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Old town foto: Nikola Janjić/

Old town:

The remains of the old town of Užice are on a rocky promontory surrounded by the river Đetinja from three sides. To the west, south and east, steep cliffs, tall up to 50m, descend to the river, like strong natural walls. Reliable historical documents about this town are dating from the mid-14th century. The upper part of a fortification had a semicircular tower, the middle part was for accommodation of crews, equipment and food, and the lower, so called Water tower, was connected with the river.

Hydroelectric power plant

Hydroelectric power plant, built in 1900, has been placed on the River Đetinja, below the old town, and it is one of the main symbols of the city. It is the first power plant built by Tesla’s principles of poly phase currents in Europe, and the second one in the world, built only five years after the plant of the same kind at the river Niagara in USA. To celebrate the centenary of its building, the plant was completely restored and equipped for work. In its beautiful building there is also a Technical Museum.

Crkva Sv. Marka (Church of St, Mark)
Crkva Sv. Marka (Church of St, Mark) is situated in the part of town called Carina. It was first mentioned in 18th century, as a small wooden church, and in 1828 it was built as a half timbered building, covered with shingles, with a small wooden tower on the west side. Next to the church, in 1890 was raised a 22m high wooden bell tower, unique in Serbia by its harmonious forms and its beauty. The church contains many valuable icons, treasures and relics, including parts of the old iconostasis, work of painter Simeon Lazović, a collection of engravings from the 17th to the 19th century and objects of applied art, works of silversmiths of Užice.


Crkva Sv. Đorđa (Church of St. George)
Crkva Sv. Đorđa (Church of St. George) is an orthodox church built at the initiative of the wealthy merchants and prominent citizens of Užice in 1842-44. The church is located in the downtown, near the High School. The iconostasis and frescoes are work of painters Dimitrije Posinković and Milija Marković. The church had three bells, of which two have been saved. One of them was gift to the town by Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević from 1846, and the missing one was taken away by Austrians in the WWI. On the church tower the first public clock was appointed, in 1859.

Jokanovića Kuća (Jokanovićs house)

The home of the Jokanović Family belonged to one of the wealthiest merchant families in Užice in 19th century. The house is located in the town center, by the City Gallery. It is one of the few surviving representative houses from the 19th century. Because of its ethnographic characteristics, the building was declared a cultural monument. In the house is presented a museum exhibition with theme “Town house in Užice in 19th and 20th century”.



The national Museum
The national Museum is housed in two buildings built before the WWII for the National bank. In 1941 in these buildings was headquarter of the partisan army and the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and underground facilities were civilian shelter and partisan weapons and ammunition factories. Museum was established in 1946, and its activity was based on collection and study of materials important for cultural and political history of the city and its surroundings. Buildings of the national Museum are under state protection as immovable cultural property of outstanding significance.  The visitors can see two permanent museum exhibitions and legacy of painter Mihailo Milovanović, and occasionally some interesting thematic exhibitions as well.


Theater exists in Užice since 1945, and a building in which it is now was built in 1968. Theatre hall in Užice is considered to be one of the best in Serbia and it receives 560 visitors. Theater is located in the center of the city square.



City Gallery –art gallery
City Gallery –art gallery in Užice was founded in 1990. It presents works of modern and contemporary Yugoslav art and organizes exhibitions of international authors. It organizes a very important international manifestation – International Graphic Biennial “Dry Point”, which was included among 22 most prestigious world manifestations in the field of graphic and so far participated by artists from 34 countries.



The Square foto: Vladimir Lojanica


Trg Partizana – The Square of Partizans
Trg Partizana – The Square of Partizans is a central city square of Užice. Urban solution of this square as a unique and exceptional scenic area satisfies needs of the citizens for a place of diverse – cultural, entertainment and political - events and gatherings.
It begins by the Theater and Library, descends in more levels in the direction of the main street, and extends further, to the hotel Zlatibor. On this square stage shows are performed, and it is a favorite gathering place for citizens of all generations.



