is situated in the village bearing the same name, near Vrdnik spa, in the middle part of southern slopes of Fruska Gora - the only mountain of the "Panonian sea", at the altitude of 180-220 meters.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting ground Karakusa 19.5km
  • Hunting ground Karakusa

    Hunting ground Karakuša, around the shores of the river Sava, near of Ruma covers the total area of 7.895 ha of which 2.257 ha enclosed. The main types of big game are: wild boar, red deer and roe deer as an accompanying species.

  • Fishing in Moharac Lake 22.4km
  • Fishing in Moharac Lake

    It is situated in the Western Srem, near Erdevik, on the way to the village of Vizic. The lake is a real paradise for fishermen and nature fans.

  • Fishing in Lake Bruje 24.3km
  • Fishing in Lake Bruje

    It is located west of Fruska Gora. With the daily permit for fishing caught fish can be taken in the prescribed quantities. Shores of the lake are very clean and neat.


  • Banja Vrdnik 20.2km
  • Banja Vrdnik

    Banja Vrdnik is a spa located in the central part of Srem, on the southern slopes of Fruška Gora, at an altitude of 240m, 74km away from Novi Sad and 24km away from Belgrade.