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Short info - Žagubica

Žagubica is a town and municipality in Braničevo District. It lies at ana altitiude of 499m, and has a population of 3000.


Municipality Žagubica, and region Homolje, is surrounded by mountain ranges Beljanica and Homoljske Planine, and because of its unspoiled nature it is a pearl of eastern Serbia. 


This region is widely known for its pottery. The pottery is of interesting shapes, decorated with paint, ornamental figures and floral motives.

Vaši utisci - Žagubica

Trenutno nema utisaka... Budite prvi, ostavite svoj utisak.


Trenutno nema putopisa... Budite prvi, kreirajte svoj putopis
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Facilities near by:


  • Autocamp at Borsko Lake 21.1km
  • Autocamp at Borsko Lake

    Autocamp "Borsko jezero" is located on the beautiful bank of Borsko Lake, 250 km from Belgrade, 15 km from Bor, Bor-Road Žagubica.


  • Lazar’s Cave 16km
  • Lazar’s Cave

    Lazareva pećina (Lazar’s Cave) is situated 21 km away from Bor, on the east side of the Kučaj Mountains and the left bank of Lazareva reka (Lazar’s River). The total length of the cave is 8 km, but only 1,000 m is prepared for visitors.

  • Resava Cave 18.9km
  • Resava Cave

    Resavska pećina (Resava Cave) is 20 km away from Despotovac and is located atop a limestone outcrop Babina glava.

  • Ceremosnja cave 23.6km
  • Ceremosnja cave

    Pećina Ceremošnja (Ceremošnja cave) is located 15 km away from Kučevo. The asphalt road leading to it passes through wonderful landscapes.

  • Vernjikica Cave 23.9km
  • Vernjikica Cave

    Pećina Vernjikica (Vernjikica Cave) is situated in East Serbia, south-west of Bor. The total length of the tubes and halls is 1,015 m. The cave is characterized by a large number of stalactites and stalagmites in various colours.


  • The Mlava 0.5km
  • The Mlava

    The Mlava has its source in Žagubica. The source has the shape of a pond (with a diameter of 30 cm). The deep green water, well arranged shores and forested slopes make the source of the river Mlava an attractive tourist destination.


  • Bosko Jezero (Bor Lake) 21.4km
  • Bosko Jezero (Bor Lake)

    Borsko Jezero (Bor Lake) is a pearl of tourism in the Bor municipality. The water temperature in summer reaches 25 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for swimming.


  • Lazar’s Canyon 22.8km
  • Lazar’s Canyon

    With an overall length of 9km, with its wild cliffs, numerous sandbanks, gaps and caves, it is the longest and the deepest canyon in eastern Serbia.


  • The Trška Church 4km
  • The Trška Church

    The Trška Church is situated on the forth kilometer on the road from Žagubica to Petrovac by the river Mlava. It is considered to be the oldest building of that kind not only in Homolje but wider, too.


  • The Monastery Gornjak 20.9km
  • The Monastery Gornjak

    It is situated some 26 kilometers from Žagubica, in the valley of the Mlava river leaned against tall rock on its northern side.

  • The Monastery of the Annunciation 23.5km
  • The Monastery of the Annunciation

    The complex of the monastery of the Annunciation is located in municipality Žagubica, in Gornjačka Gorge. It was constructed on artificially made plateaus by the erection of supporting walls.

  • The Monastery of Holy Trinity 24.1km
  • The Monastery of Holy Trinity

    The monastery is situated in the village Ždrelo. It is one of the youngest monasteries of the Braničevo eparchy. The monastery was renovated in 2002, mostly.

Ethno village

  • Ethno Village Trška 4.1km
  • Ethno Village Trška

    On the banks of the river Mlava near Zagubica, when turns 800 m off the road near the monastery of Trska, is the ethno village Trska.

Picnic places

  • Lisine 16.1km
  • Lisine

    At the bottom of the mountain Beljanica is the source of Veliko Vrelo and waterfall Veliki Buk, which are protected by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia as a natural monument Lisine.

Bird watching

  • Springs of Homolj 0.2km
  • Springs of Homolj

    The Springs of Homolj is a three-day tourists, cultural and commercial manifestation, held in the last weekend in June on the spring of Mlava river.


  • Lazar's cave 23.4km
  • Lazar's cave

    Lazar`s Cave is attractive to numerous tourists both archaeological and speleological. . It`s 21 kilometers away from Bor. It`s situated on the east side of Kucaj mountains and on the left bank of Lazar`s river.

Hunting and fishing

  • Hunting and fishing around Bor 21.3km
  • Hunting and fishing around Bor

    In this region live all the beasts of the Balkan such as: wild cat, jackal, lynx, brown bear, fox, wolf, marten, weasel, hare, wild boar, otter, deer, roe deer. Borsko Lake is an ideal place for fishing.


  • Crni vrh 11.7km
  • Crni vrh

    This mountain is 30 km away from Bor and it is well connected by asphalted road Bor-Žagubica with most parts of Serbia, and with neighboring countries.

  • Beljanica 17.1km
  • Beljanica

    Mountain Beljanica, with its over 1000 meters high crest, separates Homolje from Resava. Its highest peak is 1339m high and it is located east of Despotovac.

  • Homoljske planine 22.6km
  • Homoljske planine

    Homoljske planine (Homolje mountains) are located in eastern Serbia, south-east of Petrovac na Mlavi. They belong to Carpathian Balkan mountain group .

Ski center

  • Ski center Crni Vrh 11.8km
  • Ski center Crni Vrh

    There is a ski slope on the mountain Crni Vrh that has a ski lift that is 1050 meters long with a capacity of 100 skiers on every 5 min, which makes it one of the fastest ski lifts in Serbia.