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Velika Plana

Short info - Velika Plana

Velika Plana is a town and municipality in Podunavlje district, at the left bank of the river Velika Morava. It is 80km away from Belgrade, and 38km away from Smederevo. It has a population of about 17,000. Name of the town came for big pastures (plandišta) in the Valley of the river Jasenica, which existed during the period of the Turkish rule. .


First written documents about this town are dating from 1732. In early 1980-ties Velika Plana was declared a town settlement, and until than it was, because of its agricultural function, considered to be a village.



The bride foto: D.Bosnic


Velika plana was very well known for its slaughterhouse industry. Company Klefisch and Zeus founded its slaughterhouse for pigs and poultry in 1889, and a year later Wilhelm Schumacher did the same. Beside this industry, Velika Plana has a lot of possibilities for development of tourism and hospitality industry, because of its numerous cultural and historical monuments.

Vaši utisci - Velika Plana

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Velika Plana

Facilities near by:


  • Motel Velika Plana 0.3km
  • Motel Velika Plana

    Motel Velika Plana enjoys a convenient location on the E75 motorway from Belgrade to Nis, 90 km from Belgrade, being an ideal stop-over for travellers transiting along the Corridor 10.

  • Motel Lozovačka česma 3km
  • Motel Lozovačka česma

    Motel Lozovačka česma is located on the 75th kilometer, leaning on the highway Belgrade - Nis.


  • Gradac Cave 17km
  • Gradac Cave

    Pećina Gradac (Gradac Cave) is situated on the left bank of the Lepenica near Batočina, in a village after which it was named. It is also known as Jerinina pećina. The formations of the cave suggest that it dates back to the Cretaceous.


  • The Church of the Holy Archangel Gabriel – “Zahvalnica” 6.1km
  • The Church of the Holy Archangel Gabriel – “Zahvalnica”

    The Church of the Holy Archangel Gabriel – “Zahvalnica” is situated in Radovanjski lug, 8.5 kilometers from Velika Plana. The church was built by King Aleksandar I Karađorđević in 1930 as a small version of the church on Oplenac.

  • The wooden church 9.2km
  • The wooden church

    The oldest wooden church in municipality of Velika Plana and Pomoravlje, was built in the middle of 13th century on the site called Divostin. It was situated in Krnjevo.

  • The Church of the Transfiguration 10.7km
  • The Church of the Transfiguration

    The Church of the Transfiguration in Palanka was built in the period 1865–1890. In the early 20th century a famous representative of Serbian Romanticism Steva Todorović together with the disciples from his school, painted iconostasis and the murals in the temple.

  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul 13.5km
  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul

    The church is situated in the vicinity of the centre of Lozovik. The construction of the wooden church probably commenced in 1806.

  • Wooden church in Rača 14.7km
  • Wooden church in Rača

    In year 1989 villagers together with a bishop Sava commenced construction of the mausoleum in Vožd’s home village, dedicated to Saint George.


  • The Monastery Pokajnica 4.6km
  • The Monastery Pokajnica

    The wooden church has a symbolic name – The Penitent is situated in vicinity of Velika Plana. To this place is linked important historical event.

  • The Monastery Koporin 6.1km
  • The Monastery Koporin

    In the village Koporin, hidden from the roads, 6 kilometers to the southwest from Velika Plana is situated monastery with the same name.

  • The Miljko’s Monasteryr 19.6km
  • The Miljko’s Monasteryr

    The Miljko’s Monastery got its present name in the second half of 18th century. The previous name was the Bukovica Monastery. It is situated…

  • The Monastery Dobreš 20.2km
  • The Monastery Dobreš

    Some 10 kilometers away from Svilajnac, in the area of the village Gložan, is located monastery Dobreš. It is surrounded by hills and dense forests, above fertilized Morava valley.

  • The Zlatenac Monastery 22.8km
  • The Zlatenac Monastery

    The Zlatenac Monastery is dedicated to St Healers. It was built around 1427 during the reign of nobleman Stefan Lazarević. It belongs to the Resava-Morava school of building.

  • The Zaova Monastery 23.9km
  • The Zaova Monastery

    The Zaova Monastery is situated in the beautiful wood near Veliko Selo, in the vicinity of the highway Požarevac-Petrovac.

  • Manastir Sestroljin 24.2km
  • Manastir Sestroljin

    Manastir Sestroljin nalazi se u Poljani. 10km je udaljen od Požarevca. Podignut je za vreme vladavine kneza Lazara u drugoj polovini 15 veka. I jedan je od manastira koji se vezuje za legendu o sestri Jelici.


  • The Monument dedicated to the July Victims 9.4km
  • The Monument dedicated to the July Victims

    The monument dedicated to the July victims of the Second World War was erected on the occasion of transfer of the killed patriots bones. The names of the killed soldiers were inscribed on a marble plaque.

  • The Monument Mara Of Resava 14.4km
  • The Monument Mara Of Resava

    The monument is made by a sculptor Ivan Zajc. It is situated in centre of town Svilajnac, and it was dedicated to all killed soldiers from the Resava region in wars between 1912-1918.

  • The Monument to Stevan Sinđelić 14.4km
  • The Monument to Stevan Sinđelić

    The monument dedicated to Stevan Sinđelić, prominent Serbian hero and victim from Čegar, is situated in a street carrying his name, in a wider part of the street called "Curved Towns ".

Archaelogical sites

  • The Archeological Site Bele Vode 24.9km
  • The Archeological Site Bele Vode

    The archeological site Belovode is the most important locality from the prehistoric period in the area of Petrovac municipality.


  • The National Museum 10.5km
  • The National Museum

    It has a large fund of valuable art pieces and museum items. Around 500 items are divided into collections: the prehistoric, antique, the Middle Ages and numismatics.


  • La Porta 10.5km
  • La Porta

    In a close centre of town, in a plasant atmosphere, surrounded with garden full of greenery there is an Italian cuisine restaurant La Porta.

  • Bella 12km
  • Bella

    On corridor 10, at 75km to the rail road Belgrade-Nis, in the heart of the vineyards and orchards, is located restaurant Bella.

  • Moravska noć 14km
  • Moravska noć

    National house Moravska noc is located in the wonderful nature surrounding on the shore of Velika Morava near Svilajnac.


  • Irish pub dr. Vodson 9.7km
  • Irish pub dr. Vodson

    Pub is located in downtown, in the pedestrian zone. Exudes a true atmosphere of pubs.

Ethno village

  • Ethno Village Moravski Konaci 2km
  • Ethno Village Moravski Konaci

    It was built and opened in the middle of December at 2007. The interior of the house is in the range of hotel accommodation, and is adapted to modern lifestyles.


  • Palanački kiseljak 9.1km
  • Palanački kiseljak

    Only 80kma away from Belgrade, at the southeast outskirts of Smederevska Palanka there is spa Palanački Kiseljak.


  • White carnival 13.6km
  • White carnival

    The manifestation white carnival is held prior to Easter, in village Lozovik. The whole week is also called the white week, and the carnival represent its climax.