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Zlatibor - Cigota

Other information
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Situated in the center of Zlatibor surrounded by pine forest at the ideal 1000 m height above sea level. Basic activity is providing medical services from endocrinology, nuclear and physical medicine, and it is known for its far and wide famous and recognized programme for regulating body weight. In the building there are 360 beds in 30 suites, 67 single-bed rooms, 79-double bed rooms, 9 three-bed rooms, 2 four-bed rooms and the adequate restaurant area, consisting of: the main restaurant with 370 seats, an excslusive restaurant The sky of Zlatibor with 50 and aperitif bar with 90 seats.





Hotel Cigota - Foto:


There are ideal conditions in the Hotel for a rich recreative holiday (indoors swimming pool 25m x 12,5m, fitness gym, wightlifting room and outdoors sports grounds for small scale sports). For better fulfilled stay there are also services offered by the library, art gallery, cosmetic and coiffeur parlor, relax center (2 Finnish saunas, steam bath with aroma therapy, 2 hydro bath tubs and solarium). During the main tourist season particular attention is paid to organization of cultural events (literature evenings, theatrical performances, concerts, exhibition of paintings...).



Tel: +381 31 597 597


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Facilities near by:


  • Cigota 0.7km
  • Cigota

    Situated in the center of Zlatibor surrounded by pine forest at the ideal 1000 m height above sea level. Basic activity is providing medical services from endocrinology, nuclear and physical medicine, and it is known for its far and wide famous and recognized programme for regulating body weight.

  • Zlatibor 20.3km
  • Zlatibor

    Hotel Zlatibor is in downtown of Uzice on Partizan's square. It is in administration and cultural center of the city.

  • Zlatiborska noć 20.3km
  • Zlatiborska noć

    A new-built hotel complex „Zlatiborska Noć“ is located in a settlement Bela Zemlja, 8km on the outskirts of the town of Užice; right beside the main road to mountain Zlatibor.


  • Klub Satelit 1.3km
  • Klub Satelit

    Accommodation at the Club Satelit meets the highest standards.Accommodation capacity consists of ten rooms and eight apartments.

  • Carski apartman 20.3km
  • Carski apartman

    The apartment is located in Kremna, a village in the municipality Uzice in Zlatibor District. Like the cosmos, this gentle mystique surrounds the village between Zlatibor, Tara, and Sargan.


  • Stopića Cave 10km
  • Stopića Cave

    Stopića pećina (Stopića Cave) is situated on the north-eastern side of Zlatibor, between the villages Rožanstvo and Trnava. This is a waterway cave.

  • Potpeć Cave 20.7km
  • Potpeć Cave

    Potpećka pećina (Potpeć Cave) is situated in the village of Potpeć, at the foot of the mountain Drežnička Gradina, 14 km from Užice.


  • Zlatibor lake 1km
  • Zlatibor lake

    It is surrounded by pleasant paths for walking and benches. During the summer visitors can swim, sunbathe, or boat there…

  • Ribničko Jezero (Ribnica Lake) 4.7km
  • Ribničko Jezero (Ribnica Lake)

    On the way to Tornik and monastery Uvac, in the settlement Ribnica, 8km from mountain Zlatibor, is Ribničko Jezero (Ribnica Lake).

  • Radoinjsko jezero (Radoinja Lake) 22km
  • Radoinjsko jezero (Radoinja Lake)

    Wedged between steep limestone coasts, this lake is 11km long and its maximum depth is 30m. It is situated north of Nova Varoš.

  • Potpećko Jezero (Potpeć Lake) 24.7km
  • Potpećko Jezero (Potpeć Lake)

    Upstream of Lim there is Potpećko Jezero (Potpeć Lake). It was built for needs of the hydropower Potpeć and located at an altitude of 435m.

Natural reserves

  • Nature Reserve Uvac 20.8km
  • Nature Reserve Uvac

    It is situated in municipality NovaVaroš, on the surface of 5,525 ha and in municipality Sjenica, on the surface of 2,018ha, all together 7 543 ha. Special Nature reserve Uvac is protected natural area of great importance – of the first category.


  • Canyon of the river Uvac 21.1km
  • Canyon of the river Uvac

    It is located in western Serbia. In the canyon part of the valley special value have wedged meanders, which belong to the inventory of geo morphological objects of the geological heritage of Serbia.


  • The Church of Holy Prophet Ilija 11.3km
  • The Church of Holy Prophet Ilija

    Beautiful church of Holy Prophet Ilija is situated in the village Dobroselica, at the entrance to the village graveyard, hidden by the branches of the old pines.

  • The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud 11.4km
  • The Church of Holy Virgin Shroud

    The church in Donja Jablanica was constructed in 1838. The church was built from logs, its ground plan is in a form of a rectangle with semicircular altar apse.

  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul 14.5km
  • The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul

    The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul in Sirogojno was built in 1764, and in the same year was made church iconostasis.

  • The Church of Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena 15km
  • The Church of Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena

    The church is situated some 3 km from the centre of the village, between Gornji and Donji Ljubiš, upstream on the left bank of the river Ljubišnica.

  • Wooden church Vitaši 18.1km
  • Wooden church Vitaši

    Wooden church Vitaši is located in the ethno village Mećavnik on Mokra Gora. It was constructed following models of Russian wooden churches.

  • The Church of Saint Mark 19.7km
  • The Church of Saint Mark

    The old church in Užice is situated in the part of the town called Carina. It is not known for sure when it was built, probably in the first half of 18th century.


  • The monastery Uvac 14.7km
  • The monastery Uvac

    The monastery Uvac is situated in the Gorge of the Uvac river. It is 25 km on the southwest from Zlatibor.

