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Short info - Valjevo

Valjevo is a town and municipality in the West Serbia, and administrative center of the Kolubara district. It is one of the bigger and more developed Serbian settlements and one of the oldest Serbian towns. Its name was first mentioned in 1393, but there are no reliable historic data of its origin. There are several theories about the origin of its name, but the most probable one states that it comes from the old Slavic name Valj – Valj’s property.


Valjevo has a surface of 905km and a population of about 61,000. Its inhabitants are mostly Serbs, and in recent years its population has been growing.

Valjevo has a very favorable geographic position, and it is near to important traffic roads – Ibar highway, main road leading to Adriatic sea, Bosna and Hercegovina, Mačva and Vojvodina. It is only 100 km away from Belgrade, and near the town there is Valjevo airport, with potential of serving the whole Kolubara region in future. 

Vaši utisci - Valjevo

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Facilities near by:


  • Grand 0km
  • Grand

    Grand hotel is situated in the very centre of Valjevo, on the most beautiful town square.

  • Narcis 0km
  • Narcis

    Elegant and modern hotel Narcis, although in the very centre of the town, is situated far from streets, therefore guests are not disturbed by noise.

  • Pepa 20.1km
  • Pepa

    Hotel Pepa is located on the most attractive location, in the very centre of Divčibare, next to ski track Crni vrh.


  • Cave of Petnica 4.6km
  • Cave of Petnica

    Pećina Petnica (Cave of Petnica) is situated near Petnica, the most visited excursion destination in the area of Valjevo, five kilometres away from the city.

  • Ribnica Cave 17.3km
  • Ribnica Cave

    Ribnička pećina (Ribnica Cave) is situated in the canyon of the Ribnica, one of the jewels of the Kolubara watershed, under the slopes of the mountains Maljen and Divčibare.


  • The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud 0.6km
  • The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud

    The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud in town Valjevo was built in 1838. The first written document referring to the history of Valjevo church was the letter that Prince Miloš directed to the court of Valjevo region.

  • The Church of Holy Ascension 15.7km
  • The Church of Holy Ascension

    With its size, and especially with its façade ornaments, the church belongs to very important monuments of Serbian church architecture from the second half of the 19th century.

  • The Church of St Panteleimon 20.5km
  • The Church of St Panteleimon

    The church of St Panteleimon is a pride and joy of Divčibare mountain, and the land on which the church is located was sanctified on August 9th 1995.


  • The Monastery Ćelije 5.8km
  • The Monastery Ćelije

    Only 7 kilometers from Valjevo, in the area of the village Lelić is located monastery Ćelije from 14th century, famous all over the world.

  • The Monastery Jovanja 6.9km
  • The Monastery Jovanja

    The monastery Jovanja is only 6 km away from Valjevo and it is dedicated to the Nativity of St John the Baptist.

  • The Monastery Lelić 7.9km
  • The Monastery Lelić

    The monastery is foundation of the Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović, one of our greatest holy man and sage, doctor of the philosophy of the Oxford University

  • The Monastery Pustinja 14.4km
  • The Monastery Pustinja

    Some 30 km from Valjevo, in vivid and beautiful surrounding of the River Jablanica is situated monastery Pustinja.

  • The Monastery Dokmir 14.8km
  • The Monastery Dokmir

    The monastery Dokmir is situated in the village with the same name in vicinity of Ub. Some architectural solutions indicate that the monastery was built by the end of 14th or the beginning of 15th century.


  • The monument Dedicated to Desanka Maksimović 0.7km
  • The monument Dedicated to Desanka Maksimović

    The monument dedicated to Desanka Maksimović was erected in Valjevo while she was still alive. Although the poetess protested a bit the residents of Valjevo persuaded her that it is simply monument dedicated to poetry with her appearance.

  • The Monument to Duke Živojin Mišić 0.8km
  • The Monument to Duke Živojin Mišić

    The monument dedicated to Duke Živojin Mišić decorates the very town centre. The centre is recognizable after this monument dedicated to famous army commander from the First World War and central square also carries his name.

  • The Monument to Sevan Filipović 1.5km
  • The Monument to Sevan Filipović

    The monument dedicated to the revolution warriors personified by Stevan Filipović, is situated on the Vidrak Hill. It is 16 meters high and it is an artwork of sculptor Vojin Bakić from 1960.


  • The Nenadovića tower 0.6km
  • The Nenadovića tower

    The Nenadovića tower is certainly a symbol of the town Valjevo. It is situated on Kličevac hill, only half a kilometer from the center of the town. It was built in 1813 and it served as powder-magazine.


  • The Muselim’s Lodging 0.7km
  • The Muselim’s Lodging

    The Muselim’s Lodging is the oldest building in Valjevo. It was built in 18th century, and today there is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the First and the Second Serbian Upraise.

  • The National Museum 0.7km
  • The National Museum

    The building of the National Museum was erected in 1870, and at that time was the first designed facility in the town. There were an elementary school...

  • The Živojin Mišić’s House 18.1km
  • The Živojin Mišić’s House

    Native home of duke Živojin Mišić is in the village Struganik, 10 km from Mionica. This wattle and daub house preserves the interior of the period when Mišić was born.


  • Skala 1.2km
  • Skala

    Conceived as a place that will provide excellent entertainment and fun, he quickly fulfilled his mission.


  • Banja Vrujci 22.6km
  • Banja Vrujci

    It is one of the best spas in Serbia, with a premium drinking water which is being bottled and exported without any processing technology.


  • Maljen 16.7km
  • Maljen

    South of Valjevo there is mountain Maljen (1108m), on which the air spa and picnic place Divčibare.

  • Povlen 19.3km
  • Povlen

    Half an hour’s drive on the road from Valjevo to Bajina Bašta, alongside the famous monasteries Ćelije and Lelić, one comes to the slopes and ridges of mountain Povlen.

  • Divčibare 20.9km
  • Divčibare

    Divčibare is one of the most attractive winter and summer destinations in Serbia. It is located in western part of Serbia on the mountain Maljen, on the plateau 7 km long and 3 km wide

Ski center

  • Ski center Divčibare 20.9km
  • Ski center Divčibare

    Longest slope on Divčibare ski center is 800 m long and it is located on the hillside of Crni vrh. The slope is also illuminated wich offers excellent conditions for night skiing. This slope has ski lift 600 m long with an altitude difference of 100 metres.