Historical Archives

Historical Archives is inter-municipal institution, for municipalities of Uzice, Pozega, Arilje, Bjelovar, FC, Kosjeric, Nova Varos, Prijepolje, Priboj and Čajetina. It wa sestablished in 1948 and it is situated in the right wing of the City Hall. The material it has stored includes period from the mid-19th century until 1978. The oldest document is from 1810. The documents are written in Serbian language, but there are some written in Turkish, Greek, Armenian, German and French as well. The archive library contains about 10,000 titles (books, broshures, newspapers, magazines) , on history , law, philosophy, ethnology, philology, etc.

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Facilities near by:


  • Zlatibor 0.9km
  • Zlatibor

    Hotel Zlatibor is in downtown of Uzice on Partizan's square. It is in administration and cultural center of the city.

  • Zlatiborska noć 0.9km
  • Zlatiborska noć

    A new-built hotel complex „Zlatiborska Noć“ is located in a settlement Bela Zemlja, 8km on the outskirts of the town of Užice; right beside the main road to mountain Zlatibor.

  • Jele-Ježevica 15.4km
  • Jele-Ježevica

    In the middle of the village, on the foundations of the old family restaurant, a fashionable and unique three stars hotel has been built "Jele-Jezevica".

  • Cigota 19km
  • Cigota

    Situated in the center of Zlatibor surrounded by pine forest at the ideal 1000 m height above sea level. Basic activity is providing medical services from endocrinology, nuclear and physical medicine, and it is known for its far and wide famous and recognized programme for regulating body weight.


  • Carski apartman 0.9km
  • Carski apartman

    The apartment is located in Kremna, a village in the municipality Uzice in Zlatibor District. Like the cosmos, this gentle mystique surrounds the village between Zlatibor, Tara, and Sargan.

  • Klub Satelit 19.1km
  • Klub Satelit

    Accommodation at the Club Satelit meets the highest standards.Accommodation capacity consists of ten rooms and eight apartments.


  • Potpeć Cave 9.7km
  • Potpeć Cave

    Potpećka pećina (Potpeć Cave) is situated in the village of Potpeć, at the foot of the mountain Drežnička Gradina, 14 km from Užice.

  • Stopića Cave 14.7km
  • Stopića Cave

    Stopića pećina (Stopića Cave) is situated on the north-eastern side of Zlatibor, between the villages Rožanstvo and Trnava. This is a waterway cave.


  • Zlatibor lake 18.6km
  • Zlatibor lake

    It is surrounded by pleasant paths for walking and benches. During the summer visitors can swim, sunbathe, or boat there…

  • Ribničko Jezero (Ribnica Lake) 24.1km
  • Ribničko Jezero (Ribnica Lake)

    On the way to Tornik and monastery Uvac, in the settlement Ribnica, 8km from mountain Zlatibor, is Ribničko Jezero (Ribnica Lake).


  • The Church of Saint Mark 0.4km
  • The Church of Saint Mark

    The old church in Užice is situated in the part of the town called Carina. It is not known for sure when it was built, probably in the first half of 18th century.

  • The White Church 8.8km
  • The White Church

    The White Church is located in village Karanu, 16 km away from town Užice. It is dedicated to celebration of the Annunciation.

  • The church Seča Reka 16.9km
  • The church Seča Reka

    In the village Seča Reka, 7 kilometers away from Kosjerić is situated important cultural and historical monument – the Wooden Church.

  • The wooden church 19.3km
  • The wooden church

    The wooden church in Gorobilje was built in 1705. It is one of the oldest but also the smallest ones in Serbia.

  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul 21.1km
  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul

    The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul in Sirogojno was built in 1764, and in the same year was made church iconostasis.

  • The Church of St Peter and St Paul 22.7km
  • The Church of St Peter and St Paul

    The church of St Peter and St Paul is situataed in Gorna Dobrinja, on the northeast from Požega.

  • The Church of Holy Ascension 22.7km
  • The Church of Holy Ascension

    The Church of the Ascension is situated near village Gornje Dobrinje, on a beautiful spot resembling Golgotha with its wideness.

  • The Church of Saint Achilius 23km
  • The Church of Saint Achilius

    The church in Arilje was consecrated to the Bishop Achilius from Larissa (Greece). Achilius was a passionate fighter against the Aryan heresy and the participant of the First Ecumenical Synod in Nicaea.