  • The Monastery Rujno 15.7km
  • The Monastery Rujno

    Monastery Rujno is very beautiful building and religious temple, situated above the Lake Vrutci, on the part of the bank that belongs to the area of village Bioska, 15 km from Užice.

  • The Monastery Dubrava 15.9km
  • The Monastery Dubrava

    The monastery is situated on the east from Priboj. There are no historical records on monastery founder or the time of its construction.

  • The Monastery Banja 22km
  • The Monastery Banja

    Manastir Banja posvećen je Svetom Nikoli Dabarskom i nalazi se u naselju Pribojska Banja. Nije poznato kada je osnovan, ali se pouzdano zna da je postojao u 12. veku.


  • Memorial obelisk 0.4km
  • Memorial obelisk

    Some 5 kilometers from Zlatibor mountain on Glavudža or Šumatno Hill is located Memorial obelisk dedicated to killed Partisan wounded soldiers at King’s waters and Palisad in1941.

  • Tito’s Monument 19.2km
  • Tito’s Monument

    The monumental sculpture dedicated to Tito is a artwork of a sculptor Frano Kršanić. The monument is 4.8 meters high, and it is temporarily located behind the building of National museum.

  • Family Tree of Tarabics 19.4km
  • Family Tree of Tarabics

    The monument family tree of Tarabićs is situated on the northeast from Mokra Gora. Tarabićs appeared in the 19th century, and are believed to be prophets by many people.

  • The Monument Kadinjača 21.8km
  • The Monument Kadinjača

    The memorial complex Kadinjača is specially striking among other monuments in Užice surrounding area. It is situated 14 kilometers on the west from Užice.


  • The Užice town 18.2km
  • The Užice town

    It represents one of the tourist attractions of a town on the river Đetinja, where an improvised theatre is set up during summer months, and where shows are performed under the combination of moonlight and spotlights.


  • The Town Gallery 19.3km
  • The Town Gallery

    The Town Gallery in Užice was founded in 1990. The activities of the Gallery are displaying the works of modern and contemporary art.


  • The Open Museum “Old village” 14.1km
  • The Open Museum “Old village”

    The museum is situated in the village Sirogojno, 26 km from the Zlatibor Mountain. It is the only museum in open in Serbia.

  • The Homeland Museum 20.6km
  • The Homeland Museum

    The basic activity of the museum is study, preservation, collection and presentation of artistic and historical works and cultural heritage…


  • Bajo 11.1km
  • Bajo

    Family Sopalovic from Mackat is known for preparing traditional dishes of Zlatibor since 1928. when the first restaurant opened Sopalovic. Excellent lamb roast is a trademark of restaurants.

  • Aleksandar 19.1km
  • Aleksandar

    Restaurant "Alexander the house of good food and wine" was started in 2001. One of the most exclusive restaurants in and surround of Uzice.

Ethno village

  • Ethno village Sirogojno 14.4km
  • Ethno village Sirogojno

    Sirigojno village is famous for museum, the Old Village "and renowned knitters.Od Zlatibora je udaljeno 26 kilometara.

  • Ethno Village Mokra Gora 17.6km
  • Ethno Village Mokra Gora

    Ethno village on a hill Mecavnik was raised by Serbian famous film director Emir Kusturica. Reviving old houses, transferred from the surrounding villages, the architect and creator of the idea of a perfect life outside of daily life, Emir Kusturica has made a city.

  • Ethno Park Terzica Avlija 22.4km
  • Ethno Park Terzica Avlija

    It is located near the village of Zlakusa, 13 km far from Uzice and 10 from Pozega. Terzića avlija represents a typical rural property consisting of two old Serbian houses.


  • Cycling on Zlatibor 1.1km
  • Cycling on Zlatibor

    Thanks to slight rise on the mountain and downhill, riding bicycle is a real enjoyment for fans of mountain biking on Zlatibor.


  • Horse Riding on Zlatibor 0.3km
  • Horse Riding on Zlatibor

    On Zlatibor all generations can enjoy in sport and recreational horseback riding…The riding is possible on two locations: Ranch Farma and Ranch Zova.


  • Mountaineering on Zlatibor 2.9km
  • Mountaineering on Zlatibor

    Many peaks, and especially the highest ones Tornik and Cigota represent ideal places for mountaineering.

Bird watching

  • Uvac 20.8km
  • Uvac

    It is located northwest of Priboj. The most important species is the Griffon Vulture - one of two remaining species of vultures that are now nesting in the area of Serbia.


  • Pribojska banja 21.9km
  • Pribojska banja

    Only 5km away from Piboj there is Pribojska Banja (Priboj Spa), in hills above the town, at an altitude of 550m. Temperature of water is 35-37C

Ski center

  • Ski center Zlatibor 7.7km
  • Ski center Zlatibor

    Mountain Zlatibor is excellent choice for ski vacation and recreation during the winter. Ski center is built on peak Tornik. Tornik is located at an altitude between 1.100 and 1.490 meters, 9 kilometers far from center of Zlatibor.


  • Smoked ham festival - Pršutijada 11km
  • Smoked ham festival - Pršutijada

    The Smoked ham festival “Pršutijada” is traditionally organized from February 02nd to 04th in Zlatibor village Mačkat.

  • Kustendorf 17.7km
  • Kustendorf

    The film and music festival Kustendorf is held in Wooden Town on the hill Mećavnik, and it is dedicated to the greatest contemporary film authors and future filmmakers.

  • Diving from old railway bridge 18.6km
  • Diving from old railway bridge

    Since 1993 in August in Užice has been organised competition in diving from old railway bridge on Plaža.