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Short info - Vrbas

Vrbas is a town and municipality in the South Banat District. It has 26,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 107 sq km. The whole municipality has a surface of 376 sq km and lies 78 m above sea level.

The first mention of Vrbas dates back to 1387, but some think that the city has been existing much longer, namely since 1213. Archaeological information suggests that settlements have existed here for more than 3,000 years. Many tribes and cultures passed through this region: The Celts, Yazidi, Romans, Slavs, Avars, Germans, Huns and Turks. Ethnic changes happened after the colonisation of the Ruthenians, Hungarians and Germans in 1720. After the Germans came, the economic structure changed, because farmers and ranchers were replaced by artisans.

Vrbas was liberated from fascism on October 20, 1944. After that, the area was settled by people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Vaši utisci - Vrbas

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Facilities near by:


  • Backa 0.1km
  • Backa

    It is located in the center of the Vrbas, a town in the heart of Backa, built on the railway and road junction, just 9 km away from the highway.

Private accomodation

  • Fekete 23.3km
  • Fekete

    Located near the center of the village Gložan, private accommodation Fekete has a nice yard and provides a sense of home atmosphere..


  • Evangelical Methodist Church 0.2km
  • Evangelical Methodist Church

    Evangelical Methodist Church is one of the two religious buildings in the main street and it is a special symbol of the town Vrbas.

  • The Church of the Presentation to the Temple 1.3km
  • The Church of the Presentation to the Temple

    One of the most important cultural monuments in the town is the Orthodox Church dedicated to the Presentation to the Temple. It was built in 1744.

  • The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross 11.4km
  • The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

    In 1783 was built the first catholic church on the site of the present one. The church register was regularly kept since 1785. Unfortunately, it was burned between 1848-49.

  • The Church of Holy Nikolai 16.7km
  • The Church of Holy Nikolai

    The church is situated in Turija and it was built in 1754. It was dedicated to the Transfer of relics of holy father Nikolai. Since 1991 the temple has been under state protection.

  • The Slovakian Evangelic Church 23.5km
  • The Slovakian Evangelic Church

    In 1975 to town Petrovac moved Slovakian Evangelists. On this occasion they brought religious books – Kralic Bible and Tranoscius. For a long time they didn’t have freedom of religion.

  • The Catholic Church 23.7km
  • The Catholic Church

    In the beginning, the town Petrovac was inhabited only by the believers of Evangelistic church. In 1937 after the first immigrants from Croatia and Bosnia arrived, Catholic Bishop Lajčo Budanović bought the lot in the centre of Petrovac and commenced construction of the church dedicated to St Adalbert.


  • Monument of Arsenije Čarnojević 1.3km
  • Monument of Arsenije Čarnojević

    In the courtyard of the church of the Entry of the Virgin is situated monument dedicated to Arsenije Čarnojević.


  • The Gallery of Fine Arts 0.9km
  • The Gallery of Fine Arts

    The Gallery of Fine Arts is functioning within the Cultural Centre and it is responsible both for affirmation of Vrbas artists, and for displaying of domestic and international works of art.

  • The Gallery of Zuzka Medvedjova 23.4km
  • The Gallery of Zuzka Medvedjova

    The gallery of Zuzka Medvedjov organizes the most important Biennale of Slovak fine arts in Serbia.


  • The Kulpin Castle 18.9km
  • The Kulpin Castle

    In Kulpin, there is a castle of the same name. The historical data indicate that the facilities were built for the noble family Stratimirović at the end of 18th and beginning of 19th century.

  • The Dunđerski Castle 22km
  • The Dunđerski Castle

    Near Bečej, on the road toward Bačka Topola, there is the Dunđerski Castle, also known as Fantast. This castle had been built by a large owner Bogdan Dunđerski from 1862 to 1943.

Archaelogical sites

  • The Archeological Site Čarnok 7.7km
  • The Archeological Site Čarnok

    The only preserved earth fortress on the territory of Vojvodina is the locality Čarnok. It was declared a cultural monument.


  • The museum collection of the Cultural centre 0.9km
  • The museum collection of the Cultural centre

    The museum native collection of Cultural centre was founded in 1969. It has over 3.000 items related to ethnology, archeology, history and art.

  • The Agricultural Museum 18.9km
  • The Agricultural Museum

    The Agricultural Museum is situated in Kulpin. It was founded in 1993 as the only specialized museum institution in the country for the research and investigation of the agriculture past.

  • The National Museum 23.4km
  • The National Museum

    The museum collection consists of items from craftsmanship activities, of folk clothes and rich archive, and most of the items at the museum date from the second half of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century.


  • Ambasador 19.2km
  • Ambasador

    In addition to beautiful surroundings, professional and friendly staff what we call a menu, which consists of local cuisine specialties and fish.

Rural households

  • Hunting Longe Turija 16.5km
  • Hunting Longe Turija

    Hunting Lodge Turija is a unique facility, built in "Alt Deutsch" style. The accommodation offer at Hunting Lodge Turija is completed with a restaurant in which the variety of selected specialties can be tasted.


  • Horse Farm Fantast 22.7km
  • Horse Farm Fantast

    On the beautiful caste Dunjerski there is a horse farm, the best known in this part of Europe. It is located northwest of Becej.

Picnic places

  • AquaPark PETROLAND 23.8km
  • AquaPark PETROLAND

    AquaPark PETROLAND is so far the largest built tourist - amusement attraction in Serbia. It's also the most modern AquaPark in the Balkan area.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting tourism in Vrbas 11.1km
  • Hunting tourism in Vrbas

    Hunting tourism in Vrbas has a very long tradition. The most important hunting grounds are in the areas of Sava`s village, where is appropriate to hunt different game, and Kucura, which is specialized for hunting of hares.

  • Hunting and fishing in Srbobran 17.2km
  • Hunting and fishing in Srbobran

    Hunting tourism in Srbobran was developed at a high level. Fishing area is situated in addition to the river Krivaja, Beljanska pond and Great Backa canal.


  • The festival of sausages 16.5km
  • The festival of sausages

    Traditional tourist and gastronomic event called "Sausage festival" is held from February 25th to 27th in Turija near Srbobran.

  • Wedding celebration – then and now 19.3km
  • Wedding celebration – then and now

    On July 11th in Kulpin is held international manifestation Wedding celebration – then and now, or simply called Kulpin wedding.

  • Kulen sausage festival 23.4km
  • Kulen sausage festival

    Tourist and commercial manifestation Kulen sausage festival is organized every year by the end of the May. The contestants compete in preparation of sausages and kulen sausages.