  • The Monastery Rujno 14.8km
  • The Monastery Rujno

    Monastery Rujno is very beautiful building and religious temple, situated above the Lake Vrutci, on the part of the bank that belongs to the area of village Bioska, 15 km from Užice.

  • The Monastery Godovik 17.3km
  • The Monastery Godovik

    Monastery Godovik is situated in the village with the same name. It dates from the 13th century and it was dedicated to St George. It is one of the foundations of Nemanjić dynasty.


  • Tito’s Monument 0.4km
  • Tito’s Monument

    The monumental sculpture dedicated to Tito is a artwork of a sculptor Frano Kršanić. The monument is 4.8 meters high, and it is temporarily located behind the building of National museum.

  • The Monument Kadinjača 10.2km
  • The Monument Kadinjača

    The memorial complex Kadinjača is specially striking among other monuments in Užice surrounding area. It is situated 14 kilometers on the west from Užice.

  • Memorial obelisk 19.6km
  • Memorial obelisk

    Some 5 kilometers from Zlatibor mountain on Glavudža or Šumatno Hill is located Memorial obelisk dedicated to killed Partisan wounded soldiers at King’s waters and Palisad in1941.

  • Family Tree of Tarabics 21.3km
  • Family Tree of Tarabics

    The monument family tree of Tarabićs is situated on the northeast from Mokra Gora. Tarabićs appeared in the 19th century, and are believed to be prophets by many people.


  • The Užice town 1.4km
  • The Užice town

    It represents one of the tourist attractions of a town on the river Đetinja, where an improvised theatre is set up during summer months, and where shows are performed under the combination of moonlight and spotlights.


  • The Town Gallery 0.4km
  • The Town Gallery

    The Town Gallery in Užice was founded in 1990. The activities of the Gallery are displaying the works of modern and contemporary art.


  • The Open Museum “Old village” 20.5km
  • The Open Museum “Old village”

    The museum is situated in the village Sirogojno, 26 km from the Zlatibor Mountain. It is the only museum in open in Serbia.


  • Aleksandar 0.5km
  • Aleksandar

    Restaurant "Alexander the house of good food and wine" was started in 2001. One of the most exclusive restaurants in and surround of Uzice.

  • Bajo 8.4km
  • Bajo

    Family Sopalovic from Mackat is known for preparing traditional dishes of Zlatibor since 1928. when the first restaurant opened Sopalovic. Excellent lamb roast is a trademark of restaurants.

Ethno village

  • Ethno Park Terzica Avlija 10.7km
  • Ethno Park Terzica Avlija

    It is located near the village of Zlakusa, 13 km far from Uzice and 10 from Pozega. Terzića avlija represents a typical rural property consisting of two old Serbian houses.

  • Ethno village Sirogojno 20.8km
  • Ethno village Sirogojno

    Sirigojno village is famous for museum, the Old Village "and renowned knitters.Od Zlatibora je udaljeno 26 kilometara.


  • Cycling on Zlatibor 18.6km
  • Cycling on Zlatibor

    Thanks to slight rise on the mountain and downhill, riding bicycle is a real enjoyment for fans of mountain biking on Zlatibor.


  • Horse Riding on Zlatibor 19.2km
  • Horse Riding on Zlatibor

    On Zlatibor all generations can enjoy in sport and recreational horseback riding…The riding is possible on two locations: Ranch Farma and Ranch Zova.


  • Mountaineering on Zlatibor 17.2km
  • Mountaineering on Zlatibor

    Many peaks, and especially the highest ones Tornik and Cigota represent ideal places for mountaineering.


  • Diving from old railway bridge 0.9km
  • Diving from old railway bridge

    Since 1993 in August in Užice has been organised competition in diving from old railway bridge on Plaža.

  • Smoked ham festival - Pršutijada 8.4km
  • Smoked ham festival - Pršutijada

    The Smoked ham festival “Pršutijada” is traditionally organized from February 02nd to 04th in Zlatibor village Mačkat.